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Iâ€m working on my Boarding Pass STDâ€s. Iâ€m attaching two passes. The first states the date and info and is meant for the recipient to keep. The second will be double sided and made into a postcard. This one will be pre-stamped and will be used as a preliminary RSVP.


Here is what I need help on:

I want to have my guest complete

Yes, Maybe, No (should I ask how many?)

When to RSVP by.. (Wedding is until July 2008, room blocks will most likely begin in August 2007??)

And, how should I indicate to them that they should mail this back?


Thanks in advance!

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I think maybe something like this would work...


Although a formal inviation is to follow, a preliminary RSVP is requested by ________, 2007.


We’re in! ____

No. Persons _____

Flight No ____

Arrival Date ____ Departure Date ____


It’s a possibility, but we’re not sure yet ___


Sorry, no can do ____

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I second all of the above!


I love Tlseege's wording - very cute! and I agree 100% with Tammy - you are so far ahead of the game! I will issue you one warning though - the number of people who respond 'yes' now may not be the number of people coming. Because so much can change in people's lives in over a year (i.e. babies on the way seems to be a theme) - but I think it's a great idea to have a rough count to base all your calculations on! Yay, Amy!

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ohhh....I see you are sending two copies one for them to keep and one to mail back...I'm a little slow today.


Tlseege's wording looks good. ...very cute.


Like Kashmira said, lots of things change in people's lives. There are a few people who were going to come to my wedding all along, but have now backed out for various reasons.....3 of them are having babies.


BTW, Your template looks great!

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Originally Posted by Lizzy View Post
Hey you guys, I want to see the boarding pass too! How come I am not allowed to see any of the attachments? HELP!


You probably didn't have enough points to open it. I just donated some to you, so try again and see if it works.
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