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JUNE 2009 BRIDES post

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Originally Posted by ~Debra~ View Post
My wedding date is also June 26, 2009! I'm getting married in Jamaica. I didn't think there was anyone getting married on my date. Glad to see someone else is. I have a date twin!!!! smile159.gif
Awesome ~ I thought I would be alone for my date too!!! YAY ~ we will have to keep in touch to see how things are coming along elefant.gif

Seems like you're on the ball with planning ~ I have a feeling I will be running around like a mad woman up until the day we leave!!

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June 2009 Bride as well. June 10, 2009 - Grand Palladium, Mayan Riviera.

I met with our travel agent/wedding co-ordinator yesterday and secured a deposit.

Yeesh, I'm really behind.

Any "getting the ball rolling" tips you ladies might have for me?

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June 5, Grand Palladium, Riviera Maya (Lexico... how have I not met you yet! We are going to be checking out on June 7th, so not sure if I will see you there! Ashley Morgan is also getting married there on June 12th I think)


Lets see what I have done:


~ Resort & ceremony booked (June 5, 5pm ceremony on Kantenah Beach, 7-11pm private reception at La Laguna)

~ Rooms booked (held 15 rooms so far for guests.)

~ Mailing STD's tomorrow: STD magnet, travel brochure and tentiative RSVP postcard

~ Got everything for invites, just need to print and assemble (vellum and cardstock from papersandmore.com)

~ Starting on OOT bags - made first aid kits, bought fabric as I am attempting to make OOT bags themselves...

~ Went dress shopping in August, but didn't like anything. Started working out 4x a week... dress shopping on hold until I lose 10 lbs.

~ Wedding party picked and BM's ordered their dress

~ Photographer booked


so... feeling good.. I feel like there are a lot of little things I still need to do, but feel like I have a pretty good foundation.

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I am getting married June 25, 2009. Our wedding is going to be held on the beach at the Iberostar Parasio Del Mar at 5 pm. I have gotten through the following:


*Reserved a "Welcome Cocktail Party" with drinks, appetizers and a Mariachi band for Wed, June 24th.

*Reserved the wedding date, time and location

*Reserved the Tropical Restaurant for a private reception.

*Booked the DJ

*Booked the photographer (Claudia Rodriguez)

*I got the STD's out about a month ago.


We are going to have a casual party (luau theme) when we get home. I have picked the date, July 25th. Reserved the hall & caterer. And included the party information on the STD's.


I have found the place card / favors that I would like for the wedding in Mexico. I am waiting to order until I have a better idea of how many people will be joining us. I invited 165. So far 5 have booked. Based on verbal yesses we are expecting about 40 - 60 people to come to the actual wedding.


I am going dress shopping in two weeks. I can't wait!


I feel like I have so much to do but I am limited in what I can do until I have a better idea of who is coming.

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Holy Hanna!

We will be checking in on June 6, 2009, so a day before you check out!

You have a lot done so far.


What did you do for your invites? Did you make them yourself?

I'm getting bombarded with emails now from the travel/wedding co-ordinator we booked with. Oy! a little overwhelmed.


How have you found it dealing with Rocio? What part of the resort are you staying on? We will be at the Riviera side. I'm really excited, now there's just a lot of work to do. Making your OOT bags (literally) is a good idea.


Let me know if you have any tips to keep me sane ladies!



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Hi Soon2bePowers!


Looks like we are date twins! Exciting!


I thought I was on top of things, but looking at all of these posts have made me a tad nervous..


So far we've:

Secured a location - Gran Bahia Principe Tulum

Bought my wedding dress

Bought the bridesmaids dresses (from Le Chateau so it was super easy!)

Bought wedding shoes

Sent out STD e-mails with flight info, etc (69 confirmed guests and counting)

Booked our flight

Found tentative invitation stationery

In process of booking a photographer

Designed my wedding cake (one of my bridesmaids and I are going to do decorations)


This year is definitely going to be a busy one as I'm planning the wedding and trying to graduate medical school at the same time. But then again, people often say that doctors are suckers for punishmentsmile41.gif


Originally Posted by soon2bePowers View Post
June 11, 2009 (This will be our 7 year anniversary!!)


So far we..

Have secured a wedding date and location-Valentin

A lot of the decisions at the resort don't get made until we arrive.

I ordered my dress on Tuesday!

We are about to order our STD's

Will probably send them out the end of September

About to book our trip!

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