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Itâ€s been a while since Iâ€ve been here and as usual Iâ€ve missed a lot while I was away!  Here is a picture from my weekend.  It was awesome to get to do the ‘legal†stuff in a fun and romantic way.  It was actually a lot more meaningful than I thought it would be, saying the vows in a back seat of a limo lol.  But I donâ€t want to tell too many people about it since we want it to be special and real in Mexico.  To us, that is our real wedding, we were just lucky enough to make the paperwork part fun. 






Welcome Sarah, and congratulations on your wedding and choosing Grand Palladium!  Although I havenâ€t been married there yet, I can tell you honestly that it is a beautiful resort, that I have nothing but positive things to say about Vanessa, our coordinator, and that Iâ€ve heard only great things from the other brides who have had weddings here.  I hope you find this forum to be a valuable resource as I know we all have as we plan for our weddings.  If you read back a loooong way, a lot of your questions are sure to be answered and we can certainly help with anything you need to know as well.


Also welcome to tengotulove.  I wish you all the best in finding a resort that works perfectly for the both of you.  J  Honestly we are not the biggest nightlife people.  Weâ€ll party a whole lot during the day lol, and then wear ourselves out.  I do think that Cancun would have the good night life that your fiance is looking for, but I havenâ€t researched too much into what the nightlife is like at Grand Palladium.  Vanessa our coordinator did send information about organizing a group trip to Coco Bongos (Iâ€ve actually been there when I was a lot younger and it was a blast I just donâ€t think I could handle it these days, haha) so I do know that it is possible and I really donâ€t think itâ€s too much at all.  If you decide to get married here I do think youâ€ll love the resort and the people!  We booked through a TA and Iâ€d recommend it.  In this case itâ€s nice to have someone else do the work and itâ€s hard to coordinate all of the people especially when itâ€s a time you donâ€t want to be stressed.  Our guests ended up paying just under $1400 each although thatâ€s in August and itâ€s not a prime time.  Come back and let us know what you decide! 


Jen thatâ€s awesome that youâ€ve had so much luck with Michael for the hair and makeup.  Youâ€re smart to get stuff organized now because trust me life will get busy lol.  And anyone who is that great with communication is a good thing.  You donâ€t want to worry on your wedding day whether they will show up so I am so happy to hear that theyâ€ve been so open with you and you trust them.  J


Mikeycelle it was SO nice to hear from you again!  Your picture from Del Sol is gorgeous!  Obviously, haha – their work is incredible!  I am so happy to be reminded again of what a perfect day you had.  I hope all the months since have been just as perfect.  J  Thank you for reminding us not to over pack.  Haha, Tyrel and I are allowed 4 bags each for free up to 50 pounds and I am having trouble figuring out how Iâ€ll fit it all in, even with that allowance!  Itâ€s good to know that Walmart is so easy and close.  Your video was awesome!  Thank you so much for sharing.  I had to watch it without sound haha, because Tyrel is sleeping but aside from the fact that you were stunning, the cake was gorgeous, the fireworks during your dance were amazing, the scenery looked so perfect!  Iâ€m so glad that we got a videographer too to capture our day.  Now I am wishing they were there for longer to capture the party too!  Haha, unfortunately I donâ€t think thatâ€s in the budget but your video is so great!


Carlota I have to listen to the Piano Guys song but I am on my laptop in bed and Tyrel is sleeping so I donâ€t want to wake him up. I will have to listen to it tomorrow.  We also just finished putting most of the songs that the DJ wonâ€t play (so for the ceremony) on the computer but now I have to make sure they are all good and put them on an iPod.  I think I will use that My Wedding DJ app.  But like you, I just have to do it!  Lol.  Also about the weather I am SO glad that they will wait until 3 pm to finally decide.  It seems like it would be a LOT to put together in just about a half an hour if they wait that long, but I bet they can do it.  Weâ€ll just keep praying for no rain! 


I have to say your dress is soooo beautiful!!!  I love the extra line of beading, what a smart decision.  It really makes the dress and will pull you all in I think.  Your guest seating cards are so nice too.  I have been working tonight on my seating chart.  I think in the end we will have 7 round tables plus our head table with 10 people at it.  We have 60 people now booked officially.  Phew!  Some of the round tables will not be full though, one we only have 5 people at and 2 others will only have 7 people.  Do you think that is ok?  It is just how it worked out with families and couples. 


