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Hi Bre we got the men's pants from Island Importer - here is a link:  http://www.islandimporter.com/Linen_Pants


We got the Ivory Linen Riviera Pants. 


The shirts we got from Studio Suits which I have read a lot about on here. 


Good luck! 




Originally Posted by brebuisson02 View Post

Lauren, What site did you order the mens outfits from?! I am going to have to start looking online because I don't know if we'll have any luck in the stores!

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Thanks Lauren, I will check those sites out!


Carlotta, so glad to hear that you found good prices for the wine! :) That's nice that your dad is going to pay $500.00 for the wine too. Bet you feel relieved now. Good luck with the menus

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HI ladies,

I wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I'm relatively new to the website and have been reading everyones posts over the last month and thought I would join in on the conversation and see if any of you ladies can give me some advise on the following things:

I wanted to get your thoughts on a vail. Are you going to wear one or go without? I can't decide if I want one or not. I think it would look great in photos but we have chosen the beach pergula for the ceremony and I'm worried that if it's windy the vail might drive me nuts blowing around in the wind. I would appreciate any advise you former brides have. 


Also hair up or down? This kind of goes along the same lines as the vail. I prefer to have my hair down but I'm leaning towards having it up for the wedding in case of wind. (I'm also worried about humidity and if my hair is curling having the curls fall out. Has anyone had a problem with this?). 


I am leaning towards getting an outside makeup artist and hair stylist to come to my room instead of going to the spa at the resort. The prices for the services seem to be comparable and actual cheaper for the bridesmaids so I'm thinking of going this route. Any advise? Does anyone know if you have to buy a day pass for them?  I'm thinking of going with Best Moments. Has anyone on here used them before?

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Hey Ladies!!!!!!


I am sitting in the Royal Suites Lobby right now at Grand Palladium and my HUSBAND haha is waiting for me to hurry up so we can enjoy the day but I wanted to let you all know that we had an AMAZING wedding!!! It really is so nice here and you all have nothing to worry about! We are half way done our second week here in paradise and when we get home and get our pictures together we will share them on Carlotta´s facebook page and possibly here if I can!  Ok got to go! I will write back after we get home!

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Hello Jen, 

So happy to hear from you!! First of all, congratulations!!! Super congratulations for your wedding! It is great you have written here and let us know that everything was perfect at your big day. It is great that it was like that! You must be very happy! 


Once again, congrats and happy to know you have a wonderful day and time... I am sure you are going to tell us how amazing is Vanesa!! 

I presume too, you had a sunny day, haha. I did read an email from Vanessa last time she was writing me to answer me some last doubts and she added that during the last two weeks the weather was crazy there but fortunately the days that rained there were before or after the ceremony so all the weddings were celebrated at open air. 

When I did read this, you come to my memory. That were so good news!


Wish you the best of the days at your honeymoon and we are waiting to read your review and see your photos!!! Me personally, I hope to see them before I leave Spain (next July 28th!! so near the date alredy!). 



Hello and welcome Mcbride3! About the veil I think is very personal. I am not going to use one because for me the veil simbolizes the church weddings and I am making my ceremony at the beach gazebo. I do not see myself using one marrying at the beach. But this depends on anyone of course. If you like the veils, then go for one! Have you tried on one? Maybe you can get a better idea of what you want seeing yourself with and without a veil when you try on your gown.


Besides I am getting married in August and I do not want to add anything else because it is going to be so hot there!


About the vendors for the hairstyle and makeup, I cannot advice you anything as I booked at the Zentropia Spa but take a look at the Facebook group, there is information about one vendor.


I am going to have an updo, first of all because I like to have them at important occasions (mostly at the weddings, New Year's Eve, communions, etc). I like how my face looks with them and most important of all because I think there is no stylist in the whole world that can do something with my frizz hair!! hahaha When I was at Riviera Maya I was completely desperated with the high humedity. My hair is thin and I seemed Diana Ross or Tina Turner, lol


So for all this reasons, suming also the fact of the wind (all brides say is more or less windy at the outside locations) I decided to go for an updo. But I am not going to use something very elaborated because I like the idea of having a more cassual hairstyle. This is my inspiration: 





I really love the idea of having the updo at one side.


Hope to be helpful!!!




Lauren, how was your try on with your gown last weekend?

And by the way, did Vanessa understand you when you explained to her what you mean with "board" for the seating cards at the reception? I hope she did... In spite we speak the same language, she cames to me with some typical Mexican words in Spanish that I cannot understand what she means and I have to check them at google! haha

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Hi McBride welcome!  I love meeting new people here.  :)  I really wanted a veil for my wedding and I found one that matched PERFECTLY with my dress.  But I kept hearing that it is SO windy out there so I decided against it.  :(  I am getting married right on the beach. 


I'm thinking half up, half down for my hair, even though like Carlota I have super frizzy hair too - mine is crazy thick though, not thin, so my hair stylist here showed me how to take a half up look and twist the rest of it up after the ceremony into an updo.  I am hoping my sister will be able to do that for me.  I know I'll be sweating since my wedding is in August too.  I really like the side updos like Carlota's picture too. 


I don't believe you have to pay for the outside vendor to come and do your hair.  We are going with the spa too, but it sounds like a lot of people are going with the idea of bringing someone in.


Jen I am SO thrilled to hear that your day was perfect!  Isn't it crazy to say husband now??  I can't wait to do that!  I can't wait to hear all about your day in detail when you find the time after coming home and of course I can't wait to see your pictures!!


