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I finally gave in and ordered my thank you cards today. I've been messing around with Lightroom for weeks and wasn't loving anything, until I found out that you can download presets online and that's so cool! Anyway, so I ended up using one that I found and then just doing the one and only choice from Costco. I just needed to get them ordered. Here's the pic! BTW, I really am not taller then Matt, it was a bad angle, but one of the best pics of us, so he said he didnt care if I didn't care that he looks shorter. I didn't care, so here it is...

Click the image to open in full size.

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Thanks ladies!


Laur - I actually just hit "submit order" then ran my fingers right over here to post about it! hahahahahaa. I should be able to pick them up tonight or otmorrow, whenver I can get to Costco.

Originally Posted by lauren View Post
i like em! did you get them yet, or are they ordered?
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Oh I think they are really cute!


Did you get married in May? I still have not done my wedding thank you cards and was starting to feel bad like I should have done them..... I dont feel so bad, I just orderd all the stuff I need to make mine and should have them out at the begining of Sept.... Do you think I'm too late? I figured better late than never, right.

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