For our menu cards Tyrel and I have to work on them this weekend.  Carlota your message in a bottle menus sound amazing.  Please share a picture when they are all done!  I would have loved to do that but it sounds like so much work.  You are much more patient than me haha.  I am also trying to put last minute things together for our OOT bags but now that we have so many more people coming I need to go buy extras of things like the Tylenol, which I originally found at the Dollarama and I only bought 15 of, but now we will have 27 rooms so I need 12 more, but I canâ€t find them for cheap anymore.  Iâ€m debating if I should wait to see if they get them back in stock for cheap or just buy the more expensive ones?  I am also finding the same thing with the TUMS and a few other items that I still need to purchase.  Right now I feel like I am running out of money big time.  Itâ€s our first full month in our new house so we are now getting all of the bills like our first cable bill, our first utility bill and the property taxes have been reassessed and we owe $600 more so Iâ€m kind of freaking out that this is all happening 3 weeks before we leave for the wedding haha!  I also have to bring all of the money in cash to pay for my alterations for my dress which I go see on Saturday (canâ€t wait for that though!  Thatâ€s way more exciting than property taxes haha!)


Were you able to find strapless bikinis?  I have been looking for a white bikini, but as Iâ€ve mentioned before I have a big old bum and no regular bathing suits seem to fit me.  Iâ€d love to be able to find a S, M, or L that actually fit me but even XL bottoms donâ€t (I have a M top) so the only real bathing suit store in town is Swimco where the prices are stupid, like $200+ for a bathing suit that comes in big booty size which Iâ€d probably pay since it is for the wedding but I donâ€t even like the styles, theyâ€re all ugly.  So in Las Vegas I saw an awesome white, strapless bathing suit with like a gold rope chain across the chest – it doesnâ€t sound nice but it was so sexy!  But the bottoms didnâ€t fit (obviously).  I should have just bought the top, and then looked for separate bottoms here, but I was all mad so I didnâ€t haha.  And now I regret it.  Tonight I just found this online:









It almost seems too good to be true since it was so cheap, simple, free shipping from the UK to Canada (I will pay duty) and came in size big butt!  I am praying it will fit me, since I was really, really leery about ordering a bathing suit online.  I used to do it all the time from Victoriaâ€s Secret but my body was different back then.  Weâ€ll see!  They do allow you to return too.   Maybe when Claire gets back she can tell us if UK sizes fit like Canadian sizes, haha.  It even says it will be here in 9 days.  We leave in 21 for the wedding so I hope it comes! 


Well I'd better get to bed too!  I have 2 more classes to train at work, one next week and one the week after, and then from August 10th I am off and we leave on the 14th.  I can't wait!! 


Goodnight, Ladies!  Lauren

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Hello girls!! 


How are all you doing? I have to be honest, I have woken up this morning a little bit stressed! ahahaha It depends on the day. All the weekend I was very relaxed until yesterday but today I have so many things to do and also tomorrow!!


So I am going to try to anwer briefly because I have a lesson to give in 15 min! 


Mikaela, your question is not random at all. In fact, I think it is a problem that all brides can have. That happens to me at the start as I thought that some guests would prefer to stay at other resorts. I had the costs of the day and night pass that were between 40 and 60 uds per person. Thank godness everybody booked at Grand Palladium. Because, it is not only the day of your wedding, but for example, we are making a welcome party and a dinner the night before. So this would be 3 passes as minimum. The questions you might have to ask yourself in my opinion are: How many "activities or welcome and or rehersal dinners are you going to do? How many people do you think is planning to other resort?

If you do not want to pay them, why do not ask to you travel agent to inform them about this? 


I have a guest that is traveling alone that was planning at the start to go to other resort and planned to come everyday and everynight to our resort.... I was asking myself: omg! Have I to pay her this? Then she told to my mom and my mother told her, "if you go to other hotel, it is cheaper but the pass day and night are high so maybe at the end you are going to pay the same". Then this woman (a friend of my parents, btw) decided to book to the palladium. 



Sarayuh, welcome to the threat!! This is great!! I have also discovered this site when I have more or less 6 months to my wedding and it has been a perfect way to me to resolve doubts, have information and meet great women!! 



