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Grand Sunset Princess Resort

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    Posted 31 March 2012 - 06:21 AM

    Hello Grand Sunset Princess Brides!


    Your big day is coming up soon and I'm sure you are all very excited!

    Having your wedding on the beach of the Riviera Maya is the perfect choice and for your pictures Blue Lens Caribe your best option.

    Visit our blog on

    http://bluelenscarib...ns-caribe-news/ to see some of our last pictures at the Grand Sunset Princess Resort!


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      Posted 01 April 2012 - 07:31 PM



      We booked our catamaran a couple of months ago with Paradise Catamarans.  We found that this company had the best value.  We looked a lot on Trip Advisor and there were a lot of really good reviews.  We were also going to hire a parasailing boat, but we don't have to anymore because we are at the exact number of people allowed for the single catamaran boat.  We had to pay extra for a bus to come pick our group up from the hotel.  We asked Paradise Catamarans if we could cut costs by not providing a big meal ( we'll just have snacks instead), and by limiting people to 4 beers, and they were happy to do that.  We figure that since we're going out in the late afternoon, people will have just eaten lunch, and we can always bring extra drinks from the hotel if we want to.



      Originally Posted by Babygirl 

      I wanted to book the Catamaran tour as well for the night before for my guests.  Have you any information or are you waiting until you arrive?  Love to have what you have learned about it.





      wedding date:  July 4th


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        Posted 07 April 2012 - 09:16 AM



        I ended up booking the DJ.  I really wasn't sure what the hotel was able to offer as cheaper alternatives.  The hotel said they didn't offer any alternative sound system we could rent, so if we wanted the sound system, we got the DJ too.  


        I just bought a custom broach for the side of my dress, I have my programs (ordered, but I still have to print them), seating cards, seating chart (not fully put together, but the pieces are mostly there).  So everything is getting organized nicely:)  All I have to get is a guest sign in book.  I found a great idea online, where people right notes on heart shaped pieces of paper, and they get folded in half and put in a picture frame.  Its hard to describe, but its something I could have around my house as a piece of art, which is really nice.  


        C still hasn't gotten shirts for the guys.  I'm getting suspicious that he might actually think its a good idea to go shirtless.


        Anyways, I hope everybody else is doing well!  


        Is there anybody who's getting married close to April 28th, 2012?  Lets meet up when we get there:)  



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          Posted 09 April 2012 - 01:56 PM

          Heyy E,


          How are ya?? Are you as excited/stressed out as I am. My word, i cannot believe where the time has gone! i know what you mean about us taking oover this page a bit.. sorryy ladies...


          I also cannot believe about your toes, I hope you get better soon!! You got a wedding to take part in! and you need your toes :P Did your doc say you will be good to go by your wedding date?


          Your weekend in Whislter sounded great. My was a hoot!! I wish i could go back too. I have the girls surprise me with the condo room all decorated in bachelorette decorations, it was so cute. The first night they again surprised me with a Sexy bride shirt to wear when we went for dinner and some drinks. I was a little tipsy to say the least the first night, i guess you could say i was eager to get the party started..lol. Saturday they surpsied me with a savenger hunt! It was great. They dressed me up in a paint suit and everyone drew some pretty embrassing things on me, and i had to stay in that all afternoon..HAHAHA. The evening was super fun. One of my gfs showed up with jello shooter mania, and we did dinner in the condo, as we knew it was going to take 17 girls forever to get ready. The girls were all dress in red and black with light up devils horns and i was in white with all the fixings. We ended up hitting a couple bars, but Tommys africas hooked us up and that was were we stayed. It was such an unbelievable time. Love my girls!

          For shirts we actually just got the boys there shirts from RW & co the other day. We got white linen shirts. There great and it will go with the linen pants the boys are waearing. Go check out RW & Co, they had some nice stuff there. Also, beleive it or not, Old Navy also had some nice shirts too, and affordable.


          I really cannot belive how close our days are coming. Im not so much stressed as i am just running out of time. I started packing the other day, oh boy, my room was a disaster! lol. I keep forgetting im not just packing for a vacay, there is a wedding too!! hahaha. I pretty much have everything good to go, its just now the little things. (Pick up my dress tomorrow, pack all the wedding details, get hair, nails and waxed, order american money, buy smokes, get FG basket, write my BM cards, cake topperget travel insurance, toileties, etc) I know that this weekend ill be all over the place. I just feel like i dont have enough hours in a day. But i have faith that i will get it all done. What about you? You almost ready to go?


          And what is this about your flight being changed??? Wow, that is crazy. I hope it all works out for you guys. I am flying with Westjet, I havent heard anything yet, but who knows.


          We having our legal ceremony this Sunday, its so crazy to think that im going to be married this weekend :P


          Whohohooooooooo!! Its almost go time!! Cant wait!!




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            Posted 11 April 2012 - 02:07 PM


            I'm good!  I went bathing suit shopping with my mom and bought a couple items (summer dress, shorts, bathing suit!)


