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Now that I've started researching all the AI resorts in PDC, I've realized that there is only so much information available on the internet. Have most of you gone through a travel agent? If so, do you recommend STA Travel or AAA? Is there another agency that is good at planning Mexican wedding travel? The rates for the resorts online are much higher than package deals so it's difficult to tell how much it would really cost for our guests to attend our wedding.


Also, many of you have "booked" resorts for next year already. What is the process? Did you email the resort or call them directly? My fiancé and I would like to get married next February, but a lot of the resorts only show 2007 rates or do not show availability out as far as February. I just don't want to get my heart set on a resort to find out that there are no rooms available or that it is too expensive.


Thanks so much in advance for your help!



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Tammy, the host of this site, is a TA and is fabulous! You can try sending her a PM to see if she's available or even if you just have a couple questions. Many of the girls here are using her. I know there are some other TAs being used as well ... let me see if I can find the threads.

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just go to private messages (you can get directly to them at the top of this page under how many unread posts) and on the left hand side you will see send private message, her screen name title is host or you can e-mail her at admin@bestdestinationwedding.com

although I think a PM is just as easy.

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