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New RIU Cabo Bride! With questions!


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Hi I am planning a June 2009 wedding at the RIU palace in CAbo! We stayed there in May 07 and LOVED every minute! After countless of trying to plan a backyard wedding, I gave up, consulted the family and made the choice to run off to cabo!

I do have a couple questions for all of the experienced!

Do I just have all my guest book their own travel? Or do I get a travel agent? Where has everyone found the best rates? Better to book sooner then later?


I am already in contact with the coordinator there and trying to make my deposit! I have created a web site, because I want to give people enough time to plan and save!

Sat or a Friday wedding? Does it matter, which day is better?

How are the cakes? Setting up the Ipod music?

Where did everyone have their "welcome dinner?"


Thank you all so much!

I am thankful to have a site such as this one!

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Hey! I am also a Riu Palace Cabo bride! cheesy.gif....I can only answer some of your questions, as I have not gotten married there yet!

I would recommend having your guests book through a travel agent..that way your travel agent is at your desposal for any questions you have and it's easy to keep track of who's booked. I have heard the DJ isn't the greatest and bringing your Ipod with your own songs is the way to go! (this is what we're doing.) As for the day of the week to get married, I don't think one day is better than another...I just want a day with lots of SUN!

Do you know what kind of ceremony you are going to have?? I really recommend marrying legally at home before you go, and having a symbolic ceremony in MX...this saves soooo much time, paperwork and running around!

Hope some of these ideas helped! cheesy.gif

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