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Hi everyone,


Im new to the thread but after a few days of reading through all your posts and looking at the your pictures i must say im now even more excited for my wedding in feb 2014 at GP! We are coming from the UK and everything here from the TA seems to be so slow. We are still in our approximate 8 week wait to find out if we can have our chosen date for our wedding even though myself and a party of 15 are booked for our two week stay. Did anyone else have this? Whilst I'm waiting I have 101 questions and i'm getting very anxious having to wait until we are put in contact with our wedding co-ordinator, which by the way everyone ravs about her im hoping we get Vanessa!


From reading through everyone's posts i think because we are a smaller group we are going to opt for a meal at the Portofino restaurant, some of the pictures from meals there look amazing, you would never know its only semi-private. The only thing im a little worried about is menu choices (I have some very fussy eaters on my family side!) does anyone have a copy of menu choices? Does everyone have to have the same off a set menu? In regards to the decoration of table etc in the restaurant, is this an extra charge or does this come as part of the package?


Im unsure what we want to do after the meal, i have read alot about the cocktail hour that alot of you seem to book. Can anyone give me some more info on these? where they take place, are they private etc? Im just wondering if this is where we can have our first dance


In other hotel packages I have seen that the groom is given a room for the night before the wedding and to get ready in. Is this something that the GP do, as I have yet to see anyone mention anything of this?


One more thing for now! As we are having a party back in the UK when we return,I am hoping to have the groomsmen and Bridesmaids, buttonholes and corsages made from artificial flowers before we come so they can be used at both the wedding and the party. So that my bouquet and my Fiancees buttonhole match as closely as possible does anyone have any info on what flowers are available through the crystal package?


Look forward to hearing from you all :) 



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Hi Becci and everyone,

Im new here too, even though I have been reading this thread for months have not posted anything.

My wedding is on april 5th 2013 but had booked back in May of last year.  Once you have confirmation of a date, the Wedding Corrdinator will contact you and then send you menu options and pictures of flower options.   You have lots of time to make those kind of decisions.  The menu option is pretty large so you should be able to find something to fit your picky family.  I have people, my self included that have to have a special diet and they are going to prepare our meals separate so they are super accomodating.   My WC is Rocio and she has been fabulous, gets back to me quite quckly and answers all of my questions.  I live in Canada so the booking is different than in the UK.


Im getting super excited and go for my first dress fitting on the Saturday, have not tried on the dress since I brought it home.. yikes.. pretty nervous.

We are getting married at 4:00pm so will let everyone just do what they want between the ceremony and dinner at 7:00pm.  We will have pictures taken during this time.  Because I have 45 people we had to have a private reception which I wanted anyway, So excited about that.

One of the things that I am doing differently is that I found that extra $20 per person, pretty hight when you have to add dinner on top and for what I got, I didn't feel it justified the price.  So the sparkling wine, honestly I know my family and only maybe 5 will actually drink it so we will just have the few bottles we get with the wedding at the reception.  the cake, really it's just the kids that want it and for picture purposes we will just go with again what is offered for 8.  We get dessert with dinner and I can not eat the cake anyway.. not even a little for pictures. 

And then the chair covers/bows.   I did want these but to rent them from the resort it was going to cost $4.00 per chair and that was just for ceremony and I would have to rent them for the reception as well.  The $ added up huge.. so I asked if I could bring my own and I have found someone here that will rent me Chair covers and bows at $1.25 each and let me take them to Mexico.  One suitecase and a Bridesmaid willing to take them for me and Im all set.  The resort will set them up for me. So excited. 

Im not going to have any other decorations but have 2 favors and an activity package for the kids. We have 8 children coming from 1 - 13 yrs

My neice is our photographer as she wants to get into the business so we are her first clients..  so excited to have her do our pictures.


Things Im struggling with are music for walking down the isle and to decide what kind of guest book to have.  I just decided this week that we are going to do a sand ceremony as I found this beautiful picture frame so you have the sand on the bottom and then you put your picture and other objects in after.  It's all sealed..  found this at www.foreverframe.com


OK< now i see how easy it is to have a long post.. ha ha!!!  I better stop now.

