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Gifts for Parents and In-laws

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Hello Everyone,


We are basically eloping with our parents in Maui next year; 12 people total including us. I want to buy our parents something but nothing cheesy and I'm stuck. Any thoughts? websites? unique gifts?


Bride's Mom:: We are very very close, she is my best friend. I want this gift to be perfect. Thoughts?

Brides Dad: Maybe a frame with a photo of him and I when I was a little girl. He likes pictures and has everything.

Step-Mom: We aren't close at ALL...but I want to make peace. She is very hard to buy for. Maybe a starfish keychain??


Groom's Mom: She doesn't wear alot of jewerly and it can't be the same as his step-mother's. They get along but it's just weird. Maybe an ankelet with starfish charm? or a necklace with a locket? Thoughts?

Groom's Step-dad: I'm thinking of a "zippo" since he smokes

Groom's Step-mom: A "starfish" gold charm for her charm braclet?


Groom is taking care of the sibling, etc.


Any ideas would be great. Thanks



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