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Update on the BBB complaint on theamericanwedding.com

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Here is the response I received from the BBB straight from The American Wedding Album.



Ms. Ooley was unhappy with the printing of her invitations, which were done in blue pearlized, raised (thermography) ink. The order was redone at no cost to her. She was still unhappy, and a review of the telephone conversations between her and our customer service agent revealed a specific complaint concerning the "bumpiness" of the ink. The bumpiness is caused by the thermography process, which "raises" the ink. The invitation is printed on an offset printing press. While the ink is still wet, it is ejected from the press onto a conveyor, which carries it beneath a shaker. The shaker is fed by a hopper containiing a clear thermo powder, which is essentially plastic. The shaker distributes the powder all over the exposed face of the invitation. The powder adheres to the wet ink, mixing slightly with the ink. There is no "dark blue base ink". The pearlized ink is just that - pearlized, so the color is striated, and not consistent throughout. The card is then carried by the conveyor, under a vacuum head which suctions the thermo powder from the card, except where it has adhered to the ink, returning the excess powder to the hopper. The conveyor continues to carry the card through a gas fired oven which "bakes" the thermo powder, causing it to bubble and rise. After the oven, the card is cooled and stacked.

We cannot create raised ink, with thermography, without some degree of bumpiness. It is inherent to the process. Smooth raised ink can be attained through engraved printing, which is a much more expensive process, involving the creation of metal dies to physically crush the paper to create the raised effect. Engraved invitations can cost thousands of dollars. Thermography provides a similar appearance at a much lower price.

Ms. Ooley wanted quality we could not provide. Her invitations do meet our standards of quality for thermography printing (I have inspected the sampless). Unfortunately, that did not meet Ms. Ooleys expectations, so her money was refunded. A credit was posted to her credit card on August 19th. When we make an error, we make it right, including refunding any shipping costs the customer may incur. When we make no error, and nevertheless make an adjustment for customer satisfaction, we typically do not reimburse any return shipping charges.

I consider Ms. Ooley's other complaint far more serious, and offensive, as it is untrue.

She claims we changed the review she submitted on our website. Our web staff have the ability and authority to make minor spelling or grammar corrections to reviews. We will not post reviews that contain profanity, or which are offensive due to discriminatory comments. Beyond that, it is our policy to print them all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Acting on her allegation, I caused the original computer archive records to be examined, to see the exact text submitted by Ms. Ooley, before it was viewed and approved by our web team. The original text is exactly the same as the review currently posted on line, "I am having a destination wedding and this was the perfect invitation for it. This company is very fast on processing and I got my order very promptly. However, I did not like the pearlized ink I chose and I would advise not using it. The ink took away from the gorgeous invitations. The invitations would have been perfect otherwise."

We regret that Ms. Oosley was not satisfied with our product, but those things happen, and we did what we thought appropriate, by first reprinting the order, and ultimately refunding her money. We are more dissappointed that she has accused us of dishonest and unethical behavior. The American Stationery Company, which owns the American Wedding Company, has been manufacturing and selling stationery products since 1910. We are one of the largest providers in the county for personalized stationery products, including wedding invitations, and enjoy a solid reputation for quality products, fair prices and honesty. Our reputation is hard earned, and fundamental to our success. Ms. Ooleys allegations that we altered her feedback are irresponsible and slanderous.

We are refunding her $22 in shipping expenses, and hope not to hear from her again, unless it is an apology for her offensive charge. We will act, as necessary, to defend and protect our reputation.


$22 credit for shipping.




Let me know what you think. They lied in the response. All they did was send the changed review. This is what I sent the BB back.


I gladly accept their offering however; the fact that they still changed my wording to suit their company still stands. Unfortunately, I did not save my original review I submitted so therefore it is just on my word.


The other concerning part is that they did not mention in my previous phone calls with them that, I also described the invitation as inconsistent and the dark blue under color was showing through in areas. That was the most concerning part and they agreed with me on the first batch which was not much different than second batch.


I just wanted to let the better business bureau know of the interaction with this company and that I am fully insulted by the way the company handled this issue.


I am furthermore would like to be done with communicating this with the company. I have done what was needed to let consumers know of this and I am overly satisfied with the better business bureau and they way they handle complaints.

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Think of it as a lesson learned! Always keep all correspondance. A vendor recently looked at my wedding review and sent an email complaint to my husband alledging I wrote false things. Too bad we have all the emails to back up everything I said. I assume this is why she didn't bother to write me or try to remedy the situation. It will also be a good idea to take the correspondance with you to the wedding just in case there are any questions.

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