            I should be good by the wedding date.  I went for a run and my toes felt fine, but I do have to start wearing my shoes so I break them in. 


            Your weekend sounded really great too!  I know its so sad that its over right!  Do you have any other events planned?  We're doing a bridal shower at a spa on April 21st.


            Thanks for the suggestion on RW& co.  I told C. to head over there, and I know he went to a couple stores today and yesterday.  I told him to buy everything he sees because he can always return them.  


            O my goodness, it sounds like you have quite a bit to do!  Its all the fun stuff though!  What day do you leave on again?


            I still have to print out my programs (they've been ordered), come up with some games to put on the tables, finish name cards, pick up my broach (I had one custom made for the side of my dress), pick up my hair comb (I also had that custom made), finish putting together our ceremony music (I haven't picked out music to walk down the aisle to, or say our vows to).  I picked up some library books,my rings and I picked up my dress yesterday.  So there's still a couple small things to do:)


            Our flight isn't going to change at this point:(  We have a stop over on the way there, and a red eye on the way back.  My mom bought me some herbal tea though that apparently knocks you out, so I'm going to bring that down so I can get some good night sleeps at the hotel, and also on the flight back:)


            We're doing our legal ceremony on Monday!  Wow our timing is so similar!  For your witnesses, do you know if they're allowed to be family members?  We each have our moms coming to witness the marriage.  My mom's getting all emotional about it though, she wants me to have special flowers and a nice dress and everything. haha, for me, its just paper work, our 'real' wedding is in Mexico.  Are you changing your name?  I need to call the passport office and icbc to see what I need to do to change my name.  


            I'm pretty excited too, I almost started packing the other day too.  I decided to hold off, since I still have 2 weeks to go, but I am starting to get all my summer clothes out.





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              Posted 11 April 2012 - 02:34 PM

              Hi E,


              Glad to hear your toe is doing better. Thats great news!


              No problem about RW&Co, hope that helped. I actually have to go get my FI a white dress shirt with cuff links holes this weekend, because that is my gift to him the morning of the wedding, and he went out and bought a linen shirt for him and the boys and they dont have cuff link holes. So i am going to go to the Bay and grab him one so that when his gift gets delevered he had the choice if he wants to wear the linen shirt for the ceremony, as it will be a little cooler for him, and then he can waer the other one for the reception part of the night. I was going to steal his shirt and go get cuff link holes put into it, but it might be a little risky as he has been trying his suit on for the last couple nights..lol.. so cute!


              I love that you are doing the bridal shower at the spa, great idea. We actually arrive on April 21st, probally arrive to the hotel around 630pm. We are just doing a welcome dinner and cocktail night, then a pub crawl and then the day after the wedding prob a catamaran with whoever wants to go. I didnt want to plan too much, just take it as it comes.


              I picked up my dress last night. OMG.. the seamstress has just been nothing but a nightmare. I just couldnt wait to get out of there. But i do love my dress. Once i walked out of the store i started to have a little bit of an anxiety attack..lol.. the excitement and nerves got to me. But im all good now.


              Our legal ceremony is on Sunday, i think that family is allowed, because a gf of mine had her husbands grandparents as witnesses a couple years ago. Maybe just ask to be safe. I still have to go get our wedding license..haha just havent had time. Ill go before Sunday. That is so cute that your mom is emotional and wanting it to be a speacial day, my mother in law is the same. She wanted to be there, but i thought that it wouldnt be fair that she be there and my mom not (my mom lives in the okanagan) so I actually didnt tell her or anyone else about it . Its just us and Shanes BM and my MOH. Is your wedding date in Mexico going to be your anniversary date??


              And yes, i do still have some things to take care of, but i know ill get them done. I got the whole weekend..lol. I have no choice, it has to get done. Next week is just full of appointments and gym dates..hahah. Its all good.


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                Posted 12 April 2012 - 08:48 AM



                C. came home with some shirts yesterday, none of them matched our colours though (the inside of the cuff is baby blue, and we're using teal and orange as our colours).  I'm a bit worried they'll clash, but if he likes it, I don't really care.  That's really cute that you're getting him a gift!  I wonder if I should get him something.  Hum... 


                It sounds so nice to have a dinner when you arrive!  We arrive at midnight so I think mostly people will be pretty tired.  We've asked the bridal party to get together for a rehearsal/ dinner and drinks the night before, and then I think the guys and girls are going to split up and do a pub crawl:)


                Which bridal salon did you go to?  I almost left the salon in tears, and then the girls downstairs told me to go back upstairs and try it on, and they'd have the head seamstress come fix everything.  She did such a better job!  I had to wait for an hour, but she actually took out the braw padding, and redid all the boning on the inside of the dress, so some major changes.  It looked soo much better.  I was really happy they stopped me, I was really ready to go home and put in a couple stitches on my own. 


