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Is anyone here on a macrobiotic diet?


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So recently I've been trying to change my entire dietary intakes. I've been trying as hard as I can to go vegan but I just can't seem to give up the fish or the chicken sometimes.


This woman I know was telling me that she eats macrobiotic which I had always heard of b/c of celebrities like Madonna and Gwenyth Paltrow. I was randomly doing research just to check it out and some it sounded great but it seems really hard to follow. I was wondering if anyone eats macrobiotic and if they could give me a resource for trying to learn where to begin. I should also preface by saying that I'm not trying to go on a diet I just want a lifestyle change.

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Erin I actually read this before you posted it but I guess what I don't get is that I understand their percentage breakdown but I don't understand how much of it to eat. For example they say that your diet should consist of 50-60% of brown rice or whole grains. But how much brown rice do I eat in one serving KWIM? That is what I am confused about.


I've noticed that a lot of people that are on macrobiotic diets tend to be lean but how can they be so lean when 60% of their diet consists of brown rice? I dunno I think I'm just confused. LOL.

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This one has recipies:

Macrobiotic diet basics, recipes, cooking DVD

This is a British site, but looks to have some good info:

Macrobiotic Guide | Your Essential Guide to Macrobiotics Online


I find (and advise clients) that the best thing to do when starting a new eating regiment is to physically write out everything for the first week. Go shopping and get everything you need at once. If the products are handy, you'll be more likely to follow it. This also means you have to get rid of your old foods so you aren't tempted.


You can also buy some new tupperware or some type of caontainer and make meals ahead of time and keep them in the fridge so you are only cooking 2 or 3 days per week.


Here is a listing (random) about macrobiotic food delivery.Macrobiotic Diet --- Lunch, Dinner Pick Up, Delivery


I don't know the cost, but it might help to have food deliver for the first month or so as you learn how to each, etc.


This is one thing I do for my clients. I've had a few ask about macrobiotics but I've never done it. Most are vegetarian, diabetic, heart healthy, bariatric, etc.


Keep me posted on what you find!

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Erin upon closer examination I think (if I understood correctly) that the focus in not on how much you ingest just on what you are ingesting. So in other words they don't focus on the portion so much as balancing the types of foods you eat to make sure you don't overstimulate your body (with foods such as sugar and alcohol) or stagnate your body (with foods that make you feel sluggish).


There are so many books out there I was just hoping someone would know of a good one. I haven't even heard of half of the vegetables they mention. LOL. I guess I'll go on Amazon and read reader's reviews to figure out which one might be a good guide. I think I'm going to try this b/c I'm so sick of feeling sluggish. I want to feel revived and with energy!

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Ok so I did a ton of research yesterday and I decided to purchase this book (which meant I called my dad and begged him to buy it for me).


Amazon.com: The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics: A Philosophy for Achieving a Radiant Mind and a Fabulous Body: Jessica Porter: Books


Its called the Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics. I read good reviews on it. Supposedly it explains it the best out of all the other macrobiotic books so I'll let everyone know if its good once I finish reading it.

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