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Grocery Game


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OK I know this sounds really ridiculous but we have been really tight with money lately and I am trying to cut back anywhere we can, so a patient of mine told me about this site:

Coupons, Grocery Coupons - The Grocery Game :: Home

she swears you can save like 25%-50% on your grocery bill. she showed me her reciept and she save $62 on her $130 bill- so she got it all half off!

you go to this website and a trial month is a dollar. once you enter your location info then it makes a list for the grocery store you select- you can only select 1 store- and then lists all the sales in your store at this time and how much money you can save on particular items.

also she gives links to printable coupons, or tells you where to get the coupons- this is going to be my problem because i am TERRIBLE at cutting coupons but i am going to give it a try and see if it is worth is and if i can really save money- its only a $1 so its worth a try.

anyone up for trying it with me?

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sounds like just what we need. We bought a house last Friday and money is going to be a little scarce. We need to cut whatever we can!


I've stopped my gym donations (because I don't go), transferred some credit card balances to lower intrest cards, and am picking up some side jobs.


There is another site Shortcuts.com - FREE Grocery Coupons that link to your grocery card that automatically loads coupons onto your shopping card so you don't have to cut them. I haven't tried this yet but keep meaning to.

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My finance's aunt has been doing it for a few months, and she loves it. She said there are certain items you can stock up on, and some things you can even get for free... you also can not be a slave to name brands. If you are trying to save money, this is a great way to go. And in general, keep a coupon accordion folder ad cut the coupons each week... really not a bad way to save money....

Also, my fiance and I switched all of our lightbulbs for energy saving ones... they are more expensive, but they save you money in the long run, and they are really good for the environment... good luck with the grocery game! I heard there is also a site called "coupon mom" or something...

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ok so i went grocery shopping the other night and i saved........



can you believe that?

i only used like 5 coupons (all from the stores weekly ad- nothing clipped from the paper) and then just got a bunch of BOGO free sales. i was shocked!

i am obsessed now!

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I must have missed this thread the first time around. I read about this site in a magazine and I was curious about it but forgot to look into it.


That's awesome that you saved $40!! I might try and do this.


I know you said a trial month is $1. Any idea of what it is after that?


(I guess I should just look at the site, huh?!)

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So i know allll about this site and the game. I have been doing in for 10 months now. I can't say how awesome it is! If anyone wants more info or advice on it let me know. It definitly is worth it though, I went grocery shopping for actually useable everyday groceries the other day and my total came to $160 and after coupons it was $35! I have the recipt to prove it!

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