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newbie..but old bride

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Originally Posted by scareyhb View Post
hi all...

i got married in june of 06 at fiesta americana in cabo.
just hopping on now (didn't know about this back then) to see if i can be of any help to new brides getting married in cabo.

Thanks for posting! I am getting married at the FA in October. We rented the private Imperial Suite for our ceremony and reception.

Even though we are locked in, we still have sticker shock over the bar prices. Did you do a open bar or by consumption? We have BIG drinkers in our group, so i'm a bit nerverous about consumption... but the open bar prices they quoted me (5 hours for 60 guests = $6900 for domestic, $8400 for international) seemed really high. I also thought the wine prices were ridiculous.

I would certainly appreciate your input.

Thanks again!

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I'm an old bride, too, but in the respect that while I'm not married yet, I AM 37.

Another year or so and my big puffy dress would just be obscene on me!


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