To all the other brides, enjoy your time planning and your special day. 



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Originally Posted by becks0902 View Post



Im unsure what we want to do after the meal, i have read alot about the cocktail hour that alot of you seem to book. Can anyone give me some more info on these? where they take place, are they private etc? Im just wondering if this is where we can have our first dance


The cocktail hour is between the ceremony and the reception, while  the newlyweds are off taking photos, the guests get some drinks and snacks for an hour before the reception starts. That way, cocktail hour keeps guests entertained while they are waiting.

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Hi Karen and Becci!


Congratulations to you both on your weddings :) Becci - Karen is correct, you will hear from one of the coordinators (have you been contacted by anyone yet??) I had actually originally hired a TA, and, like you, I wanted to pay a deposit and reserve a specific date. Everytime I spoke with my TA, she had no information, so finally, I contacted the Grand Palladium myself and received a response from Vanessa within 3 days. I ended up not using that TA, and booked the wedding directly through Vanessa, and then hired a different TA to coordinate. This TA has been in constant contact with both me, and Vanessa and all correspondence has all of us cc'd in. You may just want to contact the resort directly at first...it worked for us!


Portofino is beautiful! I'm so sorry, I don't remember what Vanessa said with regards to a set menu or not.  The menu for the rehearal dinner, the flowers, the out of town gift bag delivery, and the table/chair set up are all things we will be discussing with her when we arrive 4 days before our wedding. When you book the Portofino, ask if you can have the private terrace...it is really pretty!


Karen- your wedding will be here before you know it! I know what you mean about the costs adding up...I really tried to utilize as much of the All- Inclusive as possible. This resort is really beautiful, so there are so many places for you and your guests to go, and the decorations can be minimal as the natural setting is perfect. I was debating about the table centerpieces, and now I think i am going relatively simple. Our reception is at 7:30 at La Laguna which overlooks the pools, and they are illuminated at sunset with blue and green lights, so it really looks beautiful. I think the candles are all that is needed. (I hope!) And Im so excited for you to try on your dress! Mine isn't here yet..and I am starting to get anxious! I forgot what it looks like! you and I are in the same boat with regards to the music...I was originally going to have the iPod set for our aisle walking music, and we hired a Spanish Trio to play immediately following while we all have some champagne and mike and I have a first dance. Vanessa then suggested having them play the aisle music for 15 minutes, then they will stop as the ceremony takes place, then they can begin playing again for another 30 minutes at the ceremony site for our first dance/champagne with guests. I am more and more liking Vanessa's idea! I would love to have some spanish guitar softly playing as I walk the aisle. We are in Mexico after all...I may have just made the decision right here and now as I am writing this! Thank you for the link for the sand ceremony frames. I have been looking on Etsy as I would rather have a frame as opposed to a vase. 


Becci- I haven't heard anything about the Groom receiving a separate room...Mike is planning on staying in the room with his brother the night before our wedding, and getting ready in his room with the other groomsmen as well. As for the cocktail hour- you have some choices...after the ceremony, you and your groom/wedding party will most likely be taking your photos- your guests can either go to a private cocktail party that you have set up with your WC (Vanessa or Rocio) or go to any of the resorts lobby bars themselves but this wont be private. For the private cocktail party, you will pay a price of $5 p/p for cocktails only, or $14 p/p for appetizers and cocktails. You will have your own service for either of these paid -private- cocktail hours. You can have them at a few different locations, and you can have your first dance there if you choose, before you go off for your photos. If you opt to not pay for the private cocktail party with a personal service, you can have your guests go to any of the lobby bars, or any of the restaurants that are open. This is free as it is part of the All- Inclusive. I think Las Rocas does not open until 6 (??) And Im not sure if those prices I told you will be valid next year. That is what the rate is for 2013.


Mikeycelle- I love the way you incorporated the vows into your OOT bags!! Very cute!! Everyone has such great ideas :) Glad I found you all! We are down to under 100 days. Yikes!!


