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Riu Palace Wedding Very Long

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Okay so I want to give back to those who have helped me on this sight and those who will benefit from this email. This website has helped me get through all my wedding decisions and I wanted to thank everyone. As you will see I really have no complaints. My wedding was everything I wanted it to be. Thank you to all that made this day memorable for me.


Riu Palace Los Cabos--B+

This is the 3rd time that I stay at the Riu Palace and I love it. We had a little problem with the air conditioning in our suite, but they moved us to another suite and it was nice and cold. So we wanted to choose a place that our guests would feel comfortable, relaxed, important and a place that they would just have a great time. All of our guests paid to come to our wedding and we did not want to disappoint them. They were def. not disappointed. Everyone loved it. It is so big that you do not run into the problem of not having enough room at the pool. Noone complained about the food and everyone talked about how clean they kept the Riu. It is a big resort, so some people run into the problem of wanting an ocean view and not being able to get one last minute. My suggestion is to you is you get what you pay for. If you think that you are going to pay for a garden view and end up trying to switch to an ocean view, you might get lucky but don't count on it. The wedding coordinator's assistant, Victor, could not make my family and friends feel more comfortable than they were. He personally would come to the pool to greet everyone and ask if anyone needed anything. My husband's family wanted a pig roast for dinner. He made it happen. We had a private dinner and he was constantly on top of all the staff to make sure we were satisfied.


Wedding Coordinators

Grade A---Like I said, Victor, is a person that everyone should meet. He really cares about you and how you feel and he wants to make sure that this is something you will never forget. My family and friends still talk about how great and attentive he was.


Grade B---Daniela seemed cold at first when we would speak on the phone and through email, but she does her job well. I know why she is this way. She deals with all the weddings and it is a big hotel. She may not be the warmest person at first, but I cannot complain. Because when it came to the day of the wedding everything came out exactly the way I wanted it to come out. She will make sure that everything is according to plan. My suggestion to you is be on top of anyone that is coordinating your wedding. She is one person. I emailed her every other day and was on top of everything. I was probably the most annoying bride ever. But in the end everything came out exactly the way I wanted.


Photographers-Juan Carlos-A so far

Well, if you have been on this website you already know who Juan Carlos is. He made a name for himself for a reason. I have not received the pictures yet, but I am positive that they will be beautiful. He was very easy to get in contact with and to communicate with. He is pricey, but I think that spending money on your pictures is worth it.


Mango Productions--B+

We did not go with Mango productions originally because we did not know many brides who used them. My husband was lucky to have them for an hour for groomsmen shots before the ceremony and the pictures came out awesome. They did a good job at capturing the moment. The guys were impressed and so was everyone else I showed the pictures to.


Baja Vido Productions-A- So Far

We have not seen the video yet, but if your looking for videographers that have good prices and that will enjoy your wedding and make you feel that they really care, these are the people to have. Marci and Enrique were there with me from the beginning until the end. They are both warm and love what they do. They are easy to get in touch with and I can't wait for the video.


Flowers- Illeana Reyes- A

This is a funny story because when I originally went to Cabo to look for a wedding spot we were going to do Villa del Arco and have Illeana as our wedding cooridinator. She was so good with me and responded to all my emails very quick. I spoke with her a lot on the phone and she knows everything. If you want a coordinator who knows her stuff, this is the person to connect with. We ended up having our wedding at Riu and I was not allowed to use her so I had to let her go. I was very upset. The funny part is when I spoke with Suzanne to find out about hair we got into other conversations and she gave me Illeana's name for flowers. When I called I could not believe it was the same Illeana. So I ended up working with her in the end. She did my flowers and let me tell you they came out beautiful. My bouquet and husbands boutinniere were free from the Riu and they lets say okay... But the flowers that were sent to us and the centerpieces from Illeana was more than I thought they would look like.


Suzanne Morel-A

Those of you that are thinking of getting married or have gotten married in Cabo know this name. She is expensive, but worth every penny. I loved speaking with her. She really cares what you look like and will not let you leave her salon if you do not look like the perfect bride. She will make sure that you look perfect. I went with my mother-in-law and my mom and first of all my mom never looked better and my mother-in-law, who is very picky with her hair could not stop talking about how excellent they were. She was with us the whole time and was on top of her staff. You will not regret it if you choose her as your hair stylist. I used the Riu hair stylist as a trial and did not like it. This is my opinion though.



Okay we decided to spend money on our wedding and use decorators to decorate the ballroom. I will say they were worth every penny. They transformed that ballroom to make it look like an episode of platinum weddings. The pictures speak for themselves. The Riu staff said that they never saw anything like it. We had then drape white sheets all around the walls with spot lights. We had a beautiful lit up bar and white dance floor. They worked on this room for 2 days straight. They also included a lounge area and they provided the runners for the tables.

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