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Bad time of year is now my favorite!

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Some history...I have never really had any great Christmas' and that has always lead to dreading the so called greatest holiday where you can spend time with your family and everything is peaches and cream...so it goes to say that I never loved Christmas as much or at all in the past.


Last Christmas is when that all changed...my b/f of 4 years knew that I always dreaded Christmas and so for the two years before that we ended up going to Cuba for the holiday and I loved it...no pressure, no family drama, no bad holiday commercials! This past Christmas was different I was ready for another romantic holiday away when he says to me that he would like to spend Christmas with his family and his grandmother who is quite ill. I of course understood this and said of course we could.


The holiday was going smooth I was putting on my fake happiness and tried to be excited for the day. On Christmas morning I laid in bed and he kept asking me to get up and head upstairs for stockings, gifts and everthing the day has to offer...I drug my heels and he leaned in and said "This holiday may not be your favorite but maybe I can help you change that." I smiled at him and said "That will be tough to do."


We ended up heading upstairs and first thing we did was open stalkings. I was slowly opening mine, his dad had the camera out snapping pictures, grandma was excited about her stocking and then I came to something in mine.


A box...wrapped, I thought nothing of it, his mom does the stockings so it was probably some trinket that was breakable. Unwrapped I opened the lid of the box...there was a note "GUESS WHAT?" I still did not get it as I thought it was some joke him mom was playing on me...then I unraveled what was inside...a ring box. I instantly started crying and hadn't even opened the box yet...sitting beside me he leaned in to my ear and said "Now you have something to look forward at Christmas and it will always be something you love...Will you marry me?" I could not even hold myself together I was crying so much...I said yes hugged him and then he said "Are you going to open the box?" I had not even looked at the ring...I opened it and began to cry even more as he had gotten the exact ring I had showed him many months before as a joke.


So he not only is the man of my dreams but he is also the one who brought job back into a holiday that had never been joyous before. I still cry to this day telling that story.

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