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Hurricane Gustav

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#1 Melissa G

Melissa G
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    Posted 26 August 2008 - 10:56 AM

    I am supposed to get married at SGOR on Saturday, but Hurricane Gustav is in the Carribbean!!! The guests are all leaving the states tomorrow, Thursday or Friday and I am really worried about everyone getting there! It looks like it should be gone from Jamaica by Saturday, but if no one can get there it is going to suck!

    Everyone is asking how to proceed and I don't know what to tell them. I want to say find any way to get there because if Shawn and I are there then we are getting married!

    Oh well... I guess I will see what happens...

    #2 Oscar_Ernie

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      Posted 26 August 2008 - 11:03 AM

      Oh, man, what a bummer! (A huge understatement, I know!) When I was watching the news last night I was wondering what I'd do if I was in your situation. I feel so bad for you, but please don't let it ruin your day. Don't forget what it's all about! (I know that's easy for me to say.) Hopefully everything will turn out just fine without any major problems. Good luck!!!

      #3 bridget917

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        Posted 26 August 2008 - 11:17 AM

        I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! No words of advice for you, other than if you have a TA that now is when you really need to put them to work! Have you tried contacting the resort to see if they have any info?

        #4 Melissa G

        Melissa G
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          Posted 26 August 2008 - 11:26 AM

          I don't have a TA...

          I talked to Darma and she said to just keep watching and have the guests call their airlines. US Air was no help to me. The flight has not been cancelled yet. I guess all I can do is wait and have all the guests call their airlines.

          #5 chicklet

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            Posted 26 August 2008 - 01:25 PM

            Its possible they may get you to re-schedule. I can't see them allow flights to go out when the hurricane is so near.
            This happened to my cousin and they had to choose a different resort but the hurricane was a month or so ahead of their wedding so I am not sure in your case.
            Call the airline and see if they could advise you.
            Keeping my fingers crossed everything will work out for you.

            #6 EricaG

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              Posted 26 August 2008 - 01:32 PM

              I hope everything works out for you and your guests. I have been keeping an eye on the hurricaine status lately, as our wedding is on the last offical day of hurricane season, and a lot of damage cold occur before we go!

              My fingers are crossed for you and make sure you let us know how everything turns out for you.
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              #7 Tropical Imaging

              Tropical Imaging
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                Posted 26 August 2008 - 02:27 PM

                The best Caribbean site for keeping track of storms is Caribbean Hurricane Network - stormCARIB.com - Local Reports on Tropical Systems threatening the Caribbean Islands and Welcome to Weather Underground : Weather Underground They give a very balanced view of storms during hurricane season vs some of the hype from US stations and sites. They additionally have locals reporting in from the islands as well if you want to see what's going on.
                Welcome to Weather Underground : Weather Underground is very good tracking storms/depressions/waves etc. Go to the tropical/hurricane section for tracking estimates/strength and timings etc.

                For guests leaving tomorrow or Thursday, they may want to call the airline today and get advice and see if the airline recommends changing to Friday arrival. The airline wants to avoid all of the standby flying that comes with canceled and postponed flights, you may find they can give your family members some direction. By the looks on Wunderground you should be fine for Friday and Saturday, but the airports may be closed on Thurs if the storm strengthens to a cat 1. Check with the hotel and airline today so you can beat all of those waiting until the last minute.

                Good luck!


                #8 meandpaul

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                  Posted 26 August 2008 - 03:09 PM

                  I wish you the best of luck. I, too, have been watching the weather forcasts b/c we leave out on Saturday heading down although it seems it may be gone by then.

                  #9 trance_angelx0x

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                    Posted 26 August 2008 - 03:12 PM

                    I'll start blowing east so maybe it will blow over Cuba or something instead (sorry to people getting married in Cuba) :P

                    #10 Melissa G

                    Melissa G
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                      Posted 26 August 2008 - 03:35 PM

                      We are thinking about leaving tomorrow morning so that we can get there and then hope we don't get hit. I get so worried that we will not get there on Thursday and if we get there on Friday I don't know if we would still be able to get married on Saturday due to the 48 hours thing.

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