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Your Dress or Bridesmaid dresses first?

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Honestly, I donâ€t think it matters (unless you want your BM dress to someway mimic your dress). It think its more important to pick your date and venue before you pick you BM dress. (I canâ€t have a crushed velvet BM dress for my July wedding in PV but I wouldâ€ve loved it for a wedding in the winter on a Vineyard, sigh…)


I have the style of my BM dresses picked (weâ€re planning on having them made) but I still donâ€t know what I want for my dress. (well Iâ€ve seen styles but I donâ€t want to say “this is the dress†until I try some on.)

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I'm definitely in the "Bride's dress first" camp! Even if you don't want the BM dresses to look like yours - it's true that you want the styles to at least compliment each other. If they're TOO different then I think it can be distracting. And you definitely want the degree of formality to be the same.


Besides, isn't the wedding supposed to be centered around the bride anyway?! lol!

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