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Weekend a la Edyta, Amy and Ana! (+mini update) Part 1

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    Posted 26 August 2008 - 12:36 PM

    We had such a great time and to answer ur questins yup we met on the forum and Ana and I met once before I came up to visit her in Van

    As for Amy's private jet well she has to tell u all that story...MRS AMY where r u??

    here are a few pics that I took

    First day together...Mmmmmm champagne
    Click the image to open in full size.

    we needed a bling pic..2 married gals and 2 engaged
    Click the image to open in full size.

    going out to cause some trouble
    Click the image to open in full size.

    Beautiful Ana
    Click the image to open in full size.

    The celeb in the group
    Click the image to open in full size.

    #22 *Heather*


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      Posted 26 August 2008 - 12:38 PM

      Edyta those pics are so good! I love the elevator one. And the ring one. I love them all!

      #23 A10CalGal

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        Posted 26 August 2008 - 12:44 PM

        FUN!!! You girls are all so gorgeous, I bet the whole town was thrown on it's ass over it all! Love the pics.

        #24 Ana


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        Posted 26 August 2008 - 12:53 PM

        hehe! i hadn't even seen these pics! haha! so funny! it was such an amazing weekend I was so sad when I was left all alone again.

        Edyta, Amy and I had met on the forum, but I met Edyta in Toronto for when I was home a few weeks back. It was the first time that we met Mrs. Amy though

        #25 Amy&Andy

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          Posted 26 August 2008 - 01:06 PM

          Oh my goodness....I hadn't seen Edyta's pics....love the hair clip :)

          So the plane.....one of the Realtors I work with is also a part time pilot for a private business so he flew me over to Bellingham, saving me over 4 hours in the car! It was a beautiful trip there, but a nightmare coming home as I actually saw lightning strike 4 times before we landed. My butt cheeks were clenched so tight and I was sweating.....poor Andy was watching the whole storm from the airport to pick me up. I was happy to arrive alive :)

          In short...the weekend was a blast! The girls are even more beautiful and fun than imagined. We are definitely planning another get together....either in Toronto....or perhaps a stag for Ana somewhere else where we can tear up the town :)

          #26 Nrvsbride

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            Posted 26 August 2008 - 01:10 PM

            I heart these pics! It looks like you guys had a great time! You are all so freaking stunning it makes me quite nauseaus. LOL. J/k chicas, you know I love you all!

            #27 *Lo*

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              Posted 26 August 2008 - 02:17 PM

              Wow, definitely looks fun! I think that's amazing that you met on the forum!! Hopefully more of us can meet up...perhaps in Toronto, since it was mentioned!

              #28 RaydensMama

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                Posted 26 August 2008 - 04:15 PM

                OMG what an awesome time you all had!!! And how cool to get a private jet....minus the lightning! lol Im glad you all go to meet up and have a blast!

                #29 Rachelle E.

                Rachelle E.
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                  Posted 26 August 2008 - 04:43 PM

                  Awww! You girls are adorable!! I'm so glad you all had a great time....and posted lots of pics! lol!

                  Random: I don't remember if I've seen your hair done that way (short and curled) before Amy...it's SO cute!!

                  #30 ACDCDCAC

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                  Posted 26 August 2008 - 05:27 PM

                  ok, first of all, super jealous on SO many levels :)

                  2nd, you guys look like you had so much fun, i am so glad you got your ladies weekend, you all deserve it! thanks so much for sharing!

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