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Congrats on the wedding!!!  I am so glad your wedding was a success!  My wedding is May  5 and I am starting to get really stressed about a few things.  I have been emailing the WC but I have only had one response.... I will start typing urgent now in hopes she will reply. I am trying to get ahold of her about changing my flowers and cake...I feel better knowing you were able to change when you got there!!!  Thanks for your post...very useful!!!!!

On a side note....my fiance and I are horrible with trying to find songs for the ceremony...does anyone have suggestions?

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We shot a wedding there just a few days before the explosion that killed seven people. Very sad. The very building where I had photographed my clients sitting on a sofa sitting under some interesting art work was totally blown away. Nice resort, not fantastic, lots of families, food just ok. Lots of photos on my blog from all around the resort. 

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