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Anyone getting married or was married at Pallidium hotels?

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My FI and I were thinking of the Pallidium as well..but we wanted a bit more information on the place. Since, you're getting married in January - you probably have everything planned by now smile123.gif




1. What type of wedding packages do they have and how much do they cost?

2. Have you been to this resort before? When we checked Tripadvisor there are mixed reviews.

3. Do they hold multiple weddings in one day or just one per day?

4. How is the WC there? Who can you recommend that I contact?

5. How flexible are they with changes to the wedding arrangements?

6. Are outside photographers allowed?

7. If we have guests coming from other resorts - how much does it cost for each per day?


Thanks a lot for your help!!!

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Hello! I have enough planned that I'm not panicking, but I still have some minor stuff to do *lol* (like buy a dress). I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can. Perhaps some of the other Palladium brides can chime in as well:


1. The Palladium has legal and symbolic wedding packages. The legal packages starts at $1850 USD. The symbolic ones are cheaper. I have the details on another computer and will try to remember to send you the document when I'm able to. We had enough people book that we got someone free, so it covered the cost of the wedding package.


2. I haven't been to this resort before - I've never been to the Riviera - however our travel agent LOVES this resort (it's her favourite down there). Some of the other brides in the forum have been there and they wouldn't have chosen it if they didn't like it. One thing that they do now that hasn't been updated in their information is all the a la carte restaurants now are unlimited (no restrictions on the number of meals per week) and only a couple of the specialty ones require a reservation.


3. The Palladium will hold up to 3 weddings per day in busy season. Right now it looks like they are booking them only twice a day at 1pm and 4pm.


4. The wedding coordinator has been great to deal with. Her name is Rocio Recinas. She can be contacted at: weddings.riviera@fiestahotelgroup.com. She's probably the best person to ask more about weddings per day, etc.


5. I'm not sure about the flexibility as I haven't been looking for that yet. I'm going to go as simple as possible and I haven't wanted to make any changes yet.


6. They do not have a photographer on site, so you must use an outside one. There are no fees for bringing one in. You only need to inform them of who and what hours so they are on the list for entry at the gate.


7. A guest pass for day is $60 USD and a guest pass for evening is $60 USD.


I hope that helps. Good luck with your decision on where to get married!



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i am getting married there as well! I did a site visit a few months back, this resort is GIANT it is essentially 4 resorts in one they pair them up like this...

Side 1- Colonial/Kanteenah this side is where they will put your group, unless you request otherwise, from what I saw this side was busier and more central to stuff

2- White Sands/Royal. White sands is calm and royal is all adults VIP so if you are all adults this is super cool, you get your own butler and amazing service. Your wedding can take place on the beach or in the wedding gazebo, which is beautiful but near the snack shack, so really no privacy, the Kantenah beach is where most weddings are held as it is more private and prettier...email me with any questions ashleykmorgan@hotmail.com also check out the palladium addicts website, don't have the exact link on this computer but just google palladium addicts, it is a website started by people who vaca there every year. I am going to do another post about your reception location options, as they aren't exactly stated in the wedding packages Also check out Sol and Matt's sticky thread they have about 5 or 6 weddings they shot there..I can guarantee this is one of the cheapest AI resorts you will find in the RM, we are talking between 89$-130 per nite per person, we need to get a thread started!!!

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Reception Area's If you have a small number of people you can just section off an area in one of the buffet restaurants, if you ahve more than 20 people you have to do a set menu in La Lagun or Gran Azul. Laguna overlooks the pool, email me for pics and Azul overlooks the Lagoon, I also have all the menu

's etc...

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Originally Posted by Ashleykmorgan View Post
AI resorts you will find in the RM, we are talking between 89$-130 per nite per person, we need to get a thread started!!!
Wow! This resort is on my short list. I really liked the pictures I have seen. My sisters are a little strapped for cash (they can do it, but want to be price conscious). It is so good to hear a quote in that range. How did you book?

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My FI and I were looking here as well. There was a great TripAdvisor review posted by a couple that were married in the fall of 2008. The review was glowing and so I read on.


The website for the Palladium Addict is:



It really is a great website and has lots of info and even the property layout which is great.


My TA gave me some prices for April 2009 (not the wedding package but the resort), and we are looking at $1800 pp for the one week all-inclusive. Does anyone else have an idea of the cost for the resort all-inclusive? Trying to keep the cost down for our guests as we have some flying from New Zealand and Australia.


Best of luck with the website. Hope you find it useful!

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We are paying about $1850 pp out of Victoria for January 2009 to the resort. I thought April was a "higher season" than January (I could be wrong), so that price sounds about right, but check some of the on-line travel sites (sell off vacations, flight centre, expedia, escapes, etc.) to see what it would cost to book through them. It will give you an idea if your TA is on track with the pricing.


Good luck!

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