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ROR: pool Accessories - Inner Tubes

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Hi everyone!

This may be a silly question but does anyone know if ROR sells the big floaty inner tube type things that you can plop your butt in and float around the pool?


The resort I went to 2 years ago in Cuba did not have them, while the resort I went to in Mexico did. The funny thing that at the pool store place on the regular side of the resort they were about $3 and on the Palace side they were like $13!! We got gouged cause the regular side place was sold out of them!


So I was thinking that I might include something like this in my guests OOT bags, but I can't seem to find any as cheap (and nice) as the $3 ones in Mexico!

SO....if ROR sells them then I will scrap the whole idea now! :)




Click the image to open in full size.

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I didn't see any inner tubes for sale at ROR. They didn't have a separate shop for pool supplies, only a couple of small gift shops which mostly sold trinkets and toiletries at incredibly inflated prices!

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