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Sister of the Bride

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Hey guys,


My name is Erika and I'm not the one getting married, but as sister of the bride as well as one of the bridesmaids I thought it to be a good idea to get some information from people in the know. Which is why I'm here. What a fantastic site...look forward to learning a bunch so that my sister and brother-in-law can have a lovely wedding.


The wedding has been set for Feb 21st 2009 and will take place at a bush-lodge in South Africa, seeing as that is where we are originally from. My sister and soon to be bro-in-law live in Australia now, I've moved to Europe and our families mostly live in Scotland, South Africa and Austria... so it will be quite an interesting mix of people.


Hope you all have a lovely day,



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Hey Erika, Great idea! This group of people are totally in the know when it comes to weddings. The creativity and willingness to help is unbelievable! Welcome!!

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