Claire- yes- clean eating! Nothing out a box, everything fresh, tons of water and fresh limes, lots of fish and fruit, and nothing artificial. You will feel great, and look even better than you feel! Now I have to listen to some of the advice from Mikeycelle and try the yoga! I run and am a former ballet dancer...but running is so bad on the knees. My knees are already shot from so many years of turnout, that I am looking for something less harsh to my body- everyone is telling me to do yoga so I think I better listen! 


Lauren- I am sure you are having a great time in Punta Cana- and getting lots of ideas for your wedding too!  


Night ladies!



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Hi Becci,


Congratulations on booking your wedding, it'll come round so fast now you have booked your flights!  I'm also a UK bride and I opted to book just the holiday package through the travel agents and book the wedding directly with the hotel.  If you could easily cancel the wedding part of your package without incurring any charges, I would recommend doing that.  The wedding co-ordinator you will hear from will be a first choice co-ordinator (I'm assuming you booked with them as they are the only company to fly to GP) as opposed to the wedding co-ordinator at the hotel (Vanessa is mine)  It means that whenever you contact your WC (first choice one) they will need to contact GP and then get back to you, where as you could contact GP direct if you book right with them.  Does that make sense?   I wouldn't worry at all about your date, you are booking so far in advance you will have your choice of dates and venues!


We have booked Portofino for our meal as well and ahave heard all good reviews about it!  I have a copy of the menu on email somewhere if you send me your email ill forward it to you.  Unfortunately it is a set menu although I'm sure they would accomodate dietary requirements.  The only way around the set menu is to go for the buffet although obviously then it wouldn't be quite so private (Portofino has it's own terrace)

I think the UK traditions are quite different from American in that they seem to have cocktail hour after the ceremony whereas we go straight for the meal (more or less) so I've decided to have dinner then cocktail hour afterwards, it's private area and you can play music from your iPod through speakers with waiter service etc.  This is when we'll have our first dance and the partying will properly begin! 


I haven't read anywhere about a room for the groom but I will prob stay with all my bridesmaid so between us there will likely be a few rooms empty.


I can also forward you an email with pictures of flowers Vanessa sent me if you like.


Hi Karen, welcome also!  You're wedding is so close you must be so excited! How did the dress fitting go, I actually bought mine yesterday (yippee!)  The sand ceremony sounds lovely and that's also great you managed to get chair covers for such a low price - well done you!


Chreetena, your Spanish Trio does sound lovely and it's great that you can split the time to suit you walking down the aisle as well.  We ended up booking a violinist for our ceremony and will just stick to iPod for the rest of the evening (until we hit the disco haha!)  I have been trying really hard with choosing the right foods although you need to be super organised!  The one thing I have managed is drinking 2 litres f water each day whih I would have thought was impossible for me! I've been making it up with lemon, mint, ginger and cucumber and it tastes great!  Are the limes good for you as well then, I hadn't considered that!


So I had a pretty successful weekend with wedding dress and shoes sorted all in one afternoon, I'm getting my dress customised though so not quite there yet, have that appointment a week tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to!


Now, signing off from another long post :)



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Anyone planning their wedding at the Grand Palladium for end of 2013/start of 2014?? We're leaving December 29th - Jan 5th, with our wedding on Jan 3rd, 2014. Would be awesome to have someone who's planning for around the same time so I can see what they're all working on, etc. I feel like I have no idea what to even 'plan', but I am getting lots of great ideas from reading your girls' posts :).

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Hi Ladies! 


Well Iâ€m back from my few days in Punta Cana at the Dreams for my friendâ€s wedding.  Iâ€ll half review that trip as I write this email.  It was a really great time even though it was only 3 full days that we were there for – and a LOOONG travel time.  Lol, Claire I thought we might as well have been coming from the UK as it took us a 5 hour flight from Punta Cana to Toronto and then a 2 hour wait in Toronto before a 4 hour flight back to Calgary.  By the time we hit our beds we had been up for almost 24 hours!  It was well worth it though as the wedding was so beautiful and fun and of course I got lots of tips and ideas – and questions to ask – during my time there.  It sure got me so, so, so excited for our wedding in August!  Everyone had an amazing time.  I did manage to read all of your posts from last week and I feel like Iâ€ve missed so much! 


