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Any Grand Palladium brides?

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#1471 claire0701

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    Posted 26 March 2013 - 12:15 PM

    Hi Sue ... congratulations!! Your photos are beautiful and it's lovely to see the GP, getting us all excited for our wedding in July.  Glad to hear everything went well for you :)

    #1472 Mikeycelle

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      Posted 27 March 2013 - 05:09 AM

      Hi Sue! Congratulations! These photos came out so beautifully! You look so radiant! The church looks looks so lovely and the flowers are my wedding colors too! I love the church in GP! I think it's the prettiest church of all the resorts =)

      #1473 Sue2013

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        Posted 27 March 2013 - 09:43 AM

        Thanks Lynda for posting the pictures!  There are a few more on our website with more to come.  http://jasonandsue20...ex.cfm?fa=photo Thanks everyone for the well wishes!  The wedding was amazing. 


        One tip if you are having a cocktail party at the sports bar terrace bring bug spray.  Many guests were being bit. 


        We had the Catholic Ceremony in the chapel and it was absolutely beautiful!  However keep in mind if you are Canadian that the Catholic Ceremony in Mexico is not a legal marriage in Canada.  You will have to have a civil ceremony as well to make it legal as the wedding certificate you get is not a license.


        We had the reception at La Laguna and the food was great!   We opted for the Sea and Turf menu.  The presentation of the food was amazing and the staff was fantastic.  Before my drink was even empty a new one was there!  Grace and Vanessa took care of everything and it was the most amazing day!

        The resort itself is great and huge.  We stayed in the Colonial, but usually ended up at the White Sands Pool and buffet as they were quieter.  That buffet also has a make your own pancake section!   I took full advantage after the wedding!  We did a few A la cartes, Japanese was my favorite!  I did also enjoy Mexican and the Brazilian.  Italian I could have done without.


        Having our wedding at the Grand Palladium was amazing!

        #1474 MyTye2B

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          Posted 27 March 2013 - 01:32 PM

          Sue I'm so happy to hear that your wedding was fantastic!  Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. I'm on my way over to your website now to look at the rest.  You looked beautiful!  I appreciate hearing about the food - our reception will be at La Laguna as well.  I haven't heard great things about the Japanese a la carte so I'm happy to hear you liked it.  Japanese food is great!

          #1475 Mikeycelle

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            Posted 28 March 2013 - 09:07 AM

            Hi Sue! Thank you for posting the review on the food! We're opting for the Surf and turf as well. We're having our reception at La Laguna also. I loved the buffets there too! Huge selections! I liked the Brazilian, Mexican and Italian a la cartes. The Asian restaurant was ok and we liked the Japanese restaurant. We're going to try Mare Nostrum ( Seafood) and Rib's and More. We also want to try the steak place. The USA doesn't recognize the Church wedding as a legal wedding either. 2 more weeks and we're in Mexico! Time definietely flies! Now it's just packing and unpacking of stuff!

            #1476 Chrestena

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              Posted 29 March 2013 - 03:09 PM

              Oh my gosh! Karenk- your day is almost here!!  How wonderful!!  You must be getting so happy and excited- and Mikeycelle- you too! Im right behind you girls, were down to 40 days. Yikes! Sue- your photos are beautiful and you look so happy! I also love your hubby's hat- Mike is wearing a cuban hat too- very handome! Thank you for posting your pictures- and congratulations on your beautiful day!! Glad to hear yet another happy bride from the Palladium. I have been so busy these last few weeks- as Im sure you all are too- with last minute things. We have decided to maybe have a DJ, but we tried DJ Bob who I heard was great and he is booked on our day at another resort. Any ideas girls? Oh, and as a crazy last minute switch up- I bought a cathedral lenth veil. Crazy! I never wanted to wear one, and I totally changed my mind! I think Im going nuts. I wanted to wear it for the ceremony and photos. Any one else changing things last minute or am I the only crazy gemini bride? lol. I am getting so excited to see everyones pics and hear about everyones day. Thanks again Sue for sharing your beautiful day with us!! xoxo


              #1477 Chrestena

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                Posted 29 March 2013 - 03:10 PM

                That "Yikes" in my post was in regards to my countdown being so close- NOT to your beautiful photos Sue!! I just re read that, and it sounded wrong! :)

                #1478 Kstok

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                  Posted 31 March 2013 - 12:29 PM

                  Hi Casey, Congratulations! I am new to this particular forum as well. I was previously considering having my wedding at the Bahia Principe, but have now settled on the GP. We are planning to get married in February next year. I too have my name on the waiting list. I was told they will start booking dates in about 2 weeks. I am not sure is that is for just February or further out. We are pretty certain we are doing the beach party. We have a fairly small group and it sounded like fun. I have asked in my e-mail to get on the waiting list the times for the beach party so I will let you know if i hear back. If there is a bonfire and dancing, I am sure it will be warm enough. All our guests are from Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton, so even if it is a bit chilly, it will still beat the weather at home. I look forward to exchanging ideas and info as it seems we will be planning everything around the same time. Kathy

                  #1479 brebuisson02

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                    Posted 31 March 2013 - 12:36 PM

                    Originally Posted by caseylynndavis 

                    Hi girls! 

                    I am new to the forum....getting married at gp next year.  Congratulations to all of you! What an awesome place to trade ideas and get information!

                    i have few questions for you all....

                    how far in advance did you book your time and date? I was told that we need to put our names on the waiting list, as they are not yet booking for next march.

                    are substitutions and or deletions allowed to any of the packages? Does gp do any package discounts if we book a certain number of rooms? So far it looks like no, but want to see if anyone has a different experience.

                    Has any one done the beach bash reception? Are there any restrictions to the time this can be held? We are looking at march dates, and, as someone else mentioned, i am afraid of it being chilly...

                    i can't find the original thread referencing what you include in the oot bags.....since we have a little while before our date, i would love to pick up things on sale :)

                    look forward to hearing from you....hope i can contribute something besides questions soon :)


                    Hi Casey!
                    I'm in the same boat as you.. planning our wedding for Janaury 2014 and was also told the same thing from Rocio that they aren't taking wedding date reservations for 2014 yet (even though our date is the very beginning of 2014 - jan 3). She did tell me to email her end of March to see if I could secure my date yet so I just emailed her and will see what she said. I also am soo interested in doing the beach bash.. Not sure if they are doing them yet as they're part of the Karen Bussen wedding packages, but I'm really hoping that they're available when I will be there for my wedding! As for the other questions, I'm only in the early planning of stages so can't help you out much with that but I must say that I LOVE this thread and although I haven't been contributing much yet, I do check in here often and read all the posts. I find it so helpful hearing from others who are planning their wedding at the same resort as well as hearing from those who have returned from their weddings at Grand Palladium! And to all you ladies who are getting close to your wedding dates ... wishing you all the best & can't wait to hear how your big day went :)

                    #1480 Kstok

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                      Posted 01 April 2013 - 06:17 PM

                      Hi Bre- I am pretty sure the beach bash is available as I received an e-mail from Vanessa today saying that once our wedding date is confirmed, she will be able to book the beach bash. I noticed on one of the other forums that you said you are from a small town in Manitoba. I am from Winnipeg! I look forward to sharing info and hearing updates on how everyone's planning is coming along and the experiences of those who have returned. Has anyone looked into group rates for travel yet? Just curious as I am not sure how far ahead I should be doing that. I would interested in hearing what the rates look like for next year. I have people coming from a few cities so I hope I have enough out of one city to qualify. I think you need 10 adults from one gateway. Kathy

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