Tengotulove, (it is "funny" your nickname: tengo tu, means (for those you do not know) I have your... ) I do not know what kind of party likes you Fi and friends. What I can tell you is that you could reach by cab during the late evening Playa del Carmen. Also the resort as alive music in one lobby and a disco until 2am. As Lauren, I feel quite old too, hahahah I am joking, but I really think that after being without stopping from 10 am in the morning, then the ceremony at 4pm, and all the party we have enough with until 2am. I was sad at the start with the soon finished of everything because in Spain all goes later that other countries, but now I think that if we do not have enough until 2am we can go to a swimming pool to make silly things!! hahahah swimiming with all the suits and gown! I have seen pics of this in other weddings, and it seems they were having a lot of fun!



Lauren, you are both very handsome in this pictures!! Your white dress is beautiful!! I am happy for all you both, althought we dont meet personally (yet!) I am happy you have had such a great and emotional and romantic time at Las Vegas.


About the bikinis, the sizes depend on the store you are buying it, for example I bought ones in one store with the sizes are different from Spain, UK and USA (I imagine Canada sizes are more or less the USA ones, right?)  and other that was the same for the 3 countries. You have to take a look at that website again to be sure. 

But normally for example in Europe we have all the same sizes but UK. 


By the way, I have bought the same type of bikini of your photo but in orange!! It is the same!! But I bought it at Oysho. I have bought two at this store for a total (both) of 50 usd. Then I bought one in other store that is REALLY cheap for only 12 usd. There were also bikinis cheaper for 6 usd but there was not my size, just the small ones. The name of this cheap store is Primark. I knew this shop when I lived in Ireland, later it opens here in Spain and I know there are also in UK. Have you tried to look for it in your country? I do not really know if this has more stores in other countries.... 



Today I have to go to pick up my gown to the store and also I have to go for the t-shirts that I ordered in a store near my place for me and my maid of honour. I asked my sisters if they want one too but they did not (boring!) but it is OK for my friend and me, hehehe. I will post a photo later of how are these. 



About the menu in the bottles, I also thought it was more difficult to do it, but it is not. You just have to write down all the menu in smal sheet of papers, then roll them up, and sew a special string or a wide thread to the paper. We are doing this last (the thread) because if you go with a wide material then it is not possible to put the cork tap closing the bottle in this way. We are going to add some sand in the bottom of the bottle at the Palladium taking it, of course, from the beach. In this way, there will be no sand in the table because guests will just use the thread to read the menus. I will post a pic too of this so you can see how to do it. 

I know there are another ways to do it more complicated but i am not crafty at all as our dear Claire!



And at late evening I have to meet up some "friends". They were supposed to come to my wedding. There were my friends from the high school so it is a lot of time ago but since I mentioned destination wedding they said at the start they were coming but when I informed then about the offers at the TA they just disappear. I tried to phone them, email them, etc but I did not have a reply or explanation for them. In all this months I did not know anything from them, they did not ask me anything about the wedding, etc I was quite sad about this.... 


Two days ago they phoned me to tell me they have a present to give me... I was really surprised, what I was supposed to do? I do not really want to be so unpolite like them to do not meet up them (or maybe it is not about to be polite but just because I am fool...) and I am not really interested in having a present for them after their behaviour. 

And they were supposed to be my bridesmaids.... so sad how sometimes you discovered this things because of a wedding... 



Well girls, I am going to have the lunch. 



¡Buen día a todas!!

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Carlota I am very anxious to see your tshirts that you ordered! It sounds like you have a busy couple of days. I think I am starting to feel the pressure now too. I have 3 pimples! They better go away quickly lol. I am sorry that you will have a bit of an awkward night with your friends. Try to make the best of it and enjoy yourself (and you get a present, lol). Everyone always says that you find out a lot about people when you are planning your wedding. For me personally I had stood up as a bridesmaid or Maid of Honour in about 15 weddings (like the movie 27 Dresses that was my life) and so I thought that everyone would be really supportive as bridesmaids to me, but it is not the case. Just last week I said to my girlfriends that I was feeling sad about it. We live very far from each other so it is hard for them to help, but it seemed more like they were all involved in their own lives. This week they have been really great and helpful and asking what do I need. I probably should have said something earlier. But for your friends from high school who just disappeared, that is quite rude. Do you think you will tell them how you feel or will you just let it go? Maybe they will apologize tonight and say that it was a big expense or whatever so that they could not go, but it would have been nicer (and easier for planning for you!) if they told you this a long time ago and did not just run away. I hope you will have a good time tonight anyway and know that all of the people who are coming to your wedding are the ones who really matter and will be in your life for a long time. About Mikaela's problem I agree with you. If you can show to your guest that it is more economical (and WAY more fun!) to stay at the resort I think that would be best. Ultimately it would be up to them. I would probably pay for the pass for the wedding if it were one or two close family members, but if it were for a lot of people that adds up VERY quickly especially if you are having a plated dinner. If it is possible (meaning you haven't already discussed it with the guests about the pass) I like the idea of having your TA break the news haha. Let's you off the hook a bit! Thank you for your nice words about our Las Vegas picture! We had a great time. You're right we have not met in person (yet!) but I hope that we have the chance when we are at Grand Palladium. I will look for the bride in the orange bikini!