Mikeycelle I absolutely love your idea of putting all of your little wedding quotes on the items in your OOT bags!  Super cute!!  I also wanted to ask you about the postcard carousel.  It sounds awesome.  I get how youâ€re making the pictures with Vistaprint (and I just bought a new $70 for $17 Groupon and Iâ€ve been wondering how to display my engagement pictures) but Iâ€m not quite sure how youâ€re setting it up in a carousel format.  What sort of structure thing did you have to buy?  I keep picturing one of those Kuerig or Tassimo trees lol!  And Iâ€m certain thatâ€s not what youâ€re using!  Also how were you able to book your reception for the extra hour until midnight?  I think Iâ€d like to do that too if the charge isnâ€t too much.  Weâ€ll also be in La Laguna.  Are you able to share what is Vanessa charging you for the sparklers?  I seriously want them because I think it looks so beautiful for the entrance. 


Now hereâ€s one major thing I realized at the wedding this week.  Iâ€ve been adamant that I wanted to wear my hair half up and half down for my wedding.  I have that crazy Monica hair weâ€ve mentioned before.  I was getting my hair dyed the day before I left for DR and my stylist was insistent that it was not going to work for me in August.  She gave me this humidity blocker and wanted me to try it while I was there.  Well I hate to ever be wrong, but my hair was insane.  The humidity blocker didnâ€t help at all.  I have come to the realization that Iâ€ll definitely have to have it up for my wedding.  Itâ€s just waaaay too thick.  But the spa at the Dreams actually did an amazing job for the bride and all of her girls.  I also saw a few other weddings during the time that I was there and they all had their hair done really nicely in those Pinterest kind of interesting and modern new styles.  It gave me faith in the spa at Grand Palladium too.  I did find a price list for the spa somewhere online I think it ranged from $80ish for short bride hair to $137 for long but Iâ€m not sure how current the price list is.  Iâ€ll have to contact them directly.   I think makeup was $61 with MAC makeup.  I am also going to book a couples massage for some time during the week.  You can do it during the day with mimosa or at sunset with champagne.  I think weâ€ll do the sunset one – somewhere around $190 if I remember correctly.


For anyone looking for menus and all of the info you could ever need Iâ€ve had a lot of luck with the Palladium Addict website.  A former bride who also happens to be my admin at work let me know about it and itâ€s been a wealth of info.  I also wanted to tell you all that while I was in DR I had 3 other people (one a TA) tell me that our resort choice is a fantastic one and that we will not have a problem in the world.  I know we all know this, but itâ€s reassuring to hear again.  J  Becci welcome and I did want to tell you that Iâ€m severely lactose intolerant and Vanessa has been wonderfully accommodating of my needs.  I just told her I know everything has cheese, butter, etc. in it but I will just not eat it (like the cheesecake) because I donâ€t want to deny my guests of it, but she has said theyâ€ll get me fruit, theyâ€ll put different salad dressing on things, basically just not to worry.  Iâ€m sure if your guests have special needs they can accommodate to them as well.   Oh I also wholeheartedly agree with Chrestena to ask for the terrace at Portofino.  Beautiful!


Claire Iâ€m so excited to read that youâ€ve bought your dress!!!  What does it look like??  So happy for you.  What a big deed to cross off of your list.  J  Also Iâ€m starting to wonder if I might have a cocktail hour too.  The cost of it does not seem too much.  I think Iâ€d have it before the dinner and Iâ€m wondering if you know what options for cocktail hours are nearby the La Laguna where our reception will be?  I like the idea of having everyone together that way the reception will start on time.  What happened at the wedding I just went to was that the ceremony was at 4 (although it started around 4:30 and we were all just sweltering in the sun!!) and it ended at 5.  Well they did not have a sit down dinner, just cocktails at the reception that was from 7-11 but the a la carte restaurants didnâ€t open until 6 so quite a few people (including myself!) were late for the reception because dinner service was very slow and there was technically only an hour in between.  It wall worked out because they had things timed out pretty nicely with speeches being a bit later so we didnâ€t miss that – but I do worry that my guests will get lost and not be there to start our dinner on time if we donâ€t corral everyone up lol. 


