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It's a 15 min cab ride to Playa del Carmen and about 45 mins to Cancun.  I'd recommend going to Playa Del Carmen 5th ave one day, its a long touristy stretch with souvenir shops, restaurants, and pubs and is alongside a beach as well.  Then one night you should also go to the bar strip (not sure which ave it is but the cabby will know) and check out some of their bars.  There's a Congo Bongo in Playa as well as Cancun.  Some of us went to the Playa one and others to the Cancun Congo Bongo so hard to say which is better, I imagine Cancun's will be busier.  Even though its 45 mins awya I'd still recommend going to Cancun for a day and/or night.  There's an outlet mall, several bars, and restaurants.  Many excursions you can go on as well, they sell packages behind the lobby close to where you book your a la carte restaurants.

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Hey ladies,


I did catch the CBC report. It was pretty incredible the story they told. The whole thing about the gas money stunned me. I couldn't believe it. I think the Yuppa is very picturesque. Mara the WC finally got a hold of me to send me some more details. I am concerned about the "set menu" as it doesn't really seem too accomodating. However, hopefully once we get down there it will be a little different. I am still trying to get a straight answer as to what documentation I require and if anything needs to be notarized by the mexican consulate of Calgary prior to us leaving. I have ordered my AHR invitations and will be sending those out soon.


Any ideas for group activities to do with your crew while you are down there? Has anyone looked into booking a catamaran ride? Mara said she would section off the buffet for my group for a rehearsal dinner or a thankyou dinner. I just had to let her know.


What other special events do you brides have planned?


I love this blog!!!

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I saw the National on CBC and people from my group were actually on there( my Husband and sister in law)  as they were filming parts of the resort while we were there an  we had no idea. It was really sad to watch everything that happened and my heart goes out to all the families that suffered

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Hi april20011,


I book a catamaran trip for all my guests with Paradise Catamaran. Price are very good and you have many options. I choose the morning tour and I can't wait to do it!!! All off my guests are very impress and happy that we are offering an activitie.

I hope this can help you!


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Gurjwala how was the DJ? Did he play requests? 


 The DJ was "okay" in my opinion.  During the dinner he was playing slower tunes but some were getting stranged, for example he started playing the X Files theme music lol, at that point I got one of my groomsmen to take over as luckily he had a laptop with lots of music on it.  During the dance portion yes the DJ did have some cool party music and we made a couple of requests, however he didn't have as large a selection as a local DJ would have (in north america for example), so again for the most part we relied on my groomsman's music.

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I have several questions.  We have 100 guests flying down for the wedding.


1.  Does the Thai Beach/Chill Out Restaurant make sense as the best location for the reception?

2.  When booking a part of the resort to stay in, what part of the resort should we be asking for?  (I have a resort map)

3.  I'm getting married on April 23rd or 24th.  Does anyone have a photographer that they are using which we could potentially share the cost for?


Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.  Please e-mail me at uworich@yahoo.com if you are interested in sharing a photographer




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I have just had the restaurant food choices from Mara today and I don't know which option to go for especially as we have children coming with us. Do they cater separately for children or do they have to have what is on the set menu. Mine are fussy eaters...... Thanks everyone.x

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