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40th Birthday Proposal

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I decided that I wanted to spend my 40th birthday away so we booked a cruise leaving from LA on 5/4 (my birthday) cruising to the Mexican Riviera. We decided to leave 2 days earlier since my FI had never been to California. We rented a car but did not book a room since we were not sure as to where we wanted to go. We arrived, hopped into the car and started driving the Pacific Highway. I was getting a little cranky since I was hungry, had to pee and wondered why we kept passing potential hotels and restaurants when we pulled into the Ritz Carlton at Dana Point! He says surprise, Happy Birthday! We check in to this amazing hotel, get escorted to a room with french doors that open into a garden, over looking the ocean and he tells me I have an appointment for a massage at 4pm! Happy Birthday he says again. When I return from a fantastic all over body massage, he informs me that we have dinner reservations at 8pm but he wants to explore the grounds before dinner. I get ready and we head out and he seems to know where we are going. He leads me up these stairs to an amazing patio overlooking the ocean and tells me how everthing is so perfect but there is one thing missing. As he is talking, I am looking around at the view, the garden, the ocean, not really paying much attention to what he is saying, so I say what is missing? He then says "this is what is missing on your finger" and waves a gorgeous engagement ring in my face! I am speachless, crying, shaking but eventually say yes as he asks me to be his wife! We then had dinner at a table overlooking the ocean and feasted on fresh seafood. We stayed there for the weekend and then departed on my birthday cruise! It was the best birthday/vacation proposal of my life!

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