We also were planning on only using our iPods for the ceremony as well as the reception but after seeing the DJ in action at this wedding my fiancé now wants one.  He hasnâ€t asked for anything and heâ€s been really cost conscious so the fact that he definitely wants this means Iâ€m sure weâ€re going to get one now.  Mikeycelle I know youâ€re having one - is anyone else having one and how much is reasonable?  The bride from this recent wedding was charged $875 and I think thatâ€s standard.  The lights really highlighted the dance floor.  Although I do still want to be able to control what music is being played and Iâ€m hoping I can give them a list to work with.  Approximately how many songs will I need for a 4 hour reception with probably 2 hours being dinner and speeches? Oh by the way the speech that the bride made at this wedding was by far the most genuine and heartfelt speech I have ever heard at a wedding.  Just perfect.  J Any suggestions on who to go with for a DJ?  I know there are a few threads on here Iâ€ll have to look around a bit.  


Karen – best of luck to someone else from Calgary, AB!  As for music to walk down the aisle to my friend decided last minute the day before the wedding.  I am using the same song it was perfect length – Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World – it is the island mix by Israel  Kamakawiwâ€ole.  Iâ€m sure youâ€ll come up with something perfect.  There are a few threads on here about ceremony music too.  Search it and youâ€ll find a ton!   Also I hope your dress fitting went well!!   DanniiB welcome and congrats to you too!  I canâ€t believe only a month left until you go.  Please do come back and share your experience with us.  


Tye and I are planning to book a trip down to Grand Palladium at the end of April just to check out some of the little things that we noticed being guests at this wedding and to familiarize ourselves with the resort.  Although Iâ€ve been there before itâ€s been 6 years and although Iâ€ve heard nothing but good things I just want to check it out and familiarize myself with the grounds a bit.  Weâ€re lucky enough to be able to go for just a night or two because of our work benefits. 


From this wedding at the Dreams in DR there were some questions that I have come up with to ask Vanessa.  For example, the aisle that they had to walk down was very, very narrow.  They walked down with both parents (which we would like to do too) and there was no room for them!  Weâ€re getting married on the beach but Iâ€m not the smallest person and Iâ€d like to make sure I can comfortable walk down the aisle with both of my parents.  Hopefully because itâ€s on the beach the chairs can be moved to allow a wider aisle.  Also the iPod docks that they had in the rooms at this resort fit only an iPod, not an iPhone like I have with all of my music on it.  I will still be using my iPhone (or iPod if I have to buy one!) for music at the ceremony so I want to ensure that whatever I go with will fit.  I also love the idea that the bride brought a bunch of floaties for the pool because I love to just relax in the water and read my book.  I know most resorts donâ€t allow floaties but I thought Iâ€d ask Vanessa if they do just in case. 


The more negative things that occured at the DR resort were that many of us thought we were getting king sized beds – us included and we were given 2 doubles which were really, really small and hot and just not what we expected.  We spent the first hour there (and we were only there for 3 days) trying to negotiate our way to what we were told weâ€d have in the first place to no avail.  At 6pm the next day we were finally given another room although we had been told SO many different stories by that point, and I hate dishonesty - then the toilet didnâ€t work.  And then someone was going to fix it but they didnâ€t.  Then it was 1:30am when they finally came.  Then it plugged again in the morning – just a lot of hassle that I donâ€t want our guests to go through.  Iâ€m going to ask Vanessa how the Grand Palladium will avoid things like this. 

Also be careful ladies, one of the guests at the wedding had a substantial amount of money taken from the safe in his room.  And another had his laptop taken from his carryon bag sometime between leaving it at the checkout counter and having their suitcases loaded onto the bus to take them back to the airport.  He realized when they got to the airport.  L  Just a headâ€s up to be really careful with your valuables. 


