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Any Grand Palladium brides?

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#1651 claire0701

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    Posted 11 May 2013 - 07:38 AM

    Hi Carlota, I get emails from Vistaprint every 3 or 4 days with lots of offers for free things. You can only order 4 free products on any one order but you can place as many orders as you like, you just need to pay delivery for each order x

    #1652 normas09

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      Posted 11 May 2013 - 08:13 AM

      Hi Carlota,


      Just sent you an email. I can't wait to officially be a part of this forum. I requested the contract process yesterday, so we will have to wait and see!



      Originally Posted by Carlota1981 

      Hola Norma!!


      Como escribiste Boston, pens© que eras norteamericana... Ahora he recibido tu email! ¡Qu© bien tener por aqu­ a alguien de habla hispana! Jejeje

      Si todav­a est¡s pensando en casarte en el Grand Palladium, yo te lo recomiendo totalmente. ¡Pregunta cualquier duda que tengas! ¡Este es un buen chat!!




      Hi Norma!!

      As at your profile says you are from Boston I thought you were Northamerican... Now I have just received your email! 

      So good to have one Spanish native language in this website! hahahaha

      If you are still thinking in getting married at the Grand Palladium, I totally advise you it. Ask any doubt you have! This is a great forum!

      #1653 normas09

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        Posted 11 May 2013 - 08:36 AM

        This is great! I can't wait to have my date confirmed to start the wedding preparations.

        Originally Posted by claire0701 

        We sent these out when each person booked...


        #1654 AmandaRyan2014

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          Posted 12 May 2013 - 08:55 AM

          Hi Everyone,


          I am new to this website and this thread but have been browsing through all the wonderful information on this site!!!  So great!!

          We are planning a wedding for April 2014.  We have not been confirmed a date yet and were asked last week to confirm which package we would like.  Is anyone else in the same stages?  Or getting married the week of April 6th 2014?


          We are having a hard time deciding which package to go with and if we should get married before hand and just do a vow renewal instead.  How did everyone else decide this?  Does anyone know how the packages work for the vow renewal?  Do you only have the one option from 2013,  or can you pick any of the other packages that are listed for 2014? 

          We also are arriving on the Friday which means that we can't get married until the Thursday, but if we did a vow renewal we could get married earlier in the week.  Oh decisions ... decisions!! 


          Can't wait to hear from you guys!!

          Amanda :)

          #1655 HeatherLynn83

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            Posted 12 May 2013 - 09:35 AM

            We are going to get married before hand. We dont want to be there for 4 days before wedding and get a blood test. Also would have to get all marriage documents translated into English. Seems to much of a hassle. We are going march 2014, I email WC but have still not heard anything so have no idea if we can get the date we want. Pretty frustrating. Haven't looked for much into packages yet. Good luck

            #1656 Carlota1981

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            • Wedding Date:August 6, 2013
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            Posted 12 May 2013 - 01:12 PM

            Hello Amanda,


             to the forum!! 


            About vow renewal/legal marriage, it depends on several things like time/budget you want to stay/spend there, if you prefer marriage or vows, etc


            For example I am from Spain, the legal document is in Spanish and in Spain is a legal marriage. When we will return from Riviera Maya, we have just to go with the legal document to our local Spanish civil registration and... done! We are also married in Spain. 

            We also prefer the idea to have just one marriage, I mean, to know we are marrying there. 


            For another hand, we wanted to have our guests making one week of vacation with us, we like this mix: making vacations with family and friends, later the wedding day. 


            For this reason, I am telling you that depends on what you prefer.



            About the wedding packages, well, some of the brides here are still having the wedding packages of last year. Our planners told us the possibility to change for the ones of Karen Bussen.

            Until last year there were 3 packages: the catholic one, the crystal (i think you can still take that cos it is still on the site) and the diamond.

            My FI and I decided to take the Diamond because it was the most complete. Very similar to the crystal but includes more things. 



            Hope to clarify you sth!!



            ¡Un saludo! 

