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College Football!!!!!!!!!

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Today is the day!!!! I woke up this morning and put the OSU Marching Band CD in and turned the volume up! FI and I are going to watch a few afternoon games at BW3s and get ready for tonight! It should be a great game! I know that Tressel has already said that Beanie Wells will not be playing, but I have to wonder? Get ready for the show down at the Coliseum! Go Bucks!




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I don't even want to talk about this mornings game between Cal and MD. I went to Berkeley and my FH went to Maryland. Dang!


I blame it on the weather, it was to early for the Bears, too much humidity!



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Originally Posted by bride2b08 View Post
o.k.... so the buckeyes totally bombed the game... I just went to bed after halftime.. seriously, what happend?? besides the fact that we played the number 1 team??
Sorry Buckeyes fans ~ that was a rather harsh way to go for the third time on a national stage...ouch!

But as a Trojan alum I am cheer2.gif ecstatic!!!! Fight on baby!!!!

Playing the no. 1 team is no easy task, but the problem with Ohio State is that Tressel doesn't go approach big games correctly ~ yanno the games that mean something, i.e. the BCS championships, and Saturday's game which for many was considered the game that would ultimately decide at least one team that was going to be in the title game in January.

He's too conservative, and doesn't go for the jugular. Look at that first scoring opportunity, you rush on 3rd and goal? I know Boeckman is crap but seriously, go for a big time play ~ throw the rock into the end zone. He's too predictable, all run plays nothing pass wise. Even after that though, on 4th and goal to kick a field goal isn't good enough, if you're on the road you need to strike at any chance, he shoulda went for the TD it woulda set the tone that OSU was there to win, especially against a team that has so many scoring options like USC.

Aside from that, Tressel needs to change his style of play and recruit according to what works in today's game. The "big and powerful" mentality might work in the Big 10, but that approach is clearly outdated. Today's game is predicated on speed and versality on both the offensive and defensive ends. That's why Florida and LSU, and now USC have made the Buckeyes look like a JV team on the big stage. However, I will say Terrelle Pryor is definitely what that team needs. His mobility and athleticism is just what the doctor ordered and he's the right step into what should be the next phase of OSU football. I wouldn't be surprised if he became the No. 1 option at QB in the next few games and for the remainder of his career at OSU. And as a sports fan, I'm totally geeked on seeing what this guy can do!

Sorry to rant, probably much more than you asked for. tee hee, sorry, I'm passionate when it comes to my sports cheers.gif

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