Iâ€m also wanting to find some of those beach chair towel clips for cheap.  Each morning the groomâ€s father clipped towels to chairs for our party which was wonderful because we could eat our breakfast without worrying.  Donâ€t worry, we didnâ€t take up too many but there were 74 people there and heâ€d save about 20 chairs all around the swim up pool bar which was perfect!  If not to save chairs but just to have towels that donâ€t blow away Iâ€d like to find some cheap ones either to put in OOT bags or to have for myself.  If anyone knows of cheap bulk ones please let me know.  J  My girlfriend who lives in Michigan was able to bring me down a few of the things that Iâ€ve ordered to her house to avoid shipping costs and I brought them home with me.  I am in love with the OOT bags (which were 99 cents each on cheaptotes.com!) and the memorial candle I ordered for my daughter.  She also brought me a fan and a few of the Japanese lanterns I ordered.  When I got home to Calgary my TTD dress had come in which I ordered from lightinthebox.com.  It looks exactly as pictured but I was not aware that Iâ€d have to pay duty on it which cost me $67 L extra.  I would have just shipped it to Christineâ€s house had I known that to avoid such a hefty cost.  Oh well, whatâ€s done is done!  It is beautiful!!  But as Iâ€m a very small bust and a bit of a large booty lol, Iâ€ll be needing it altered to fit as well. 


Ladies I am getting just SO excited now!  So glad Iâ€ve found you all to chat with!

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Hi MyTye2Be!



Here's a picture of a postcard carousel. I ordered from Amazon.com for $30. I also printed postcards from Vistaprint.com of our engagement pictures in Xcaret. They'll serve as our seating cards. Each slot is in alphabetical order. This will be on top of the bar of Las Rocas by the saltwater pool. There will be a mariachi band playing for 45 minutes ($650). Great for entertainment and photo ops. I can imagine a bridesmaid taking the sombrero off the musician! Since our cocktail hour( $5 pp) is before 7, only drinks will be served to cool guests down and loosen those dancing hips for the entrance!


I went with Ivan of  DJ Doremixx $750 for 4-5 hrs and extra $750 for lighted dance floor. He comes with props for the guests, fog machine and bubble machine. We booked last year so they honored the prices for last year. We wanted an awesome dance party with lots of house music. I hear he's one of the best in Cancun. Ask Ivan for a schedule of the event and a list of songs you can choose from. I just spent the afternoon YouTubing songs to play at our reception! I have to email him our list. I've got a good mix of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, JLo, Pitbull, Chris Brown, Beyonce, and whatever else current the DJ wants to play. I compiled all the couples' wedding songs to be played at the reception dinner. 


Here's a rundown of the reception timeline:

We've got 5 hours of reception. Five courses ($60 USD pp)

 After the entrance and first dance, the first course(soup) is being served. Dancing.

Second course(Salad) then speeches and toasts from the Best Man and Matron of Honor during dinner.

Third course( mango ices to cleanse the palate). Dancing.

Fourth Course(Main course). Mother/son dance. My father had passed away from cancer so I won't have that special dance but I don't want to take that moment away from Mike's mom

.Fifth course ( Dessert) Cutting the cake- I brought our own knife and server set to use.

Money Dance- a Filipino tradition. 

Bouquet and garter toss.

A game on who gets to take the centerpieces and table frames back to their room.

Dancing till midnight. That's a lot of dancing! I gotta pack white wedge flipflops.


I wonder if we'll ever get to eat at all.  Maybe we can have some food packed up and delivered to our room for a midnight snack? 

Ok, I've become an insomniac thinking about all this! As always, I enjoyed reading your posts and thoughts!

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Oh your carousel is sooo cute!  I really like that idea.  :)  Thanks for the info on your DJ - that is a super good price.  I know that's last year's price but still not bad at all!  I'll get in contact.  That's one of the names I've heard floating around here.  Did that price include the light up dance floor or was that an extra on top of it?  It seems like it should be more!  I love that he's bringing a bubble machine too - so cool! 


Thanks also for the timeline.  Was kind of wondering where to put things in.  I like how you've broken it up which is what the bride at this wedding did as well and it worked really well.  I'm sorry to hear about your dad.  :(  I am sure you are going to honour his presence in a beautiful way on your day. 


