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I didn't, sorry...but i did have to go look up sixpence because i'm a dummy and wasn't up my traditions. for anyone like me, it's the oft forgotten part of Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue...and a Sixpence in her shoe! It symbolizes wealth for the bride and groom.


so now yet another thing to add to my growing list of things to purchase!

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i had a sixpence given to me as a gift with a beautiful letterpressed card explaining the tradition... let me see if i can find the thread i wrote about it.....


yep, here you go:



Here's a photo of it (sorry it's kinda hard to read):

Click the image to open in full size.


Here's where she purchased it from (they are $15 each):

Sixpence Wedding Gift for the Bride

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Originally Posted by jkcz0702 View Post
You are suppose to put in your shoe right? What if you are not wearing shoes??
I am not wearing shoes... however I am making my own barefoot sandals (with the help of fmil). They are going to be my something new, blue, and sixpence items all in one. I am getting a sixpence similar to the pendant one on silversixpence.com and adding it as a charm to my left barefoot sandal.


Look mom, no shoes!
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