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 Awwww, I really really love this thread. :)  You ladies here are so nice!!


Lauren, thank you so much! XD I can't do the Coco Bongo style party anymore, but my FI is younger than me (robbing the cradle), so I guess he has a tiny bit more party energy than I do. But, that was great information, thank you so much!!


Carlota, XD hehehe you got it. It's actually our wedding theme title. :) That's how we will call our wedding, hehe. Regarding your friends, well, I understand it can hurt, but try not to take it personall. I think DW is complicated for guests, because it involves a significant amount of money, and people can act really weird in front of having to spend money. I would think that they said they would come to cheer you up, but maybe have money issues. At least, the fact that they are trying to give you presents seems like their gesture to express their affection towards you, since they cannot attend your wedding, b/c of lack of economic means. When I decided to do a DW, I promised myself that I would NOT offended by the people that cannot make it. 


Now now, about whether I would be a GP bride or not.....  I just talked to the wedding sales person at GP, and I am sad, because it seems like GP wedding would be out of my budget :(.They gave me the Mexican wedding options where I have to buy out the whole 25 rooms, and the reception is at a great price but have no idea how many people would come. It could be 5 people or 50 but I really wouldn't know until they start paying the rooms, so I can't take this offer. And then the package options that are designed for 8 ppl, adding p/p rates for wedding and then, again p/p rates for dinner...... T_T It seems too much, because it would add up to a lot, unless I am understanding something wrong. 


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Hi great ladies!


Lauren, thanks so much for your nice words. I think you have done great telling them your feelings. If you have the confident and you see that they are coming to your wedding, etc you indeed did very well.

I went to take a coffee with them and they gave me the present and after that they just started to look at their mobiles phones, answering whatsapps, phone calls etc, they do not ask me more than: Are you nervous?


So after that, I decided that did not worth to say nothing... They do not have showed any interested along this months, they just avoided me, and I think they gave me a present just because  "it is the normal thing to do if you are invited to a wedding".


By other hand they gave me an antiquity  which I respect the likes of other people but they know this is not our style (which by the way is fake. I did understand about antiquities as my parents love them and they have showed me how to identify some kind of antiquities since I was a child)... They did not go to the wedding list or the money... When they got married I was as you, asking them, offering to help them and I gave them a high quantity of money (which, I think all brides prefer... )

I know it is normal to receive some presents out of what you have choosen but an antiquity... Well, it is not about the present, that is the less important thing to me... The thing that hurts is their lack of interest. 


Then after they started to tell where they are going this August on vacation... So once again I saw it is not a matter of money... as their destinations cost more that going to Mexico.... 


The fact of getting married has been not only hard to me but also to Thomas. Unfortunately his parents have decided to do not come to the wedding because of 2 reasons: one, because they think we are crazy doing a destination wedding and they do not understand our decision and two, because that is not the type of vacation...


Once again is not a fact of money, they have went in holidays two weeks ago during three weeks. 

Thomas was really sad at the start and I gave him the opportunity to change opinion and getting married in Spain but (fortunately) he decided that he wanted to do the wedding he wants and not what other people want. 

By the other hand, they even have not given him any present or money...  


This website has been great to him too as I found some threats about the same problem that other brides had at the past or have nowadays. Some of them, even have not one coming from her side or from groom side, which I think it is really sad. 



Well, at the end what I have learned is that the people that really loves you will be there. We have some guests that are unemployed and coming anyway because they started saving one year ago when we told them. That is a good friend to me too. The ones that are so interested to be to your side at your big day that they are able to do whatever is at their hands to be there. 