I didn't realize that 5 hours of reception was an option.  I thought they only offered 7-11.  I would prefer an extra hour since I'm sure the dinner will go longer than anticipated.  We're doing menu option #10 with the beef orloff.  And I think you should definitely get snacks delivered back to your room, haha.  My friend didn't eat at all at her wedding - too busy.  Make sure you do.  Lol, I'm not worried about that myself.  I eat a lot and no one can stop me, hahaha.  Or else look out!


Well it's my first day back at work today.  I better start working!

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Hi Claire,

I'm actually getting married in the Chapel in just over a month, March 13th, 2013!!! I have been dealing with Grace. All we've had to do is speak with our parish priest who filled out a bunch of forms and sent them to our local church diocese.  I  requested to the diocese to send the Nihil Obstat to me instead of to Cancun.  I have emailed Grace a copy and she reviewed it to make sure it was correct.  I will be bringing the original forms down with me.  The Nihil Obstat  is simply our diocese giving permission for the diocese of Cancun to marry us so that our marriage will be recognized as a Catholic marriage the by our diocese at home.  As far as we know the only other thing we need is our passports and the blood test.

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      -Credit card companies
      -Schools and alumni associations
      -Landlord or mortgage company
      -Insurance companies (auto, home, life)
      -Doctors' offices
      -Voter registration office
      -Investment account providers
      -Your attorney (to update legal documents, including your will)
      -Passport office
      -Airlines (to transfer over your miles)
    • Planning to get married? Let’s discover some great wedding venues in Bangalore. The increasing demand for the wedding venues in Bangalore makes it very difficult for both the bride’s and groom’s family to get hold of a marriage hall that is suitable for the marriage. As they say, marriages have to be organized in a grand fashion. The atmosphere and the ambiance of a wedding make it memorable for a lifetime. Though there are a plenty of wedding venues in Bangalore, there is only a handful of them that are really good, Offering the best possible experience.  Some of the most popular wedding venues in Bangalore are: THE TAMARIND TREE: Tamarind Tree has the old world charm. This is one of the best wedding venues in Bangalore that boast about its eco-friendly surrounding. Built in the middle of a few acres of garden filled with lush greenery and trees, which also includes the tamarind tree after which it was named, a pond, a stage for the band, classic looking pavilions for the guests to sit, and a lot of spaces around the area. The premise has two large kitchens with a very special fully stocked bar and a lot of space where the guests can dine comfortably. The place can accommodate up to 1000 guests. Customer Reviews : Address: 88, Kanakapura road, Anjanapura post, Avalahalli, Royal Park residency layout 2, 9th phase. JP Nagar, Bangalore 560062 THE COURTYARD HOUSE: The courtyard house is located off Sarjapur Road, the premise is a unique and unconventional property suited for various events, namely weddings. The outdoor space of courtyard house draws in people looking to get away from the traffic and noise in the city, well within the city limits. The green grass and tall trees make for great photographic backdrops making it popular for wedding events. Customer Reviews : Address: Janatha Colony, Gunjur Palya, Bengaluru 560087 RITZ-CARLTON:   The Ritz-Carlton has over 277 spacious rooms and suites and is one of the most luxurious hotels in Bangalore. Seven luxurious restaurants, the Ritz-Carlton spa, and tastefully appointed meeting spaces make it ideal to host marriage occasions. Customer Reviews : Address: 99, Residency Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru 560025 BALAN FARM CONVENTION CENTER: Balan farm is a green, wooded island of peace and serenity nestled quietly in the busy rapidly developing JP Nagar. Neighboring the Brigade Millenium Apartments and L&T South city it spreads across two acres of an old orchard retaining the ancient fruit-bearing trees and landscaped gardens. Balan Farm convention center JP Nagar has over 10,000 sq ft of the tiled canopy without any walls blocking and it makes for a really good view. Customer Reviews : Address: 99/4, Nataraja Layout, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru 560078 HYATT MG ROAD: Hyatt a 5 Star hotels in Bangalore is located on MG Road. The guest rooms are colorful with a great view of the city, this makes it an ideal place for