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It seems whenever a company runs a sale, a BDW member will usually post it. You can do a search a should be able to find something. I bought mini canvas OOT bags at Micheal's (They come in every color of the rainbow) and were only $1.30 each. Some people on here wanted a bigger bag, but I think they are perfect, and I know a few other girls on here went out and got them too. <----I have since then added A LOT more to these bags. They hold a ton of stuff actually! :)






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Originally Posted by jcarson View Post
mexicobride2009, I was looking at Michael's (in Canada) for them and they were WAY more expensive than that $5.49 each for the mini ones. What section of the store did you find them in? Thanks!
I replied to this, or thought I did but I guess it didn't work...

Hi jcarson :) I just noticed that we're both from the Island, we're getting married at the same resort AND your wedding is the day before mine! Wow!
When I got my bags from Michaels (in Nanaimo) they were in the same aisle as the paper gift bags. That is a huge price difference. Michaels does put coupons out pretty often and you can also get them from their website. I've used a couple coupons that have given me 25% off my entire order. I'm having a small wedding (I'm only doing 10 bags) but the coupons still help :)
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