We have found a really good offer for them because 1080 euro is like 1300 usd and if you go to other place nearer from Spain (like 2 or 3 hours of flight) has more or less the same cost. It was a great deal including a 9hour flights, bus transfers and an all inclusive wonderful resort as Grand Palladium. I payed more when I was there in 2009. 





More things.... 


I have picked up my gown today. They have packed it with a special paper. I am really happy to have choosen this store, they all went to come to give me two kisses (the normal greeting in Spain), wished me a wonderful wedding and asked me to return to the shop to show them some pics. They are so nice! 

When I went there for my first fitting I discovered they had a lot of brides making destination weddings which is not so typical in Spain. 


I have picked also the T-shirts, these are:








And we have started with the last DIY projects: the menus at the bottles. Thomas is helping me a lot with this. Lauren, as I told you is easier what I thought:


1st pic:

We have printed in blue (like the color of the sea) the dishes and alcohol. It is not a good picture because of the light. The colour of the paper is brown like the cork top of the bottle. 





2nd pic:

The material for the bottle and a needle for sewing





3rd pic:


We sew the purple thread to the cork and the menu.




4th pic:

Guest will remove the cork top and then they will read the menu. 




We will add some sand from the Palladium beach inside the bottle once we are there. 



What do you think? It is easy! hahah



¡Un saludo chicas!

4 days to leave La Coruña and 5 days for arriving to México!! thewave.gif

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Awwwwww I see what you mean. I am so sorry to hear that. :( But, you should be so happy that there are so many people coming for you! I haven't started sending out invitations, and I have no idea how people's reaction would be like, so I am terrified that I would have only 5 guests or so. ;o; sob sob. I only hope I have some nice support like you have, Carlota :)


I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove loooooooooooooooove loooooooooooooove those  t-shrits!!!!!! Best bride/MOH t-shirts EVER!!!!! 


I guess that I will not be a GP bride after all ;o; (so sad T_T), but I will be following up on you ladies!! Happy wedding!!! and congrats to all! 

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Originally Posted by tengotulove View Post


 Awwww, I really really love this thread. :)  You ladies here are so nice!!


Lauren, thank you so much! XD I can't do the Coco Bongo style party anymore, but my FI is younger than me (robbing the cradle), so I guess he has a tiny bit more party energy than I do. But, that was great information, thank you so much!!


Carlota, XD hehehe you got it. It's actually our wedding theme title. :) That's how we will call our wedding, hehe. Regarding your friends, well, I understand it can hurt, but try not to take it personall. I think DW is complicated for guests, because it involves a significant amount of money, and people can act really weird in front of having to spend money. I would think that they said they would come to cheer you up, but maybe have money issues. At least, the fact that they are trying to give you presents seems like their gesture to express their affection towards you, since they cannot attend your wedding, b/c of lack of economic means. When I decided to do a DW, I promised myself that I would NOT offended by the people that cannot make it. 


Now now, about whether I would be a GP bride or not.....  I just talked to the wedding sales person at GP, and I am sad, because it seems like GP wedding would be out of my budget :(.They gave me the Mexican wedding options where I have to buy out the whole 25 rooms, and the reception is at a great price but have no idea how many people would come. It could be 5 people or 50 but I really wouldn't know until they start paying the rooms, so I can't take this offer. And then the package options that are designed for 8 ppl, adding p/p rates for wedding and then, again p/p rates for dinner...... T_T It seems too much, because it would add up to a lot, unless I am understanding something wrong. 





You could join the FB group to have more information about the resort and the weddings there. 

About the new wedding packages I am not very familiar with that, as I have one that was available last year and now they have changed them all. 


For extra people you have to pay 20usd and add of course the private appetizers (the minumum is for 25 people and 350usd) and private dinner (25 people and costs of 50, 55 and 60 usd). But you can go to a la carte restaurant for free if you have less than 40 people (for what I did understand for other brides) or make a private buffet option at La Laguna or Gran Azul just like the private supper. 

You could see the menus of the available restaurants at the FB group as Jen uploaded them. 


About the people attending your wedding, I think you will go better with the offers of a travel agency. I have also received the offers from the sales person but I think these are good for big weddings (100 people or more) because you obtain important discounts. 


If you have more doubts, please ask!! I am sure brides will have the information!!

