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Dreams Puerto Aventuras Brides - POST HERE!

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#2611 604bride2be

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    Posted 23 February 2012 - 05:20 PM


    #2612 MrsRobinson12

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      Posted 24 February 2012 - 11:45 AM

      Hi 604! Great pictures and great review! Lots of helpful things. Now I am reconsidering the beach. Was the Gazebo windy when you got married? I hate wind. I don't know if we can afford an extra $750.00 though. Also, I would love a DJ, but again, not sure if we can afford it. Tough call!


      How was your food? What did you eat?


      I read a review on Trip Advisor about someone who got married there and said it was terrible. Maybe it's the same person who was down there when you were there? Do you know what went wrong?


      Also, i'd love to see more pictures!


      How was the resort in general? Been reading such mixed reviews!



      #2613 MrsRobinson12

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        Posted 24 February 2012 - 12:28 PM

        HI 604, one more question. You said in your review that it took one song to walk down the isle to. Is that for everybody to walk down? Or just yourself? I am trying to figure out how many songs I will need. Thanks!

        #2614 Allie2012

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          Posted 24 February 2012 - 04:10 PM

          604bride2be - I love your pictures! Thanks for posting your review, you definitely have me thinking about having my reception on the beach. I kind of have my heart set on it, but if it's going to be soooooooo windy I may want to reconsider. 


          Did you have to pay extra for the tiffany chairs?


          I too am also curious as to what you choose for your menu, as we are having a hard time deciding this!


          Mrs.Robinson - I totally had to go check out that review on TA. It kind of sounds like a person that just likes to complain doesn't it? I mean it's not the resorts fault that it was so windy!


          I think that we all just have to remember that small mishaps might happen but we'd likely be the only ones that would notice!

          #2615 Allie2012

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            Posted 25 February 2012 - 11:29 AM

            Hey Julie,



            Hi girls! Hope all is well. I've chimed in a few times on this thread and just start having it update me every time there is a new entry. Little about me... We're getting married August 14th we have 20people booked right now and estimate another 10 to 15 people so we'll be about 35 guests booked. We booked the dreams of love package. I just talked to Jacki and we're going to change our dinner to a buffet. We don't like the idea of only one food item and I'm a little nervous about having enough time for speeches, dances, and everything if we had the 5 course meal. I've read so many times that most people pick the reception site once they get there but we are leaning towards the room on the second floor with window views that has AC. We want everyone to be comfortable and to be able to dance. Which leads me to another issue... to get a DJ or not. We would like someone to be the MC transition between speeches, dances, etc but I don't like the idea of 220 an hour for it. So I think we are going to find a family member to do it and then bring iPod for dancing music. I've got to start working on the playlists! 


            Another issue I'm dealing with is flowers. They are super expensive! Anyone have ideas to deal with this? Center pieces are another issue.. I think I'm going to make them but not sure what will be easy to pack. Any other decorations people are brining? 


            Anyone find a trick to getting room upgrades? I've read from a few brides here and there that they were able to get room upgrades but not exactly sure how. 


            OOT Bags anyone? Working on these too! Anyone doing anything fun? 


            How about tours? Suggestions? 


            Whew! Lots of planning! I thought I picked destination to lessen the planning but it seems like there is just as much. 


            Happy Planning! Love to hear anyones thoughts on these things. 






            #2616 AlisonDawn

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              Posted 25 February 2012 - 12:06 PM

              Hey Ladies!!!

              Just thought I would pop in while I have a chance!! We are just in LA right now, waiting until 10pm for our flight to Bora Bora!! YAY!

              Our wedding was on Wednesday and everything was fantastic!  Just want you all to know not to worry about a thing, because Jacki really takes care of you!  

              It was a little windy on our day, but honestly, no one cared and neither will you, especially when you are looking into the eyes of your husband. You won't even notice the wind! I promise!

