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If anyone is planning on using starfish on everything like me you should order from Oriental Trading. They have the small ones in a basket wtih 500 pieces for $11.99 and then 30 of the bigger ones for $4.99. I am planning on attaching a small starfish on each of my placecards as well as the tags on my OOT bags, etc. etc.


I also just ordered plain white frisbees than I am going to transfer our monogram onto them. 12 of them for $6.99!


I am being very productive at work today :)

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I read somewhere else on here that someone had transferred something onto plastic by using a transperancy. I am going to try that and take a peek around a craft store to see what I come up with. I will let you girls know how it goes. The frisbees get delivered on the 8th so hopefully sometime that week I will have pictures and instructions after trial by error I'm sure. Wish me luck haha :)

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Originally Posted by merocket59 View Post
Have you received the starfish yet? Do they smell? I really like the idea of the frisbees, I can't wait to see how they turn out!!
I should receive everything on the 8th so I will keep you posted.

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I received all of my stuff from OT here is my update:


the small starfish are really small but there is a bunch of different sizes in the bag so I'm sure some of them will work


The next size up in starfish the 30 pieces for $4.99 also vary in size and are probably 2-3 inches they will be nice for decorating and maybe the invitations if I decide to do them myself.


Someone asked if the starfish smell and the answer is YES!! I'm hoping once they air out it will go away. I think there is a thread around here for getting rid of that smell, i will try and find it.


The frisbees are mini frisbees but I think they will still be cute. I have to go to an office supply store to buy transparency paper still.


I also ordered sandollars from OT but they are very, very tiny. Not sure what I'm going to use them for now. Initially we were going to write our names and date on them and loop a ribbon through to make christmas ornaments for our guests but these are too small for that.


My last purchase was starfish charms they are cute, I'm going to loop those onto our ceremony fans with a hang tag.


Hope this helps if anyone else wants to order. Now I have lots of projects to work on.

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