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Hey and Howdy!


I'm Meg (hence the spiffy nickname.. I'm original eh?) I'm originally from Worcester, MA, but now live in Limestone, Maine, where the moose outnumber the people. Canada is the next town over. We were originally going to have a wedding up here, but while planning it I saw the monster that it would become. Over 250 guests... I couldn't deal with it! I'm still in college at the University of Maine and will be graduating in 2010 with a dual degree in Social Work and Psychology. I wouldn't have time to breathe! So needless to say I gave up on that idea.


I am getting married (it still feels weird to type that) October 13, 2009 at Walt Disney World. 20 of our closest family and friends are coming to WDW for an "escape" wedding, which is exactly what I wanted. I get down to Disney at least once a year (if anyone cares, Lilo and Stitch are my favorite characters - ALOHA!).


I can't wait to chat with you all - just from looking around, I know you all are going to be very helpful and great fun to chat with.


Love, ME!



thewave.gif hehehe... I just thought that was cool.

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