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Tengotulove I hope you can be a GP bride!  I actually found that it was much cheaper than a lot of the other places I was looking.  No charge to bring in outside people, and you have the option of having free dinner if you do the restaurant for under 40 people.  I'm also not sure about the new packages (although they're beautiful!) but Tyrel and I chose the renewal of the vows ceremony which was even cheaper and we did the legal part here.  Honestly continue on with your research because you need to be happy but if you can email the GP and speak with Vanessa or one of the other coordinators they can give you a lot of information and they are SO quick at responding.  When I first started planning I had my whole wedding booked with GP before I even heard back from the other resorts.  Whatever you decide I wish the happiest wedding and the most fun planning!! 


Give people a REALLY early deadline or a tentative "I need to know by" date for planning and then a hard, "book it by now or you can come but can't have dinner, lol"  Vanessa didn't even need our real numbers until like, now.  So you could totally leave it up to the guests to book and start planning for 20 or so.  You have up until 40 guests when the price changes if I remember correctly.  We originally planned on 30 and it's 60 now.  You can't really plan too much for these haha.


Girls I also wanted to reminded you to send those emails a week before you depart so that you can request an upgrade.  Remember I wrote about that incredible $50/night deal for the all-inclusive that my work employees get?  Well my colleague who works for us in Toronto I had told about this deal when they were in Calgary for a meeting and so she decided to try it for her anniversary with her husband.  When they got there (they paid only the $50 each night) the hotel upgraded them to the Royal Yucitan suites and she said it was THE most incredible, beautiful, fantastic experience ever!  She just returned last week and she was in Calgary again today for work and said that they gave them 2 free bottles of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and that the food and the service all week long was absolutely perfect.  :)  That was really nice to hear. 


Carlota I looooooove your shirts too!!!  Oh my gosh how cute and perfect are those??!  Your Maid of Honour and everyone you will have with you at your wedding will ensure that you have an amazing time.  Your message in a bottle look so professional too!


 I am really sorry to hear about Thomas' parents.  I think we all have people who we are shocked didn't make the effort, but family is another story, especially when they flaunt their other endevours.  My friend (whose wedding I was a bridesmaid in) did the disappearing act for a while too and also didn't ask.  For a long time she told others it was because they were going to try to have a baby, then they were going to travel to Europe instead, now they are neither pregnant nor going to Europe but they are putting a $50000 pool and landscaping in their backyard.  It's ok if that is their priorities, it just hurts when like you said, we did so much for them and now there is no return.  I understand that people only get so many vacations per year and they have their own lives to attend to and I wish that I could be like tengotulove and promise myself not to get offended.  I have been holding it together..... but hhahaha, I may need one of Carlota's shirts!  It does hurt though, when it is family.  I'm sorry that they won't be there.  Well Thomas has new family now too and you are it.  :)


I don't think you are wrong to be upset about the present at all.  It does not seem genuine when they give you something and then go straight to their telephones.  Oh well, it's their priorities again.  For my bridal shower in Windsor I remember complaining to you all about that when I got back hahah.  That no one got me anything off of my registry or the money, just strange things that I didn't even want haha.  I feel guilty saying that but it is true!  And my friend who got married in Punta Cana in January just had a reception at home in Windsor 2 weekends ago (I could not fly home for it) and my other friend (who is a bridesmaid in my wedding) told me how much $$$$$ everyone gave to her and it was sooooo much!  Then my bridesmaid told me, "I hope you don't expect that people will give you money at your At Home Reception because people don't think they have to give you anything when you expect them to go away.  They already spent a lot to go to your wedding."  Ummmm, I thought that was so rude!  Of course I don't expect it, but she just told me about all of the money that our other friend got and then she rubbed it in my face that no one will get me anything.  And that's fine, I honestly, truly didn't expect anything.  It was just rude of her to say haha.  Keep calm.  (I can't, I'm the bride!)


I can't believe you are going to be gone in 4 days Carlota!  What will we do without you???  Don't you worry about us while you are away you just enjoy every second of your trip.  :)  I will hope to find you when I am there and I will be thinking of you on August 6th.  We do not arrive at GP until Wednesday the 14th of August in the evening.  I will have to keep my eyes open for those shirts to spot you!



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Awww lauren and carlota!!! Thank you so much for cheering me up! I'd love to be a GP bride because I am in love with GP's garden gazebo. But more importantly u ladies are so cool, and people so cool like you are gonna be there, then yes I do want to hang out there too!!!! =D I will definitely do more research! Could any of you give me (or pm me) Vanessa's email? I sent an email to rocio and haven't heard back at all. I'd appreciate that!! And I will also pm carlota to join your FB. =D U ladies rock!

