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Dreams Puerto Aventuras Brides - POST HERE!

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#2521 Allie2012

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    Posted 03 December 2011 - 06:54 PM

    Thanks again for some reassurance. Maybe Sandra is just really bad with communication via email, but I have heard great things about dealing with her in person! Yes, I did receive confirmation from Sandra back in June, and that's the last I have heard from her! So that's why I was thinking maybe they lost my information or something. So I think I will try and contact Hagen Sommer just to make sure I'm still booked in for May 18!


    I'll keep you posted ;)

    Originally Posted by 604bride2be 

    I will look through what photos she has sent me and email you....but i remember not getting exactly what I was looking for when I asked her...They are kind of generic photographs. But i will look anyway!

    If i were you I'd email this person : hsommer@dreamsresorts.com, His name is Hagen Sommer, their supervisor I believe. Just tell him you are not getting a response back and its been 2 months.Tell him your a frustrated, that you understand your wedding is a few months away but that you shouldn't have to wait 2 months to get a reply back. Wait to see what he says to you, but I'd bet you'll get an answer pretty quick......

    I asked to speak with him when I was having an issue a few months back when they kept changing the WC's on me, that's why i have his email.


    Sandra took about a month to get back to me, a few weeks ago, so I emailed her saying I was getting impatient with the lack of responding, and I CC'd Hagen in that email and I got a response that day from her, LOL. Sometimes you gotta light fire under their butts.  SO in the FUTURE, if it something urgent, i'd do the same.
    They are SUPER busy, and have people messaging everyday, AND weddings -- but thats ridiculous to wait that long.


    I too am only paying a day pass for my Photographer and DJ. I just straight up said im not paying the over night pass, and she said okay. It seems like they will TRY anything just to get more money from you, but its okay to negotiate and ask for it cheaper or even not pay at all (depending on how ridiculous the cost is!)


    Question:  are confirmed for your wedding date?? 




    #2522 MrsRobinson12

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      Posted 08 December 2011 - 07:25 AM

      Good luck Allie. I also have Sandra. She is very hard to get in contact with. Was great at the beginning when I got my confirmation. Have you been charge the $500.00 deposit yet? About 3 or 4 months ago I asked her when she was going to charge it to my credit card, and she said "tomorrow". It has still not been charged. I am honestly thinking of printing off the e-mail saying that she was going to change it the next day and make a complaint when I get there, and maybe they wont charge me. It seems very unorganized. I hope that she is better once we get down there.

      #2523 Allie2012

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        Posted 08 December 2011 - 09:59 AM

        So I ended up emailing the E-concierge at DPA just asking if I was for sure booked for my wedding day as I have not heard anything from Sandra after numerous emails. That was about 5 days ago...........AND yesterday I received an email from Jacki Muir saying that she is now going to be my wedding coordinator, and that she would be happy to answer any questions I might have!!!!


        So I have no idea why this happened, but I'm not going to complain as you ladies who have Jacki have been saying great things about her!


        Mrs. Robinson - I saw on the DPA facebook page just yesterday that another bride was complaining that Sandra would not return her emails, so I don't know what's going on with her. Maybe email the e-concierge like I did and ask? You can find her email adress on the fb page.

        #2524 MrsRobinson12

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          Posted 08 December 2011 - 12:55 PM

          Thanks for the tip Allie - I hope I get Jacki too! I will do that right now.

          #2525 becs75

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            Posted 20 December 2011 - 11:31 AM

             HI ladies, we are actually getting married there in 15 days, Jan 4th, 2012, headed down on the 31st. I can't wait! I wish I had found this forum earlier.


            #2526 Allie2012

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              Posted 20 December 2011 - 03:03 PM

              Hi Rebecca,


              Wow that's so exciting!!! What wedding package are you doing? Do you feel ready!? Well you will definitely have to check in with us when you get back and tell us all about it!!!

              #2527 Julie Carson

              Julie Carson
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                Posted 22 December 2011 - 11:33 AM

                I'm so excited for you! Please write a review and pictures when you get back. Hope everything goes well. Congrats!!

                #2528 AlisonDawn

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                  Posted 23 December 2011 - 02:12 AM

                  Hey ladies,


                  I've been so BUSY lately, I keep forgetting to make time to come on here!  I got an email from Jackie a couple days ago with a bunch of pictures of previous weddings that have been done there. It's kind of a mish-mash of things, so I didn't really feel like it helped me a whole lot, but if anyone wants it just let me know and I can forward it on!!


                  She's asked me to give her any details (like centerpieces) and personal touches that I want.  Not really sure what I want to do for that yet... but its 2 months away so I better get crackin! Anyone have any (inexpensive) ideas?


                  Also, congrats Rebecca!! I hope your wedding is AMAZING!! I'd love to see some pics when you get back!!!






                  #2529 MrsRobinson12

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                    Posted 23 December 2011 - 05:40 AM

                    Allie, thanks for your help. Jacki sent me an e-mail yesterday. Alison - I think I received the same e-mail as you did. Did she also send you a "wedding plan" to fill out? So many questions that I don't know the exact answers to.


                    Good luck becs75! Please check in with us when you get home to give us any tips! :)


                    Merry Christmas to everyone.

                    #2530 Allie2012

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                      Posted 23 December 2011 - 01:21 PM

                      Mrs.Robinson, that's awesome that you now have Jacki too! 


                      Alison - I sent you a pm with my email address, can you send me that email that Jacki sent you please?


                      Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

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