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Thanks Jenn,


I do read tripadvisor carefully. You're absolutely right about the way people complain, you read one really bad review followed by several completely opposite ones!


great to hear that your group had a good time

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Originally Posted by AshleyBrendan View Post
We are back!! I am going to write a novel here because I have so many good things to say about this resort, our wedding, the service provided by Sandra and Patricia and our super fabulous photograhers from BlueLensCaribe Photography (please see the link at the bottom to see some of our favourite photos...though we ended up with 900 from our photographer lol).

Brendan and I were married on November 18, 2009 at the Grand Riviera Princess. It was absolutly PERFECT! Our Packages were the Royalty Package and the Private Beach Party (2009 Package): Total: $5,200.

We arrived on Saturday night, to our guests who were already there asking where in the world did we find this amazing place. All of our guests say they are going to return (as we did after our first time here).

We entered our room and the front desk had let my maid of honour go in a decorate our room. It was beautiful! Hearts all over the bed. We were also greated with a bottle of champagne on ice with champagne flutes, compliments of the hotel.

Monday morning I met with the lady who was preparing all of the legal work and received our blood tests. It was smooth and easy and the blood tests were gentle... not a bruise or a mark!! We then met with Sandra and Patricia to go over all of the details and itinerary for the wedding.

After that I had arranged an appointment with my outside photographers Dennis from BlueLensCaribe Photography to go over details for the wedding. We were a little worred because what people have said on here but, Dennis showed up exactly on time and was full of energy and ideas. We just knew he was great and are so happy with our choice.

Monday night we had our "Welcome Dinner" which was the dinner included in our Royalty Package. There were only 28 of us and we ate a Mamma Mia. We had the veal menue and it was REALLY GOOD!! Everyone was so impressed. Everyone who didn't know eachother got to meet eachother too which was great. We also gave everyone lime green mugs with our logos on them so that you could regonize eachother. It worked out so well!!

Wednesday at noon my maid of honour and I went for our hair and make-up. I was really worried because of the language barried, but I brought my own picture and she did the EXACT same!! I couldn't have asked for more!!

My photographers Dennis and his assistant for the day Jack (i think) came around 2:00 pm and took pictures of us girls getting ready and then pictures of the boys. They were so funny and had us laughing. They got some amazing candid shots. Then they headed with us down to the beach for the cermoney.

The Ceremony was in the gazebo at 3:00 pm. We brought our own lime green and brown sashes and fans and gave them to Sandra at our Monday meeting and said to have them do whatever looks nice. I also asked them not to put down that red carpet and gave them CDs with all of our chosen music. They did a beautiful job!!! Everything was organized and set out perfectly!! We were legally married in about 20 minutes. We had both of our parents as our witnesses which we loved as well!!

Following the Ceremoney we all had some pictures taken on the beach. We had group shots and single shots. Then the guests were asked to head to the lobby to the Ibiza Lounge for the 1 hour cocktail reception. Brendan and I stayed for more photos for a bit and then we can make an entrance to the cocktail reception, The Just Married Cart waited for us to finish.

Again, we had such an amazing time with Dennis. If we weren't smiling enough.. he made us laught.. if he wanted us to kiss.. he made kissing noises. It was so fun and we had so much direction (which we really needed lol).

We then went up to the lobby and had some champagne and drinks with our guests. It was so much fun. We retook some of the group pictures because people we squinting in some which was great. We were so happy the photographer caught that and knew to redo some for us!!

Near the end of the cocktail hour, Brendan and I went with the photgraphers for phots in the lobby and around the resort a bit and the guests were shuttled down to the beach for the beach party. Again, so much fun with the photos and such great ideas. He took some awesome sunset pictures. We finished with them and told them to take head down to the beach for the entrance and first dance pictures and if they would like, just stay for the dinner. Their time was up after the first dance, but they stayed for dinner anyway and actually took more pictures after.

We then headed down to the beach for the beach party. Again, we had told them to use our brown and lime green and not the tuquiose they use. It was so BEAUTIFUL!! I couldn't beleive it. I usually have somethign to complain about, but it was so perfect. We had a huge buffett and 6 waiters who carried everyone's plates to the tables and the head table had their own waiter. Champagne was unlimited, the service was INCREDIBLE. Everyone couldn't beleive this was the reception. So when we entered the Reception, we did our first dances before dinner. We entered and cheered and the DJ (with his Mac Computer set up) started the music and we danced barefeet in the sand. It was so romantic and more than I could have asked for. We then did the dance with our parents.

We sat and had some drinks and then the waiters went to each table and told them that they could go up and eat. It was so organized it was unbeleivable. The food was amazing. It was a line of salads and veggies and fajita table and then at the end a chef bbqing the meat and fish. I could beleive how professional everything was. You would have thought this was a really expensive wedding reception.

We ate and drank and then cut the cake. The cake was beautiful. With white chocolate starfish and shells all over it. Everyone actually ate the cake! lol Since Dennis and Co. were still there they took some photos of us cutting the cake which was really great too.

Then came dancing time. Everyone had their shoes off and we all danced in the sand for 3 hours. The DJ had an assortment of Music and also let you play your own IPOD and selections. We had all of us up dancing and it was amazing. We even had the waiters dancing and brought some people watching from the bridge over!! It was so much fun!! My mom even ordered tequila shots for the whole party and the waiters delivered them around for everyone. It was great. People who never really party... partied hard that night!! Brendan and I had a rule of only 2 shots (and only clear drinks for me) that day though because we wanted to remember our wedding.. and we are so happy we did.

We ended up clearing off the beach around 10:30 and all headed to the lobby for drinks before the disco. We ALL of our guests in their dancing around. It was amazing. Our parents and aunts, uncles, friends.... all of us dancing around. It was hilarous and so much fun. My wedding dress is filthy, but it was so worth it!!! I think we ended up heading back to our room until around 2:30 am.... and we were up very late. lol

The next morning we had room service breakfast to our room. We picked the omlettes, but Sandra gives you a big menue to choose from!! You can also order as late a noon which is good lol

So all in all, the wedding was more than I ever expected. Our guests said they have never been to a wedding like this and couldn't beleive how organized and perfect everythign was. They and We will recommend this resort to anyone and everyone and we HIGHLY recommend that you have the beach party. It was a movie star party!!

If you have any questions, please send me a message!!

Picasa Web Albums - Ashley - Our Wedding
Thank you so much this has made me feel so much better

and maybe I can see if we can swing the beach party it sounds fantatasic

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Originally Posted by sasse75 View Post
Did you use their salon services? Hair? Make up? If so how was it?
Sasse, my bridesmaids did my make up and the salon did my hair, it wasn't perfect but just bring a lot of photos! I ended up being satisfied with it after fixing it a little.

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The lovely Tammy has given me permission to post some pictures of the Grand Riviera resort. I was just there in November and the resort is beautiful!!

If you have any questions at all, just ask!

Grand Riviera Princess Slideshow


Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

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