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Any Grand Palladium brides?

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#1351 Mikeycelle

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    Posted 04 February 2013 - 11:07 AM

    Originally Posted by MyTye2B 

    Oh your carousel is sooo cute!  I really like that idea.  :)  Thanks for the info on your DJ - that is a super good price.  I know that's last year's price but still not bad at all!  I'll get in contact.  That's one of the names I've heard floating around here.  Did that price include the light up dance floor or was that an extra on top of it?  It seems like it should be more!  I love that he's bringing a bubble machine too - so cool! 


    Thanks also for the timeline.  Was kind of wondering where to put things in.  I like how you've broken it up which is what the bride at this wedding did as well and it worked really well.  I'm sorry to hear about your dad.  :(  I am sure you are going to honour his presence in a beautiful way on your day. 


    I didn't realize that 5 hours of reception was an option.  I thought they only offered 7-11.  I would prefer an extra hour since I'm sure the dinner will go longer than anticipated.  We're doing menu option #10 with the beef orloff.  And I think you should definitely get snacks delivered back to your room, haha.  My friend didn't eat at all at her wedding - too busy.  Make sure you do.  Lol, I'm not worried about that myself.  I eat a lot and no one can stop me, hahaha.  Or else look out!


    Well it's my first day back at work today.  I better start working!

     Hi MyTye2B!


    In response to the sparklers, it's is 522 MX pesos for 10 pcs- $41 USD ( minimum order) and 53 MX pesos or $4.17 USD for individual pcs.

    I'm getting about 70 pieces- $287 USD. It is pricey but what I wouldn't do for that extra pizzaz!

    I forgot to add Dj Doremixx also has cold fireworks ( 2 cartridges) to be set off during the first dance included in the package. All these extra details I wouldn't be able to do here in New York. It would've been $1k here!

     I believe according to Vanessa it was an extra $5 a person for that extra hour in La Laguna. DJ Doremixx's price is good for 4-5 hours.


    Still debating on the chair covers and sashes. Would anyone miss them? lol

    #1352 MyTye2B

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      Posted 04 February 2013 - 11:45 AM

      Awesome!!  Thank you sooo much for the info!  You're right it's pricey but we all have the things we won't compromise.  I think it will be so cool and I wish I could afford that too but I've already had my splurge.  Lol, for me I'm a crazy lady and I really, really wanted the tiffany chairs so even though I could have easily had the chairs with white covers I hired someone to bring the chairs and the crystal backdrop for the beach pergola into the resort which is costing a pretty penny but I think it will be gorgeous.  Probably no one will miss the chair covers and sashes if you don't have them.  You have so many beautiful details everywhere else that's where the focus will be!   $5/pp for the extra hour is not bad at all!  I'll have to ask her about that too.  I still haven't drafted my email haha - I swear I'm working today.  ;) 

      #1353 Sarah519

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        Posted 04 February 2013 - 06:52 PM

        They told me yesterday they aren't booking weddings for 2014 for another 2 months. How did you go about booking January 3?

        #1354 Sarah519

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          Posted 04 February 2013 - 07:10 PM

          Chrestena if you don't spend the extra $20 a person are they still setting up more than 8 chairs for you? I was told that the fee covers the persons chair too?

          #1355 claire0701

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            Posted 05 February 2013 - 09:34 AM

            Thank you Sue for the info about the Catholic side of things.  I was worried that it didn't seem we had to do very much on our end.  I definitely remember to have our diocese send the Nihil Obstat direct to me so I can make copies etc first -thanks and good luck for your wedding!

            #1356 Mikeycelle

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              Posted 05 February 2013 - 10:50 AM

              Originally Posted by claire0701 

              Thank you Sue for the info about the Catholic side of things.  I was worried that it didn't seem we had to do very much on our end.  I definitely remember to have our diocese send the Nihil Obstat direct to me so I can make copies etc first -thanks and good luck for your wedding!



              Hi Claire0701!


              I've contacted our parish's secretary a month ago and left messages. She has all our sacramental documents. She is stressing me out! She still hasn't typed up our Nihil Obstat. I have to scan and upload a copy to Vanessa and bring the original.