                C. actually organized a dance class for us tonight, we're going to do a waltz for our first dance.  I can't dance in my huge platforms though so I think I'm going to safty pin up the bottom front part of the dress.  I'm also doing a two-step ( my dad does country dancing and used to take me out with him dancing) with my dad, and I wouldn't survive that in heels, so I think safety pins is the only solution.  I hope it doesn't look funny


                My wedding date is going to be Mexico.  The signing of the papers here really doesn't mean to much to me.  My mom is horrified by this, and I'm really starting to regret asking her!  O well, she apparently wants to take us out for a nice lunch after, and if she wants to buy me flowers, so be it:)  


                O my goodness, I was so sore after my run.  Granted I usually run quite a bit and I hadn't run in like 3 weeks because of my toes, but that's a really bad sign!  I'm planning on running almost every day this week, and maybe to go to the gym a few times.  I do the same run all the time, and should not be feeling it, so its a sign that I've got to shape up and get out there more often:)


                Are you staying in the swim up area or platinum?  We originally booked swim up but then our group ran out of swim up suits, so we agreed to upgrade to platinum to make sure everybody that wanted swim up got it.  The only bad thing is that there were no ocean front/swim up platinum suits, so we just have the most basic one:(  Hopefully they'll upgrade us once we get there.


                Wow, I can't believe this is actually happening:)  Today I gotta to run some last minute errands:)



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                  Posted 16 April 2012 - 03:25 PM



                  How was your 'real' wedding?  We just had ours this afternoon.  C was really cute, he went to a bakery and bought me some nice pasteries and a coffee before I woke up.  And he also bought me a bouquet of roses!  He's bought me flowers a bunch of times, but never roses, so that was really cute.  We then met up with my mom and his mom and went to this lady's house.  It was actually really funny, because she kept talking about her dog and her shoulder surgery, and then got super formal and had us recite vows in front of the fire place.  It doesn't sound very funny but it really was.  And she also wouldn't do the ceremony until we tipped her really well.  So there were just a bunch of strange little things.  Like my mom took a couple pictures during the 'ceremony', and the lady stopped and had to restart because she said the flash was hurting her eyes... like she honestly couldn't keep going.  And her dog kept barking and playing with toys right there in front of us... so weird.  Anyways, during the vows C. started laughing, and then my mom started going off, and C.'s mom was crying because it was emotional for her, so I was pinching myself to keep from laughing myself. 


                  C. got a shirt that I love!  It has orange tiger lilies on the inside cuff and the inside of the collar.  Its a super slim fit and looks awesome on him.  This way he'll look different from the other guys too.  I also spoke with Emma about getting him a slightly different boutinere so he'll stand out. 


                  We got all of our tickets in the mail:)  I got two new bathing suits and some nice summer clothes and now I'm officially getting excited.  Also, a friend reminded me that my actual wedding is 12 days away, which is super scary!  Like I didn't believe her because I remember when the countdown on our website said it was over 365 days away, and now its down to 12!


                  I hope everything's going well for you, I know you're leaving on the 21st!  I hope you're getting all your final stuff organized (I still have a tonnnn to do!)  If I don't talk to you before you leave, we'll be hanging out by the pool bars and beach quite a bit.  We'll have a couple people with us (as will you), but feel free to come over and say hi!  



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                    Posted 17 April 2012 - 09:39 AM

                    Heyyyy E,  its Danielle..


                    So sorry i havent come on to chat and check in. For some reason i dont get notified through my email ne more when someone responds or posts..weird.


                    But ne ways, How are ya???? Were down to the final days away now..eekkkkk! 4 more sleeps for me..


                    Im so glad to hear that your dress turned out the way you wanted it and that shirt C got sounds pretty deadly..lol


                    I really hope that we can find eachother down there, that would be so fun! I am sure we will. We will probally be at the party pool too, and ill just start shouting out Erica..LOL!!


                    Im glad to hear that you legal ceremony went well, it dsounds like it was a great day. Our was this past Sunday, and it was perfect. Shane had on his tuxedo shirt and I had on my bride shirt, we liked that we made it a little fun. I didnt relaize how emotional i was going to get, but i totally did. Then of course so did my MOH..lol. It was actually a really nice moment. Then we had a couple friends stop by and bring champagne. (I got a little tipsy)  Its so weird to think that we are actually, legally married women, its totally doesnt feel like it. I think once our Mexico weddings come and go, it will then feel a bit more real.


                    Everything for me is pretty much good to go. I was all over the place this weekend trying to finish off my list. (Cake toppers, shorts, marriage license, toiletries, etc) Really all i have to do is finish packing and writting some cards. What do you have left to do??


                    And i really hope that your foot is recovering, we need you to be at %100 :)

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                      Posted 18 April 2012 - 09:40 AM

                      Hello everyone,


                      The Gran Princess is a great resort, it has many beatiful locations for weddings. Please take a look at this video,


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