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Name that Tune - DW Style

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***UPDATE- SONGS ADDED (see below)***


Hi ladies (and gents)

I did a few searches and didn't come up with anything remotely similar to this, so here goes...


I am planning on putting together a "Name that Tune - Mexico" type game for my OOT bags, and maybe to play at the AHR as well, so i am wracking my brain (and googling like crazy) to come up with songs that have "Mexico" in them somewhere. We, and most of our friends, are huge music people, so the plan is to have just the clip with the Mexico part and have people guess the title/artist.

EDIT: I am thinking of having multiple versions - like a beach/holiday/vacation version, a drinking/booze/bar version, etc. For you other ladies - how bout one for your hometown (best if you are from LA or New York, or maybe Paris!) or other themes...


Please help me out with any songs you can think of. I know there are also a ton of country songs, but we don't really listen to country, so i haven't included those. But by all means, to help everyone else out, please list them if you know of any!


Here's what i have so far:

Chris Isaak - South of the Border

The Refreshments - Mexico

Steve Miller Band - Going to Mexico

Cake - Mexico

Sara Bareilles - Vegas

The Killers - Ballad of Michael Valentine

Queens of the Stone Age - Mexicola

Johnny Cash - Highwayman

Rage Against the Machine - Zapata's Blood

Counting Crows - Holiday in Spain

Live - Like a Soldier

Destiny's Child - Nasty Girl

Elton John - Understanding Women

Seal - Hey Joe (*couldn't find this version, but it has been done by a TON of people - most popular being Hendrix. Others include Cher, the Offspring, Joe Cocker... probably going to use the Robert Plant version myself)

Stone Temple Pilots - Atlanta

Incubus - Mexico

James Taylor (or Jimmy Buffett) - Mexico

Beck - Mexico

Elvis Presley - Mexico

Concrete Blonde - Mexican Moon

Billy Joel - Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway)

Kenny Chesney - Beer in Mexico

Toby Keith - Stays in Mexico

Clay Walker - Mexico

George Strait - The Seashores of Old Mexico

ZZ Top - Goin' Down to Mexico

Willie Nelson/Carlos Santan - They All Went To Mexico

Tim McGraw - That's Why God Made Mexico

Garth Brooks - Rodeo or Mexico

Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby - Hills of Mexico, also - Gulf of Mexico Fishing Boat Blues

Winger - Short Flight to Mexico

The Coasters - Short Flight to Mexico

Electric Six - Germans in Mexico

Scooter - Raving in Mexico

Bad Company - Old Mexico

Butthole Surfers - Mexico

Dick Dale - Mexico

Insane Clown Posse - Mexico

Nazareth - Mexico

Harry Belafonte - 'Round the Bay of Mexico

RBD - Mexico, Mexico



Anyone have anything to add? rockon.giflalala.gifdrum.gif

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Originally Posted by jmiranda View Post
This is a really cool idea...hmmm let me think of some songs. Spanish songs toohuh.gif?
Spanish songs would be awesome. Not sure any of my people would know them (Canadians generally speak French if they have a second language!) - but they might be good for someone else here on BDW!

Gotta add the James Taylor one... though it might have to be Jimmy Buffett's version!

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That's a lot of'em in that list! All that I could think of (DJ for 18 years) were on your list.


2 "related" songs that don't have Mexico in them, but are "tropical" and popular/fun are:


Two Pina Coladas (Garth Brooks)

5 O'Clock Somewhere (Buffet/Jackson)

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Well, then it's good to know i got most of them if even a DJ can't come up with more! cheer2.gif

I will definitely include the other two on my second round - the Bar/drinking/booze section! I will post that, hopefully, some time this week for anyone who is interested. (Probably not til the weekend.)


Originally Posted by DJaysEntertainment View Post
That's a lot of'em in that list! All that I could think of (DJ for 18 years) were on your list.


2 "related" songs that don't have Mexico in them, but are "tropical" and popular/fun are:


Two Pina Coladas (Garth Brooks)

5 O'Clock Somewhere (Buffet/Jackson)

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