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Shopping in Oahu...Deals

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Hello Ladies,


I HIGHLY recommend doing all or most of your shopping at the "Oahu Flea Market" located inside Aloha Stadium next to Pearl Harbour. The entrance is 50 cents. Last time I was there (last year) they were open Wednesdays and Saturdays.


You can and will save alot of money, this is where several of the locals shop. Example: I bought my neice and nephew adorable little hawaiian outfits 2 for $15. This would have cost me $15 and up most other places for just one outfit. I also picked up seashell leis, 1 dozen for $2 or $3. I bought large beach towles (which are still in great condition) for $5.00 each. Basically anything you can find at the International Marketplace or Hilo Hattie you can find here for about 40-50% off.


The International Marketplace in a cool place to check out but highly over priced. You have to know your prices. There are a few guys who carve tiki's there barefoot and all. Pretty cool, I think I paid about $20 per tiki.


Hilo Hattie...really not worth the trip. I went here with my mom last year and I really didn't like the way they treated her. Some guy from Maui divers suckered her into buying a pearl necklace for $400. He did this scam thing, where she opened a shell and there was a pearl. I was so pissed off because I saw him "give the scam" to another person, I had her return the necklace and made him refund her all of her money.


Does anyone know of any other great places to shop in Oahu?



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I second the notion of the swap meet! it was a dollar admission when we went this year but you can look online or the coupon books at the side of the streets to see if they're offering free admission.

They're open Wed, Sat and Sun from 6am to 3 pm.

You can bargain like crazy there. I always round down and shave off a few dollars off their prices. Also if you're close to the closing time, a lot of food vendors will sell you their fresh food for almost nothing!


Some other places I loved shopping at were kmart and costco. The many many ABCs stores are fun to go to and their prices are really not bad for a tourist trap but you're better off buying at kmart or costco for bulk items.

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