              Good idea on making extra copies!


              What hymns or songs are you playing during your ceremony? I'm still deciding on which songs. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!

              #1357 DanniiB48

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                Posted 06 February 2013 - 02:40 AM

                Hi Claire,


                We're getting married at the beach gazebo and have a ceremony time of 4pm! :)


                What time is your ceremony?


                Ok, I've worked out the legal side of things as far as we are concerned and as far as our registrars over here are concerned...you will need to take a copy of your long birth certificate, passport and immigration card (which you'll receive on the plane), the General Registrar confirmed with me that there is no legal requirement to have your parents names on the marriage certificate and they do not ijmpose any specifications either...usually, as long as a marriage is legally recognised in the country that it took place in then the UK will also legally recognise it.


                We have been told we are also not required to translate anything before Mexico so will be taking our documents as they are, however when we are out there we will pay 70usd for our marriage certificate to be apostilled with the Mexican government (with a couple of months wait) and then take the certificate we receive on the day home with us and pay for this to be translated and use to change my name etc immediately...we are going to get TLC to do the translation, its around £110 for two copies of the certificate as opposed to £90 for one copy! :) Oh and the Registrar do not need a copy of your certificate but you can deposit it with them if you would like so its easier to get copies in the future, once we receive our apostilled version and get that translated we will be doing this! Phew!!


                We also booked with First Choice, 12 people including FI and I staying for a fortnight...got our tickets at the weekend! Congrats on getting your dress! What style have you gone for? Have my final fitting on Saturday, then it gets boxed up and ready to go! What sort of day have you gone for? We have our ceremony at 4pm, followed by a toast on the beach and photos...then the Portofino...think the guys will get their speeches out of the way before the meal and then we have booked La Laguna afterwards for a 2 hour cocktail reception.



                #1358 becks0902

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                  Posted 06 February 2013 - 01:55 PM

                  Originally Posted by claire0701 

                  Hi Becci,


                  Congratulations on booking your wedding, it'll come round so fast now you have booked your flights!  I'm also a UK bride and I opted to book just the holiday package through the travel agents and book the wedding directly with the hotel.  If you could easily cancel the wedding part of your package without incurring any charges, I would recommend doing that.  The wedding co-ordinator you will hear from will be a first choice co-ordinator (I'm assuming you booked with them as they are the only company to fly to GP) as opposed to the wedding co-ordinator at the hotel (Vanessa is mine)  It means that whenever you contact your WC (first choice one) they will need to contact GP and then get back to you, where as you could contact GP direct if you book right with them.  Does that make sense?   I wouldn't worry at all about your date, you are booking so far in advance you will have your choice of dates and venues!


                  We have booked Portofino for our meal as well and ahave heard all good reviews about it!  I have a copy of the menu on email somewhere if you send me your email ill forward it to you.  Unfortunately it is a set menu although I'm sure they would accomodate dietary requirements.  The only way around the set menu is to go for the buffet although obviously then it wouldn't be quite so private (Portofino has it's own terrace)

                  I think the UK traditions are quite different from American in that they seem to have cocktail hour after the ceremony whereas we go straight for the meal (more or less) so I've decided to have dinner then cocktail hour afterwards, it's private area and you can play music from your iPod through speakers with waiter service etc.  This is when we'll have our first dance and the partying will properly begin! 


                  I haven't read anywhere about a room for the groom but I will prob stay with all my bridesmaid so between us there will likely be a few rooms empty.


                  I can also forward you an email with pictures of flowers Vanessa sent me if you like.


                  Hi Karen, welcome also!  You're wedding is so close you must be so excited! How did the dress fitting go, I actually bought mine yesterday (yippee!)  The sand ceremony sounds lovely and that's also great you managed to get chair covers for such a low price - well done you!


                  Chreetena, your Spanish Trio does sound lovely and it's great that you can split the time to suit you walking down the aisle as well.  We ended up booking a violinist for our ceremony and will just stick to iPod for the rest of the evening (until we hit the disco haha!)  I have been trying really hard with choosing the right foods although you need to be super organised!  The one thing I have managed is drinking 2 litres f water each day whih I would have thought was impossible for me! I've been making it up with lemon, mint, ginger and cucumber and it tastes great!  Are the limes good for you as well then, I hadn't considered that!


