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Ocho Rios wedding idea...need opinions

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What do you guys think about thishuh.gif I plan to have about 20 guests. We are thinking of staying at Riu Ocho Rios so far. I was thinking about having my ceremony and reception offsite at this beautiful place called The Ruins at the Falls. Ruins Jamaica. We could have our ceremony on a deck right in front of the falls and then have a small reception there on one of the decks. Then back to the resort for a quick change and partying in the nightclub. What do you girls thinkhuh.gif

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Just glancing at the website, it looks like it'll be gorgeous. Just remember to budget for transportation to the ceremony for your guests.

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I think that sounds like a lovely idea. You could actually save money by hosting it much earlier and serving guests lunch or brunch vs. dinner. I really like the idea of an after party and switching attire.


happy planning!

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Originally Posted by amanda&gabe2008 View Post
Hey there,
I looked at this site as well :) It is very beautiful!

One wedding planning company that is repuatable and very easy to work with and does weddings at this location is:
Tropical Weddings Jamaica -Ocho Rios ~Montego Bay~ Private Villa & Cruiseship Weddings

Good Luck to you!!!

Has anyone on this board used tropicalweddingsjamaica.com. The site looks wonderful.
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