            #1657 MyTye2B

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              Posted 12 May 2013 - 05:33 PM

              Hi Amanda and Heather,


              Welcome!  My fiance and I decided to do the vow renewal.  It worked out better for us personally but I agree with Carlota that it is all what works best for you.  The reason we chose that is because it was cheaper, we didn't have to be there as long ahead of time (although we are still arriving on a Wednesday, meeting with Vanessa on the Friday, our guests come in on Saturday and we marry on Monday), and we didn't want the blood tests and the hassle of translating documents into English which we heard could be pricy and time consuming.  We both work for an airline so we are able to jet away somewhere in Canada for cheap and make a romantic weekend of it.  We're thinking of going back to the location where we got engaged in BC to 'officially' marry.  With the way the packages work currently (which I think has changed a lot this year) we were able to customize everything to what we wanted anyway.  It still added up a lot, let me tell you hahaha.  I don't know a lot about the packages that are being offered for 20113-2014 other than that they look beautiful but that you have to chose a theme and substitutions don't seem to be easily attainable.  One of the reasons we chose GP is that you can bring in outside vendors for no fee and honestly the communication with the resort has been fantastic!  Whatever you decide to do, I think you'll be extremely happy as a GP bride!  Congratulations - I look forward to hearing about all of your plans!! 



              #1658 brebuisson02

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                Posted 12 May 2013 - 06:46 PM

                Hi Amanda!
                I am getting married in January 2014, we booked for Jan 2nd! Our deposit for the date was just put down last week and we've started picking our packages as well. We have chosen to get married in Canada legally first and then just do a vow renewal in Mexico, mostly due to how complicated it would be to have all the documents translated. I believe for the vow renewal there is still many different packages available .. either one of the Karen Bussen packages or the crystal/diamond packages I think. Good luck with everything & congrats on the engagement! :)

                #1659 karenk

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                  Posted 13 May 2013 - 09:11 AM

                  Hello Ladies,

                  Having just gone through a legal wedding I thought I would put in my experience.  I agree with everyone, it is a very personal thing and all of us have our own reasons for doing legal or renewal.

                  While it is more expensive and think it around $1000 more, we wanted to have it legally done in Mexico cause I loved the idea.  Yes we did have to get the blood tests but it wasn't bad at all. 

                  As for once you are in Canada - I am in the process of getting my name changed.  Yes I did have to have our Marriage Certificate (which is really cool)  translated into English.  I email several places that I found on line  for quotes.  I was quoted from $90.00 - $125.00 CND so they were all close.  It took 3 working days for me to get my translated copy and I went with $90.00, a company here in calgary.  It came with a letter and stamped that it was translated by a certified company and person.It looks all official to me. LOL

                  I have used it to change my drivers licenence and so far no problems.  I still have to do a Federal Change (passport or SIN) but now that I have this document I'm not concerned.


                  As for the wedding we did not have to have anything else translated before hand.  My husband was divorced and he didn't even need his divorce papers, I have never been married so that made it easier.


                  If you are considering having the legal wedding, I do suggest you call a government office to confirm what is needed.  I called the Alberta Statistics office and they confirmed that as long as our marriage was registered in Mexico we are legally married as far as our province in concerned.


                  I am really happy we had our legal marriage there, it was different and just a little more special for us. 

                  One thing that is so different from a Canadian wedding is you put your Thumb Print on the Certificate. A part of the ceremony that was fun and the pictures looked great.


                  Whatever you choose it will be the best and the most special moment for you!!!  Definatley no right or wrong on this subject. 

                  #1660 AmandaRyan2014

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                    Posted 13 May 2013 - 11:39 AM

                    Hello everyone!!


                    Thanks for the feedback.  Yah I think we are leaning towards the vow renewal as well just to make it easier for us.  So that leads to my next question!! lol   Are you telling your guests that this is actually a vow renewal??   Will they know that you are getting married before hand, and do you think that people would be offended that they spent all that money and then you were married before?  I'm personally worried about telling my mom, not sure how she will respond. 


                    Everything looks so beautiful I can't wait!!!  Are any of you guys doing the private beach bash??

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