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engagement story!!

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I hope I am posting this in the correct location. Wasn't sure if I was supposed to choose thread or new thread but here's my sappy story anyway.


I planned a Puerto Vallarta vacation for my then boyfriend and I over Christmas 2006. The very first night we got in was Dec.26. I already arranged a nighttime cruise called Rhythms of the Night at a place called Las Caletas. You board a catamaran around 5:30pm. It takes about one hour to get there. By the time you arrive, the sun set and the 'island' (actually more of a privately owned area that resembles a remote island) known as Las Caletas is all lit up with tiki torches and around 1,200 individual candles. No electricity there (well, very limited--generators for the cooks). Breathtaking to say the least. After exiting the boat, you walk down this long walkway surrounded by 'natives' playing various instruments and welcoming everyone.

There are individual two person tables set up everywhere on the beach and on various levels (there are lots of cobblestone steps) along the beach.

There is a yummy buffet with tons of food, wine, desserts, etc.

Towards the end of dinner, I noticed that John was acting a bit strange and I started getting this strange feeling, that something was about to happen!


However the waiter kept telling us that it was time for the nightly show in the outdoor theatre so John and I heading in that direction.

Well....before we got there, John wanted to 'look' at the ocean. Okay, the feeling is back now and my gut is telling me this is it.

We walk down toward the beach, no one around, pitch black, the sound of beating drums in the background and waves hitting the rocks in the foreground, and.....

John gets down on one knee!!! Can't even remember exactly what he said but I did get my sparkly heart shaped ring!!

Hope you enjoyed my story as much as I've enjoyed reading others.

We are thinking of going back to that exact location for the wedding as well.

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