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AHR Menu?

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Didnt know where to post this bc there is no section for food, so I figured I'd post it here (I guess cake is food?). My fiance and I are trying to plan a very informal ahr to include the rest of our family in the wedding. The look we are going for is kinda a new england picnic if that makes any sense (reds, whites, stripes, jute etc.) Really americana. We're trying to come up with a menu. I'm looking for some suggestions (but it needs to be kosher, so no dairy or seafood or pork). This is what we have so far. If you think anything doesnt go, tell me that also!



Grilled Vegetables

Corn Off the Cobb

Panini Station

Roasted Potatoes

Baked Beans

Kebabs (not sure what kinda yet...any suggestions?)

Sweet Potato Fries, Curly Fries, and Steak Fries

Breads with Margarine and Jam




Lemonade (different types...suggestions?)

Iced Tea (different typs)

Apple Cider

Beer (Possibly a Beer Tasting..what do you think about this?)





Fruit Salad



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Yum sounds delicious! I'm sorry but I'm having trouble coming up with ideas. The kabobs could be the grilled veggies? You could also have cornbread w/ butter and honey?

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Fruit Kabobs, chicken kabobs, maybe add the roasted potatoes to the grilled veggie kabobs. Add a little peach nectar to the tea. Add a little stawberry nectar to the lemonade. Maybe a tossed salad, pasta salad, or broccoli salad(not everyone likes this). Check out Recipezaar: Where the World's Recipes Are they have great ideas.

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