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Photographer Needed for How Long???

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OK..it's me w/ a photography question again!


Since we want great photos but want it for a lower price..we are thinking 3 hours should be enough time coverage.


We are having our ceremony at Blue Parrot Beach Club..and then our reception right next door at Playasia restaurant for 20-25 guests. It is a restaurant, so it will be a sit down dinner and drinks..and that's it. After the dinner we are going to go back to the beach club for our dancing and more celebrating.


We feel that 3 hours would be enough for the ceremony(which seems like it will be around 20-25 mins long for a civil ceremony) and then the cocktail hour and our pic time.


Just wondering what you guys think and especially for the newly married women out there that have already gone through this. Thanks!

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Re: Photographer Needed for How Longhuh.gif

I booked my photographer for 4 hours. Here was my logic:

30 minutes of getting ready
30 minutes ceremony
30 hour of bride & groom/family
30 hour cocktail hour
2 hour of the reception

I might need to throw in an extra hour (it's an option) depending on how the day is running.
That's a good time frame..however, are you having more of an actual reception where there will be a first dance/cutting of the cake and more dancing? we will not be having that..also..did the photographer inform you that that time time log is sufficient??

Also..who are you using?? Thanks!
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