                  So I had a pretty successful weekend with wedding dress and shoes sorted all in one afternoon, I'm getting my dress customised though so not quite there yet, have that appointment a week tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to!


                  Now, signing off from another long post :)



                  Hi Claire,


                  Thanks for the reply, I've been mental busy planning all things for our party back here this week as I feel like i'm at a standstill until i get our date through Thomsons for Mexico. We've paid £150 deposit for the wedding and hopefully i only have a couple of weeks until we are confirmed now anyway :) 


                  I think we are definately set on going to the portofino, so if you could send those menus through it would be amazing! becci_0902@hotmail.com. if you can find the flower details that would be such a great help too. I was getting the impression we maybe do things a little differently in the UK so knowing you have booked the cocktail hour for after the meal is great. I would feel strange doing our first dance before. Is that still at the $5 per head the cocktail hour? can you make it longer than the one hour?





                  #1359 jengullage

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                    Posted 06 February 2013 - 05:48 PM

                    Hey Everyone :) 


                    I am new to this forum, and I must say I am learning A LOT from you ladies!!  I will give some background as to my situation.


                    We are having a very very small intimate gathering of family (approx. 18-22 people) and we are going to be having the ceremony on the beach at 4 p.m. (not a legal ceremony as the only day available was the ninth during that week and only a symbolic ceremony-so we will get married in Canada before going down) . We have already booked our trip (2 week stay yay!) and started the wedding planning process but now I am having second thoughts about the details I chose (which I have plenty of time to change but I want to make the best decisions based on my situation).  


                    We originally chose to have a reception at La Laguna (knowing that we would have to pay $50-60 per plate for a minimum of 25 ppl even if only 22 came and we were okay with that) however now we are thinking of opting for the free dinner at Portofino since I have heard such great reviews on it!  I asked Vanessa about the terrace (as someone had suggested on here) and she told me because I don't have alot of people coming that I wouldn't be able to have it to myself :( .  I am a little worried about this because I don't want my wedding reception to seem like a plain old dinner, I still want it to feel like we are "at a wedding"...does anyone else worry about this??


                     If we were to chose Portofino, we would like to do a cocktail reception after with drinks and maybe cake cutting if that is possible and some music playing.  My worry is that half of my guests will dance and half will probably not (and that's a small number considering only about 20 are going). So I am feeling like that could be very awkward for Johnny and I , and our guests too...any suggestions??  


                    My fiance also brought up the fact that he would like our reception to be "structured" similar to a regular wedding at home would be (speeches, an mc to keep the flow) but I am completely horrible at planning stuff like this out.  What would we include in a destination wedding reception that only had 20 people present? Also, would we do these speeches during dinner at Portofino or would it be disruptive? I guess I am having a hard time picturing how this would all pan out. Also, with Portofino, can we decorate at all? Like on the tables and chairs? lanterns? 


                    I read that Claire has a set menu from Portofino I would love to see if you are willing to share!


                    I really do appreciate any and all comments and help.  I am pretty laid back, and at the same time want to make sure that the wedding flows well and no one is left wondering what to do next or thinks it is unorganized! (my nightmare) 


                    Thanks ladies!!!

                    #1360 Chrestena

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                      Posted 06 February 2013 - 06:31 PM

                      Hello Ladies :)


                      Lauren- Im so glad you had such a wonderful trip!!  And I had to laugh at your reference to Monica's hair...lol...that is mine and my 3 daughters' favorite show. We have the entire series on DVD and sometimes spend a Sunday in bed watching them. The "Monica's Hair" episode when they went to the Carribbean is one of my favorites...as it got bigger and bigger. Im sure you wont look like that! lol.


                      Sarah- Im not sure about the $20 extra...I thought that for the ceremony, the price only included cake, chairs and champagne for 8 people. Anything over that was an additional $20 p/p. I still have to clarify that with Vanessa. In fact, I'm behind in my e-mails to Vanessa and need to  finalize some other things too!


                      Thank you for the sparkler info Mikeycelle! I love those :)



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