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I am so glad to help. If you have a material store in your area, keep an eye out (especially this time of year) for sales on chiffons and even silks in bright and tropical colors. I love blues and coral colors. Pick up about 4 yards of your favorite to take to do some flowing fabric shots...really fun.


Also, Closer to the wedding, appoint someone to help you to remember to be drinking water on a very regular basis (every couple of hours). It is so easy to get dehydrated in the tropics and at your wedding as you are so busy and the pregnancy will add a new layer to that. Water will help your energy levels and keep swelling down (if applicable, I had swelling with my first not with my second).


Additionally if you do have swelling on holiday, my Dr said the best thing to do was to get in the sea or the pool up to my neck and float for awhile....(you know how you always have to go to the bathroom after swimming...well there is some medical basis to the body getting rid of extra fluids when immersed in water) , It really helps.


Have a great time....HYDRATE HYDRATE and get excited about all of these amazing events coming up!



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I would also keep your photographer, like the others said it is still your wedding and since you only have to pay for one trip there probably is not much of a price difference. Your pictures will still be wonderful just think of the glow you will have!

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I told myself I wouldn't comment on "controversial" subjects but I have to. :) Please take this post as intended: simply thoughts from the photographer's point-of-view.


This event is in January. That's only 4 months away. Most good photographers book events 12+ in advance.


Had this been a paid gig, his contract probably states you would lose a deposit and possibly some or all of the full amount of the contract if you were to cancel so close to the event.


Understand that although you are not paying this photographer directly, and they are getting a "free" vacation, it's not really free. They COULD work in their home city and make their normal payscale. They have agreed to trade their normal pay for a free trip.


It is very unlikely they will re-book your date in this short notice, so if you cancel, they would not only lose the free trip, but also the income for that date.


I guess what I'm saying is that if you were paying this photographer, you'd probably not even consider cancelling this late in the game. And IMO there's really no difference between paying and giving a free trip.

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