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Colleen27 - Just so you aren't disappointed, GSP and GRP are not IN Playa del Carmen - they are about a 15 minute taxi or shuttle ride away, as far as I remember. You can take the shuttle one way and a cab back, or vice versa. When I was there, there shuttle ran 2x a day.


Others: I'd like to stress that the beach location is probably the best location for a reception. Otherwise, if you can book one of the upstairs restaurants or Platinum restaurants (if you have a bigger wedding), that might be ok b/c at least there are lots of windows. Although I didn't have my wedding there, I did have my rehearsal dinner at the GRP, and I felt that for my rehearsal dinner, the room we booked reminded me of a convention center room - not what you come to Mexico for, you know? The only reason I'd see for moving the wedding indoors is if you don't like wind - as it can get windy on the beach. I saw one wedding reception on the beach while I was there (hard to miss it when you're in the Platinum rooms), and it seemed like a better choice.


Also, MAKE SURE the bar is in the same room as the event (not a problem on the beach, as the bar is the beach bar). They didn't have it in the room with us, and the service was so slow that nobody had more than 1 or maybe 2 drinks max. Stress this in advance.


Menu notes: The pumpkin soup is good. The chocolate mousse is gross.


I'd love to hear reports as to whether Damarys and the staff's overall service has improved over time.


Other tips:

-Bring your own makeup.

-If you get your hair done, get it by the woman who starts with an A (in my review, blanking at the moment), and bring photos.

-Do a hair and makeup trial.

-Leave enough time to redo it if you don't like it.

-If you want your group to meet up, plan places and times before you go down. Even in terms of pools and beach - say which pool you'll be at when, or what side of the beach you'll be at after you get off the walkway, etc. - or else you'll waste a lot of time trying to spend time with everyone. The place is ridiculously big and I was running around trying to find people and spend time with everyone, and they were all over the place.

-Eat at the Platinum (near the beach) buffets for breakfast and lunch - the food is way better, and at least when I was there, there were no restrictions on this (I was Platinum, but some family/friends weren't).

-Drinks at the Sunset Platinum pool were the best of any bar at the resorts.

-Having people meet up in the courtyard for drinks is an easy way to hang out with everyone for free.

-The Sunset side rooms are quieter than the Riviera, I believe.

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Does anyone have the email or phone number for the wedding cordinator? I'm really interested in this resort but someone mentioned that they didn't think they did weddings on the beach anymore that you had to use the gazebo. The whole reason we are going away to get married is to be on the beach with sand in our toes.

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Hi All!

Tcram - did anyone send you that stuff? Let me know and if not, I'm happy to send whatever I have. Also, you can get married on the beach. I was worried about the same thing, but it seems that the gazeebo is the only thing that comes free. If you want to get married on the beach and then have some kind of canopy or arch, it just costs more money. Check w/ the wedding coordinator to be sure, but I'm almost positive that's how it works. Here's all the information I have for Demarys:

Damarys Diaz

Gerente de Ventas Bodas

Weddings Sales Manager

Hoteles Grand Riviera & Grand Sunset Princess

Riviera Maya - México

Tel: +1 52 984 877 3500 ext. 4362

Fax: +1 52 984 877 3516

E-Mail: eventos.riviera@princess-hotels.com


Keep us posted!

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Colleen27, I have not gotten the information yet so if you could e-mail it to me that would be great. tcram@wi.rr.com


I got some pictures from Carole who had her weddding there but I want to see the package and other information so I can see how much it's going to cost us.


How did you ladies get your dates set up? Did you just send an e-mail and request a date? Did you have to put a deposit down and sign a contract?




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