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PV NightLife - Clubs and Bars

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Need ideas for your last "single" night out?


Here are some clubs in PV! (I'm so excited for the first one!)



De Santos, Puerto Vallarta, México

One of the creatorâ€s of this club is Alex Gonzalez from the Mexican rock group Mana! (I love them!)


ZOOBARDANCE | Welcome to the Jungle!! | www.zoobardance.com | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in el Malecon


NIKKI BEACH at the Westin


Here's a link to a list of more clubs:


Puerto Vallarta Nightlife | Frommers.com

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Thanks! I can personally vouch for the Zoo. Crazy fun if you love to dance. The first time I went there they were blasting Snoop Dogg, I stumbled in and a man in a full gorilla suit started pouring tequila down my throat, then pulled me on the dance floor and we were grooving!! The second time I went there (5 years later) a man in a gorilla suit pulled me on the dance floor again - LMAO! Not as chic as Nikki Beach or De Santos but a good old fashioned club right on the malecon.

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I can also vouch for the Zoo. My girlfriends and I did my bachelorette party in PV two weeks ago and we went to De Santos, the Zoobar and some other Z named club that I can't remember. Zoobar was the most fun! De Santos is very chic, with white beds, but it was a locals spot with hardly any Americans there. We got some weird looks in there....

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I remember giong to Christines when I was there a few years ago and the zoo was a good time as well.


Have any of you been to Nikki beach before? If so, what was it like? I imagine it to be very upscale and posh. Is there any dancing?

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I know the Zoo is right on the malecon and I think the Velas is in the marina . . . based on that I would think a 10-15 minute/$5 cab ride? Close but not walking distance.


Oh and Melissa my bachelorette party is at Nikki Beach in the end of May . . . I'll let you know what I think but it looks lovely.

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