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Wedding colors & uses

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Ok, there's probably a thread on this somewhere, but I'm losing steam (bedtime), so I'm going to throw this up here anyway...


What are you guys using for your colors (as the primary and secondary colors) and where/how are you using them in the wedding (dresses, flowers, table linens, invites, menus, programs, placecards, etc...)?

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I'm using Chocolate Brown (primary), Lime Green and White.

BM-Dresses Brown

Table runners- Brown (on white linens)

Cake (if I have one) Chocolate Brown)

Flowers lime green- cymbridium orchids, green buttons (for FG's); white- giant calla lillies (my Bouquet).

Stationary- Brown with accents of green (similar to my monogram)

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I ended up using chocolate brown as well, and deep red and ivory!


Chocolate Brown was used for cake and the writing on my favours


Deep Red was used for my bridesmaid dresses, as ribbon on my favours, as candle holders, as my flowers and as accent ribbon on my dress


Ivory was used as my table runners, my wedding dress, bridesmaids flowers, and my hubbie and groomsmans shirts!

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chocolate brown (popular!) , orange, and cream/ivory


bm dresses - burnt orange gm outfits - cream shirt w/brown accents (khaki linen pants)

invites - cream cardstock with brown text and orange floral designs

cake - white w/orange fresh flowers

flowers - white for me, bm's probably orange/white, orange petals on tables,

orange petals for flower girl

tables - still deciding, will have favors on plates sealed with brown ribbon &

stickers of our monogram, monogram on oot bags as well

program fans - cream cardstock, brown text, orange ribbon


And I add stuff everyday thanks to this forum!!

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Our wedding colors are ivory, olive green and a touch of blue.. Cain's wedding shirt is ivory, the pash's that Glenda found are olive green, I have green C. Orchids and ivory roses in my bouquet. Pretty much everything is either ivory or green. The blue will be our cake (Cain's idea, don't get me started in it :-)

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funny how everyone used brown, my parents did back in the 70's too. Things come full circle


my colors are burgandy (David's Bridal calls it Chambord), Sage Green and Ivory.

My BM's dresses are burgandy

FI is wearing all black tux with ivory tie

GM's wearing all black tux's with burgandy ties

colors printed on invites are burgandy and green

centerpieces are candles in all three colors

etc. etc.

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I am not using my colors too much since I am not having a bridal party or much for decor, but I will use them in invites and STDs, on the website, etc. My colors are blues and greens, w/a hint of fucshia (I can never spell that).


Also, check these out:




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I'm not using my colors as much either, but my main color is fuschia, I'm still making decisions, but I think my secondary color is going to be white.


bm dress (our daughter) is light pink (because thats the only color we could get) but she will carry bright pink flowers


I will also carry bright pink flowers


Fuschia & white parasols


Fans with Fuschia ribbon


centerpieces - haven't made a decision yet, but probably some bright pink & white flowers, maybe with a touch of orange, not sure


Invitations, have some pink on them, but my invitations are very simple

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We are going for a "white wedding" look overall, so our primary wedding colors are champagne/khaki and white. Our accent color is red.


BM Dress: Champagne

Groomsmen Attire: Khaki pants, white shirt

Flower girl dress: white

Flowers at ceremony: white roses and lilies

My bouquet: Red roses

BM bouquet and all bouts/corsages: Red roses

Reception Table decor: Drowned red roses, ivory candleplaceholders with each guest's name in red, ivory votive candles

Reception Area decor: Over 80 white luminarias with our red logo on them & white chinese lanterns

Invitations: Black on the outside, with champagne inserts, velum overlay and red accents

Menus: Red cardstock with champagne paper and velum overlay

Programs: Red and champagne cardstock

Fans: White, with red and champagne thank you tag

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