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Originally Posted by qtpie3001 View Post
Hi my name is Elise and I am a newbie to the board. I am trying to get ideas on where to get married. FI and I were at first thinking about doing a traditional wedding but the cost of having one is just outrageous. We have now decided to elope probably in Cancun, Punta Cana or Jamaica. The only problem we are having now is deciding on where to go. All these places have so many beautiful resorts. All advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Elise, Welcome!
Deside what your priorities are and go from there. Examples:
1. free wedding
2. couples only
3. lots to do
4. turquoise water, mountains, snorkel, etc
5. cheap, direct airfair
6. somewhere you wouldn't go otherwise

It is tough to pick when the sky is your limit, but if you start narrowing your search it will come to you! Good luck and congrats on your engagement!

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