Carlota, my dress fitting was wonderful.  I almost had a heart attack hearing what it's going to cost to be altered.  It is almost the cost of half the dress.  The reason is that it is like 2 dresses in one and I have huge hips.  The size that they ordered was an 18 to fit around my hips, and after losing some weight it only needs to be taken in a bit on the hips and the chest you could fit 3 of me inside of!  She basically has to remake the whole dress but I LOVE it sooooo much!  It is so beautiful and it was so great to finally see what it will look like in the right size. 


I stopped at the alteration place today too to pick up my casual white dress that I will wear on Saturday in Vegas when we get legally married.  I will show you guys a picture of that when I get back even though it is not our 'real' wedding. 


I heard back from Vanessa today.  It had been about 5 days since I wrote but she explained that with all of the rain it had been busy with last minute changes to set ups and things.  She sent me a detailed list that I had asked for of all of the costs.  I had estimated about right, but there is a lot more that they require cash for that I was not aware of, so I would advise to ask for a list before you go.  She was good at suggesting ways to cut down on costs too which I appreciated.  She did understand exactly what I meant about the board after I explained like you told me!!  Thank you, Carlolta!



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Hi Lauren,


Great you are very happy with your gown. Yeaks, the half of the cost is too much! But Ok that is the wedding dress.. This Saturday I will have my last fitting for the dress to see the last details and in case anything has to be changed. Then, I will pick it up finally next week. 

I had asked for the last balance and I have to pay 150 usd more than I expected... just for some things that I have changed from the original dress... but as you have said, I am so happy too with my gown that it is ok with me too!



Great to know that Vanessa understands you... Yes, she told me that they have been very busy at the wedding department because of the rain, but fortunately they had not to change location to an indoor site because it rained just before or after the ceremony. 

She had told me that normally the last time the wedding coordinators take a look at the weather is at 1pm for the weddings at 4pm. But they have decided that for the periods with crazy weather, they are going to take a look each hour until 3pm, which is great, I think. 



Today I have started and finished my DIY project about the seating cards. Here is a picture of how it looks. I am going to bring the starfishes, ribbons and seating cards separately and then put together everything at the resort for giving them all to Vanessa the day of our first meeting. 





Lauren, wish you an amazing trip to Las Vegas and have lots of fun and romantic moments with your wedding there. Would love to see any of your dresses!!



Un saludo a todas

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Can I ask you girls what you are being quoted for hair and makeup from outside vendors. Thanks ladies!!

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Welcome McBride!

I love the idea of a veil, and found a beautiful one when I was dress shopping so I bought it because there was a big sale that day. My mom originally wanted me to get a super long one that goes down to the ground almost, but I thought that would end up in a tangled mess so I went with one that goes to mid-back length around. I'm hoping it's not too much of a pain to wear it because it i'm in love with it! Also I am planning on putting my hair up just because my dress has 1 strap and I think it would look best with an updo, but also because of the humidity I think I would be eventually putting it up anyways.


My mom was talking the other day about how she would like to set off some of those floating lanterns while in Mexico .. Does anyone know if we are able to do that? I thought I read somewhere that we can't, but not sure.


Good thing you mentioned about lots of things needing to be paid in cash Lauren, because I was actually going to ask you ladies how it works for paying off the rest of the wedding tab - credit card or cash? I don't really want to have a huuge stack of cash with me on the trip so I was hoping to just increase my VISA limit and pay it that way. Also can't wait to see your dress Lauren! It will be so nice to have it altered and fitting perfectly :)


Mjones, I got quoted the same as what was posted in here before from Styling Trio Riviera Maya (with Adrien), but when he sent me the prices I replied saying that I was interested but that it was more expensive than what I was expecting .. j(just to see if he would make some sort of deal with me).. he asked me what my budget was so we could make something work .. I said that I had priced everything out to be around $900-1000, and was looking to stay more around the $800-850 area. He replied and said lets make a deal at $825.. so that worked out well!  So I would definitely suggest trying to get a deal on stuff if you can.. doesn't hurt to try.


Jenn.. Glad to hear you had a great day .. cant wait to hear all about it and see your pictures :). Also Claire hope you had an amazing day as well.

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Hello ladies,


I was going to writing that at the last post and I forgot... About the cash. I was warned by Vanessa that we had to pay in cash (only dollars) the day of our meeting (this is the next day to our arrival)


- Musical trio (350usd)

- The judge (70 usd)

- Blood tests (229 usd)


We will arrive to Cancun at 7pm so we cannot go to a bank at Playa del Carmen to change euro to dollars that day (we have to pay the next day when we will have our meeting with Vanessa at 10am). I know there is the possibility to change euro at the lobbys but this is not a very good change. 


We did not want to travel with many cash but unfortunately, we finally have to do it because the rest of our vendors want the payment in cash. So we are changing dollars here in our bank as we get a much better change than at the Palladium above all when we have to obtain 2500 usd....


Regarding the payments, you can pay in any moment. Apart from the cash, you can pay something from United States (for example we decided to pay in advance our wedding package) and we will pay the rest of the balance once there. Vanessa explained me she will give us the bill at our meeting and from that moment until the previous day of the wedding you can pay it. Here we will pay with our Visa credit card as well. 

All the payments are made at your lobby.



One more thing, about the floating lanterns, I think it was me that I mentioned this.

I had that idea a couple of months ago but Vanessa told me is forbidden. She explained me that there are this kind of stalk villas and it could be dangerous, as well as for the fauna and fishes/turtles at the resort. 

My idea was to do it at the beach just at the seashore but she told me that she "i am really sorry but it is not possible to do it". It is a pity... because I would have loved to do it.... 

I am refering to this ones... because I have seen that there are also a floating candels to be at the sea... but I presume you are talking about this (the pic):



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