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I thought I would start a thread, mainly just for my own organization, but who knows someone might come along and want to do this also.

The day after our wedding we are doing a wine tour with our friends and family. we are chartering a bus and going to 4-5 wineries and stopping for lunch at one of the wineries. I have been able to negotiate some great rates for private tastings and some tours about $10 for most. So all together the day will be about $60 and we will be able to taste 4-5 wines at each winery and many will be giving our guests glasses to take home.


I am so excited about this I think its going to be a fun relaxing day with all of our friends and a great opportunity for me to still have a destination feel for my wedding.


So far we are going to start around 10:30 leaving our hotel on the charter bus.

The bus will take us to a private tasting/tour at V. Sattui and then after that people will be able to roam around V. Sattui for about 45 minutes to eat lunch at their deli or go to the gift shop.

Then we will head next door to my FI's favorite winery, Franciscan.

After that we will head to Diamond Oaks and then we are still working on the other 1-2 wineries.


I will post the winery info as well as the charter bus info.

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That sounds like so much fun! I've been on a couple wine tours before and I Loved them! your guests are soo lcuky. What a unique idea too Christine, to have your wedding there, i mean! LOL

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You're going to love the wine tasting trip! What a great activity to do with your guests! We did this about 6 months ago with a large group and had a great time. I think my favorite vineyard we went to was Duckhorn, but it might have been my favorite because we had a very nice wine tasting paired with a catered lunch there outside on the vineyard...It was awesome!


I can't wait to hear how much fun all of your guests have!

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so I have finally confirmed with the wineries. We have found 4 wineries all near each other and will be chartering a bus. The cost will be $55 a person.

We are starting at Peju Province

Then heading to V. Sattui where we will also have time to browse the shop and eat some lunch

After that next door to Franscian (my FI's favorite) which includes a souvinere glass

The last stop will be Diamond Oaks which has a great patio with a view of the valley that we will be able to relax and enjoy as our last stop.

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