              Despite the wind, we had our reception on the beach anyway, and when it came time to eat, Jacki asked us once more if we were still ok with it out there. So if you change your mind, she will have everything moved indoors for you, so that is not a problem either :)   Luckily for us, it was still a very warm evening, and the wind was actually quite refreshing, and the temperature for eating was perfect. And to hear the ocean in the background while you eat is amazing.  So it's safe to say I'd recommend a beach reception if weather permits! :)


              For our menu we had the bruschetta and something else.. I can't believe I forgot what the other one was. lol. both very good though.  Then we had the caesar salad followed by the potato bacon soup. Again, both very good.

              For our main we had the pork tenderloin which was a little overcooked to our tastes, but still good. Everyone ate ALL of it, so i don't think there were many complaints. And for dessert we chose tirimasu, which was very yummy.


              I actually didn't end up choosing any centerpieces, because somehow I forgot once we got to mexico, so I wasn't sure what I would end up with. But she used the flowers on the gazebo for all the centerpieces, which turned out quite nice.

              Also, someone was wondering earlier if they needed 2 songs for the processional or just 1. I decided to have 2. My girls all walked out to 1 song, and I chose a song for myself. You might be able to do everything in one song though, I'm honestly not sure how long everything took. I was too excited and nervous to tell. My dad told me later that he was trying to slow me down.. I guess I was walking too fast. hahaha


              Only one piece of advice I have for you all is to take a moment after your wedding (maybe after your photographer is done taking pictures of just the 2 of you) to just be with each other. The whole day goes by SO fast, and it is just so nice to have a moment of your own together.  A family friend told us this advice, and we took it, and so glad we did. We snuck off for about 15 mins to be alone and take in the moment. Very romantic, and sooo nice to not have everyone stare at you for just a few minutes! lol


              Anyway, hubby wants the computer now, and we check out of our hotel in a couple hours, so I likely won't be able to go on the internet until we get to Bora Bora.   I just wanted to let all you ladies know that you have nothing to worry about! Your weddings will all be perfect!

              #2617 Allie2012

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                Posted 25 February 2012 - 12:42 PM

                Yay Alison, sounds like your day was amazing, congrats on being a Mrs!!!!!! Thanks for the advice, I really want to have my reception on the beach :)

                Can't wait to see some pics when you get back, have an amazing honeymoon!!!!

                #2618 MrsRobinson12

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                  Posted 27 February 2012 - 08:19 AM

                  Hi Alison! Have an awesome time on your honeymoon! I am so glad everything worked out for you. Also, thanks for the tips on the music becuase I have been trying to figure out what to do! I think I will try two songs like you did.


                  Ian and I got legally married yesterday and it feels good! Can't wait to leave in ten days

                  #2619 sarahlynn12

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                    Posted 29 February 2012 - 06:44 AM

                    Hi everyone! I am new to the thread but have had my wedding booked for a while now.  We are getting married at DPA on June 12, 2012 and as I start to plan the smaller details my anxiety level has gone through the ceiling! Reading all the posts on here, I am questioning so many things I felt I was set on! Like have the reception on the beach and doing my own music instead of a DJ. Anyone that has done a beach reception, did you have lights under the tables and was this enough light at night or do they have other ways to light up the area? I am doing a light-up dance floor in the sand too so I think that will help.  Does anyone have pictures from their wedding with silk flowers? I am considering this but I do not want them to look fake. My girls are wearing coral colored dresses and am nervous to do the resort flowers because it is such a hard color to match.





                    #2620 604bride2be

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                      Posted 29 February 2012 - 08:27 AM

                      Our meal was the voul au vant followed by grilled veggie salad, then steak and prawns. we used one song. It was just over 4 minute song. we wanted everyone to do a walk, so my husband walked from one spot, followed by the girls who did their own walk to meet a groomsmen, thenthey continue together. Then I walked with my parents. So there was 8 different "groups" walking to the alter, (groom/parents,5 bridal party,ring barer,bride/parents ) and timed perfectly to the 4 minute song. I didn't want my groom standing at the alter just waiting, I wanted him to have the walk experience too. Same with the groomsmen , we wanted them to have their moment :) As for the reception, its all about your mood and how you see your wedding. For what we envisioned, and we wanted a party, so el patio was perfect for us. W wouldn't have had the wedding we had, if we choose a different location or the beach.it just wouldn't have been the same. we wanted private. to each their own, do what you dream of doing that's for sure!!!

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