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    • When brides takes off her wedding dress and begins her marriage life,the first problem after wedding is to modify her name. You have a marriage license with your new last name, doesn't mean you've officially changed your name. Which aspects should be paid attention to to change the surname?
      1. Get your marriage license.
      Before you can change your name, you'll need the original (or certified) marriage license with the raised seal. Call the clerk's office where your license was filed to get copies if one wasn't automatically sent to you. 2. Change your Social Security card.
      Visit the Social Security Administration's website and fill out the application for a new Social Security card. You'll keep the same number—just your name will be different. Mail in your application to the local Social Security Administration office. You should get your new card within 10 business days. 3. Change your license at the DMV.
      Take a trip to the local Department of Motor Vehicles office to get a new license with your new last name. Bring every form of identification you can get your hands on—your old license, your certified marriage certificate and, most importantly, your new Social Security card. 4. Change your bank accounts.
      This one's a biggie, especially if you're setting up a joint bank account, or if you have one already set up. The fastest way to change your name at your bank is to go into a branch location, bringing your new driver's license and your marriage certificate. You should request new checks and debit and credit cards on top of changing the name attached to your accounts. Something to note: You might get hit with fees for requesting a new debit card. 5. Fill in the blanks
      Once you have a social security card and driver's license in your married name, other changes should be fairly easy. Some places only require a phone call; others may ask for a copy of your marriage certificate or social security card. Be sure to notify: -Employers/payroll
      -Post office
      -Electric and other utility companies
      -Credit card companies
      -Schools and alumni associations
      -Landlord or mortgage company
      -Insurance companies (auto, home, life)
      -Doctors' offices
      -Voter registration office
      -Investment account providers
      -Your attorney (to update legal documents, including your will)
      -Passport office
      -Airlines (to transfer over your miles)
    • Planning to get married? Let’s discover some great wedding venues in Bangalore. The increasing demand for the wedding venues in Bangalore makes it very difficult for both the bride’s and groom’s family to get hold of a marriage hall that is suitable for the marriage. As they say, marriages have to be organized in a grand fashion. The atmosphere and the ambiance of a wedding make it memorable for a lifetime. Though there are a plenty of wedding venues in Bangalore, there is only a handful of them that are really good, Offering the best possible experience.  Some of the most popular wedding venues in Bangalore are: THE TAMARIND TREE: Tamarind Tree has the old world charm. This is one of the best wedding venues in Bangalore that boast about its eco-friendly surrounding. Built in the middle of a few acres of garden filled with lush greenery and trees, which also includes the tamarind tree after which it was named, a pond, a stage for the band, classic looking pavilions for the guests to sit, and a lot of spaces around the area. The premise has two large kitchens with a very special fully stocked bar and a lot of space where the guests can dine comfortably. The place can accommodate up to 1000 guests. Customer Reviews : Address: 88, Kanakapura road, Anjanapura post, Avalahalli, Royal Park residency layout 2, 9th phase. JP Nagar, Bangalore 560062 THE COURTYARD HOUSE: The courtyard house is located off Sarjapur Road, the premise is a unique and unconventional property suited for various events, namely weddings. The outdoor space of courtyard house draws in people looking to get away from the traffic and noise in the city, well within the city limits. The green grass and tall trees make for great photographic backdrops making it popular for wedding events. Customer Reviews : Address: Janatha Colony, Gunjur Palya, Bengaluru 560087 RITZ-CARLTON:   The Ritz-Carlton has over 277 spacious rooms and suites and is one of the most luxurious hotels in Bangalore. Seven luxurious restaurants, the Ritz-Carlton spa, and tastefully appointed meeting spaces make it ideal to host marriage occasions. Customer Reviews : Address: 99, Residency Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru 560025 BALAN FARM CONVENTION CENTER: Balan farm is a green, wooded island of peace and serenity nestled quietly in the busy rapidly developing JP Nagar. Neighboring the Brigade Millenium Apartments and L&T South city it spreads across two acres of an old orchard retaining the ancient fruit-bearing trees and landscaped gardens. Balan Farm convention center JP Nagar has over 10,000 sq ft of the tiled canopy