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April 2009 Brides Check In!

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Guest Book: I decided to do one but made an instruction card in a frame next to it asking them to write us a message, not to leave their name. We also put stamped/addressed postcards in their OOT bag to send to us. However, we are very into wine so what we are having as our true guest book is a signed wine bottle. We are taking a 3 liter of a very special red wine I bought to the shower and everyone there will sign this and we are taking a 6 liter of champagne to the wedding to use for our toast and then have everyone at the wedding sign it. Both will go in our wine/sitting room in the house on display.


Our shower is going to be held at a friends house that has nice yard with outside fireplace. They arranged it all themselves (the girls have been so cute and having secret meetings for months and won't tell me anything). I only know it is at there house and they are catering it so no one has to work. I can't wait until next week, I think the shower will kick it off that is all real! i would say, save the cost of a restaurant and ifyou have under 50 ppl do it at someones house if that is an option. It will save on cost and keep it personal.

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Originally Posted by Reese78 View Post
Ok ladies I have a question. Where are you having your Bridal Shower? I know...I know we are not suppose to plan this but I've been asked where I want to do this. Trying to consider convenience for everyone and not sure if a home will accomodate all the guest; may end up being 20 to 30 people. I've considered a favorite retaurant but they dont have a private room; we would just have a section of the restuarant. Is that OK? I'm so confused; does anyone have any suggestions?
I'm having two showers, to cut the number of people so they can be at someone's house. A friend shower and a family shower. That way it's not too overwhelming.

P.S. I've been bad at starting to peak at our registry! That's awesome, the post about already getting every china placesetting!!! None of my china has moved out of the store yet :)

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Ok my what's-left-to-do list as of today:


-finalize music choices for ceremony

-create some playlists on my iPod for the reception

-get my MOH dress/shoes (this is kind of in her court now as she lives 2 provinces away from me...I went out to see her last weekend but I think she will end up ordering one from a bridal shop...hopefully it will get here in time!)

-make makeup trial appt

-make waxing appt

-make my DIY luminaries with my mom for the reception


I made my nail appt, hair trial appt, dentist appt already. My mom is in charge of the pedicure appts before we leave.


All in all, I think we are in good shape (I hope!) - my wedding band arrived and my FI's should be here in the next few weeks.


My shower is at the end of March and I have no clue how many people are coming or who is invited! Ah the joys of being the oblivious bride!




K how's everyone else doing?

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I'm, too, am terrible about stalking the registries... and its actually a little disheartening because they've seen so little action and the shower is next weekend sad.gif


While I was in Reno yesterday, I did manage to check a few things off the to-do list :) We've now got FI's attire, my petti coat, my mother is lending me a diamond/sapphire tennis bracelet for my something borrowed and my something blue, a gift for my mother, flowers to DIY hair flowers, and a lantern from Pottery Barn to be used as a card box for our AHR and subsequently home decor.


I didn't manage to find a legal ceremony/AHR dress... well, I did, but FI would ring my neck if I spent $150 on one. So the search continues...


Left to do before March 29th:


FI's cuff links

Construct Hair Flower(s)

Help MOH find a dress

Finalize ceremony music

Find or make a decorative book for ceremony reading

Polish six pence

Finish final items for OOT bags

Step-Father's gift

MOH's gift

Dress fitting/Sash construction

and pickup my wedding rings (yes, plural bunny_4.gif) when they arrive

..... Totally do-able, especially with the furlough days the fabulous State of CA has furnished me with at the mere cost of 10% of my salary....censored.gif

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March 1! Only a few more weeks until our wedding! Here's our outstanding list of to do:


- Order wedding favors---doing this tonight

- Get OOT bags and items

- Finalize list of songs for CD

- Finalize playlist for reception

- Confirm new time change with DJ, adding extra hour

- Pick menu for reception dinner

- Do the reception program

- Print the reception program

- Print the Ceremony program

- Finalize the ceremony program and send it to our priest in Cancun

- Pick the songs for the ceremony

- Finalize plans between the Classical Duet or Classical Trio

- Get fitted for my wedding dress

- Get shoes

- Buy bridal tiara and jewelry

- Pick bridal perfume

- Do a hair style test

- Bridal makeup trial

- Start packing for wedding and honeymoon

- Order cake topper, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, and candles.


Good thing is that most of the list could be purchased within 1 day. Some are also handled by our WC in Cancun. Bad news is that that's still a lot of stuff to do and that more money is needed ON TOP of what we already have been paying for. =(



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I am such a procrastinator!


I've actually been reading this thread thinking...yup I have that to do, and that, and that...but I havn't had the guts to make up my to do list...maybe another day!!

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I have lots to do...I feel like I have lots to do anyways :) I feel like I get too excited to actually get things done, it doesn't even seem real but now that time is getting so close I am starting to realize that it is - I will actually be leaving in a month and I really need to get everything done now. Just one more month before it it the wedding month :)

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I keep having those crazy dreams... you know where you are in the airport and someone asks "where's your wedding dress" and your response is "Oh CRAP!"......

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    • $400.00 OBO Beautiful dress. Never worn. Tags still attached. Only alteration was a bustle put on the back. Slip included.  Kept in bag. Smoke free home.    
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