private ceremonies with 2300 sq ft of meeting and event space. The Hyatt MG road, Bangalore also has restaurants like the Pink Poppadom, Liquid Lounge, and Bar. Customer Reviews : Address: 1/1, Swami Vivekananda Road, Someshwarpura, Ulsoor, Bengaluru 560008 BUNGALOW 7 Bungalow7 offers a unique setting for a wedding, pre-wedding and post-wedding functions. The place hosts a variety of public and private events all within a stunning heritage setting of central Bangalore. Customer Reviews : Address: 7, Hall Road, Richards Town, Bengaluru 560005 GAYATRI VIHAR MANTAPA: Gayatri Vihar is one of the most luxurious wedding halls situated on Palace ground. It boasts of a massive one lakh sq ft area which can easily accommodate up to 5000 guests. The ambiance of the place makes it ideal for community gatherings and private parties. Customer Reviews : Address: Jayamahal Palace Ground, Bengaluru 560080
    • My best friend is getting married with his long-term girlfriend next month. As a best friend, I want to give them the best present they would ever receive on their special day. I am planning to buy them plane tickets and book them for a one week trip abroad. However, I am torn between Ukraine ski trip and a tour to Lima, Peru. My best friend loves skiing and his future wife is a chef, so I presume she would want to experience a Peruvian taste. Now, I am confused. Which is which? I would appreciate it if you guys will leave a comment to help me out with this. Suggesting a way better idea which will accommodate the two activities for the soon-to-be wedded couple is a big help too. Thanks!    
    • Hello all!! I'm getting married next week. Every arrangement has been done by my sister for my special day. When I joined in an MNC I was troubled with severe headaches and as per my colleague's instruction, I took an appointment in a nearby eye clinic. And after an eye examination in Toronto, the eye specialist diagnosed hypermetropia in me. And the doctor prescribed eyeglasses for me. The doctor suggested me to wear eyeglasses during the working time. But I used to wear it sometimes not every day. Then I was troubled with severe eye strain and headache and mom was scolding me to wear eyeglasses every day. I thought of saying goodbye to eyeglasses forever. I'm planning for a Lasik eye surgery soon before my marriage. I don't know whether I'm eligible for Lasik eye surgery. I'm tensed about its recovery time and its complications. Can someone help me by sharing your views?  
    • In the 2017 bridal fashion week, many styles of wedding dresses were gradually popular. From serious bling to regal capes and fun and flirty short numbers, ByCouturier've got all the hottest wedding dress trends you need to know. Allover Sparkle
      Over-the-top sequins, tonal beading and metallic embellishments turned the Bridal Fashion Week runways into a glittery affair. Perfect for evening nuptials under the stars, this trend is daring but sophisticated. Pro tip: If you're rocking a gown with lots of sparkle, keep your accessories minimal and let your glitzy frock do all the talking.  Bold Ball Gowns
      If you're looking to make a dramatic entrance, a classic ball gown is for you—and we saw plenty of them. Take a cue from long, lace sleeves, or get glam with an embellished strapless bodice. No matter the details, this voluminous style is sure to turn heads.  Captivating Capes
      Not into veils? A full-length bridal cape or shorter capelet is the perfect alternative: It still adds movement to your gown, but feels fashion forward. Plus, this trend is an easy way to pull off a mid-wedding outfit change. Wear a cape or capelet for a more formal look during your ceremony, then whisk it away to hit the dance floor at your reception. Short, Sassy Dresses
      Whether you show off your legs (and a killer pair of heels) in an embellished mini or opt for a more conservative midi-length number, a wedding dress with a flirty hemline is a chic way to mix it up. Not willing to give up your dream ball gown? Change into a shorter frock to spice up your reception or after-party.  Plunging Necklines
      The deep V-neckline is a must-try for two reasons: It flatters your upper body (even if you're busty!) and elongates your frame. A plunging V with scalloped lace is ultra-feminine, while a sleek V plays up the inherently sexy vibe of a curve-skimming silhouette. Just make sure you have fashion tape handy the day of to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. 
      Skinny Straps
      We love this trend for two reasons: A gown with barely there straps has all of the sex appeal of a strapless neckline, plus added support. We call that a bridal fashion win. 
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