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the beginnings of my OOT bags (i mean OOT boxes!)

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yay! i'm so glad y'all like them! i couldn't decide if they look like lunch boxes... ha. but they've won me over! i have to make about 10-12, which won't be too bad! (i'm putting one in each room + 2 water bottles)


i purchased the boxes and tissue at a store here in san antonio called "perfectly wrapped": Perfectly Wrapped - Boxes, bags, Giftwrap, Invitations

((you can also google search "gable boxes" and there are TONS of sites from which to order. i just chose to go see them in person...but trust me, they look good!))


the tissue packets are from "tuesday morning", and i found them near the cocktail napkins section. the packet of 6 was $3.99 (so .67 cents-ish a packet), but they were originally like $13!! yay for bargains. cheer2.gif


the hand sanitizers are from bath & body works ($1 for 1 ounce) - they are tiny, but just enough for a few days.


i'm heading out to target and cvs today to try and round up more goodies! i'll post updates!

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the OOT boxes were almost completed tonight! my mom and i sat down to compile everything because we wanted to see how much room these are going to take up when we pack... smile105.gif

the finishing touches i'm missing include:

- finalize outside label & print

- finalize water bottle label & print

- round up a few extras for another room

- purchase food goodies/water upon arrival in Cabo


Click the image to open in full size.

beginning with "pile-o-stuff"


Click the image to open in full size.

a little more organization


Click the image to open in full size.

detail on the mints...hehe "mint to be" - so cheesy, but i love it!


Click the image to open in full size.

rough draft of front labels & water bottle labels - need to make them a little more exciting


Click the image to open in full size.

finished! we put the "liquid" items in smaller ziplocs and stuff those into gallon ziplocs full of the dry items. we made one for each room to pack flat(ish) in the suitcase, pull the out the day of, assemble, and VOILA!


Click the image to open in full size.

we're also including these spa wraps from SmartyPants Boutique (AKA: Joy is the most amazing vendor EVER....!!!!) for each lady attending the wedding. They will be delivered to their rooms with the OOT boxes.


Click the image to open in full size.

details on the spa wraps - all of the bridal party has navy blue polka-dot ribbon and all other ladies have yellow polka-dot ribbon


Contents of OOT box include:

-2 bottle waters

-2 packets of advil

-1 roll of Rolaids

-2 shout wipes

-1 hand sanitizer

-1 aloe vera

-1 sunscreen

-1 "B" (future last initial) tissue packet (4 in bmaids room - 1 for each girl)

-1 mint box (4 in bmaids/gmens rooms - 1 for each person)

-1 lint roller

-1 travel size q-tips

-1 mini-first aid kit

-CD mailer packet: letter of explanation; CD for guests to burn images from wedding on, stamped/addressed return envelope (i'll try to post pic of this later!)

-welcome letter

-personalized spa wrap for women in room

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