without any walls blocking and it makes for a really good view. Customer Reviews : Address: 99/4, Nataraja Layout, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru 560078 HYATT MG ROAD: Hyatt a 5 Star hotels in Bangalore is located on MG Road. The guest rooms are colorful with a great view of the city, this makes it an ideal place for private ceremonies with 2300 sq ft of meeting and event space. The Hyatt MG road, Bangalore also has restaurants like the Pink Poppadom, Liquid Lounge, and Bar. Customer Reviews : Address: 1/1, Swami Vivekananda Road, Someshwarpura, Ulsoor, Bengaluru 560008 BUNGALOW 7 Bungalow7 offers a unique setting for a wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding functions. The place hosts a variety of public and private events all within a stunning heritage setting of central Bangalore. Customer Reviews : Address: 7, Hall Road, Richards Town, Bengaluru 560005 GAYATRI VIHAR MANTAPA: Gayatri Vihar is one of the most luxurious wedding halls situated on Palace ground. It boasts of a massive one lakh sq ft area which can easily accommodate up to 5000 guests. The ambiance of the place makes it ideal for community gatherings and private parties. Customer Reviews : Address: Jayamahal Palace Ground, Bengaluru 560080
    • My best friend is getting married with his long-term girlfriend next month. As a best friend, I want to give them the best present they would ever receive on their special day. I am planning to buy them plane tickets and book them for a one week trip abroad. However, I am torn between Ukraine ski trip and a tour to Lima, Peru. My best friend loves skiing and his future wife is a chef, so I presume she would want to experience a Peruvian taste. Now, I am confused. Which is which? I would appreciate it if you guys will leave a comment to help me out with this. Suggesting a way better idea which will accommodate the two activities for the soon-to-be wedded couple is a big help too. Thanks!    
    • Hello all!! I'm getting married next week. Every arrangement has been done by my sister for my special day. When I joined in an MNC I was troubled with severe headaches and as per my colleague's instruction, I took an appointment in a nearby eye clinic. And after an eye examination in Toronto, the eye specialist diagnosed hypermetropia in me. And the doctor prescribed eyeglasses for me. The doctor suggested me to wear eyeglasses during the working time. But I used to wear it sometimes not every day. Then I was troubled with severe eye strain and headache and mom was scolding me to wear eyeglasses every day. I thought of saying goodbye to eyeglasses forever. I'm planning for a Lasik eye surgery soon before my marriage. I don't know whether I'm eligible for Lasik eye surgery. I'm tensed about its recovery time and its complications. Can someone help me by sharing your views?  
    • In the 2017 bridal fashion week, many styles of wedding dresses were gradually popular. From serious bling to regal capes and fun and flirty short numbers, ByCouturier've got all the hottest wedding dress trends you need to know. Allover Sparkle
      Over-the-top sequins, tonal beading and metallic embellishments turned the Bridal Fashion Week runways into a glittery affair. Perfect for evening nuptials under the stars, this trend is daring but sophisticated. Pro tip: If you're rocking a gown with lots of sparkle, keep your accessories minimal and let your glitzy frock do all the talking.  Bold Ball Gowns
      If you're looking to make a dramatic entrance, a classic ball gown is for you—and we saw plenty of them. Take a cue from long, lace sleeves, or get glam with an embellished strapless bodice. No matter the details, this voluminous style is sure to turn heads.  Captivating Capes
      Not into veils? A full-length bridal cape or shorter capelet is the perfect alternative: It still adds movement to your gown, but feels fashion forward. Plus, this trend is an easy way to pull off a mid-wedding outfit change. Wear a cape or capelet for a more formal look during your ceremony, then whisk it away to hit the dance floor at your reception. Short, Sassy Dresses
      Whether you show off your legs (and a killer pair of heels) in an embellished mini or opt for a more conservative midi-length number, a wedding dress with a flirty hemline is a chic way to mix it up. Not willing to give up your dream ball gown? Change into a shorter frock to spice up your reception or after-party.  Plunging Necklines
      The deep V-neckline is a must-try for two reasons: It flatters your upper body (even if you're busty!) and elongates your frame. A plunging V with scalloped lace is ultra-feminine, while a sleek V plays up the inherently sexy vibe of a curve-skimming silhouette. Just make sure you have fashion tape handy the day of to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. 
      Skinny Straps
      We love this trend for two reasons: A gown with barely there straps has all of the sex appeal of a strapless neckline, plus added support. We call that a bridal fashion win. 
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